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I am quoting the entire email that I received about two weeks ago:

Dear Friend,

I want you to hear directly from me about an important decision I am considering.

I have begun the process to ‘test the waters’ for a potential 2016 run for President of the United States.

We have established a new political organization, called Security Through Strength, that will allow me to travel the country listening to Americans’ concerns and gauge support for a potential presidential candidacy.

Ronald Reagan’s policy of ‘Peace Through Strength’ kept America safe during the Cold War. But we will never enjoy peaceful coexistence with radical Islam because its followers are committed to destroying us and our way of life. However, America can have ‘Security Through Strength,’ and I will continue to lead in that critical fight.

But ‘Security Through Strength’ is more than just military might. We must work together to create a sound and growing economy with a nation that becomes energy independent over time. We must confront our major concerns together to find solutions. Most importantly, we must protect and promote the values that have made America the greatest country in the world.

Can I count on you to support me as I ‘test the waters’ for a potential presidential run?

Most importantly, as I consider this critical decision, would you please pray for me that I will have wisdom and discernment going forward?

Friend, thank you for standing alongside me to keep America strong.


Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham

P.S. If you agree that America needs a leader who will keep our country safe and honestly confront the major issues facing us, I ask that you help me make this important decision about a potential presidential run. Please follow this link to make a contribution to our new ‘testing the waters’ organization Security Through Strength. Thank you for your continued support.

(This ad was sponsored by Security Through Strength)

UPDATE:  This article at Real Clear Politics (A site I read every day and you should too) seems to say more toes are in the Presidential waters for the Senator from South Carolina.

But while perspectives on Graham’s motives differ, just about everyone in South Carolina now agrees on one point: He’s serious about this.


He traveled to Iowa last month and has two separate trips to New Hampshire planned over the next couple of weeks.

While making some noise in Iowa would be nice, it is the Granite State—where his support for comprehensive immigration reform, environmental protection and other conservative apostasies won’t necessarily kill him—that would serve as the focal point of his early campaign maneuverings, Graham’s allies agree.

“Lindsey’s going to be well received in New Hampshire,” said Katon Dawson, a longtime South Carolina-based Graham adviser who is already signed on to work for Rick Perry’s likely presidential campaign. “Lindsey is a very personally polished, good retail campaigner.”

Did I sleep all the way through the year until Halloween?  This idea that Senator Graham might be in the White House is like a bad horror movie in October.  Let me count the ways:

Graham wanted to require ALL LAW ABIDING AMERICANS to have a MARK of the BEAST type (biometric, that is) ID CARD to work in the US!  Here is that idea from the blog archives.  The SC Senator also suggested that the suspected 9/11 terrorist be denied a trial in US courts as part of a political deal.  (Keep in mind Graham thinks the homeland is the battlefield and thus US citizens can be indefinitely detained without an attorney – see below.)  Nobody’s fundamental rights ought to be dependent on a political deal!

Graham once suggested (he later retracted it) that bloggers might not have or might have diminished First Amendment rights.  He also is quoted to have said this (from the American Conservative):

Yeah, I wish we could find some way to hold people accountable. Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war.  During World War II you had limits on what you could say if it would inspire the enemy.

Graham once said that terror suspects should not be read a Miranda warning (even if they are US citizens) and can be detailed indefinitely WITHOUT an attorney.  He was reputed to have said:  No you don’t get a lawyer!  Now talk to us!  (Sounds like a candidate Leroy Jethro Gibbs could heartily support!)

Graham supported a probably unconstitutional bill that passed where Congress named individual Russians as human rights violators without  a trial or hearing and also called for consideration of a US boycott of the Sochi Olympic Games!

Graham once said he is “glad” there is massive NSA surveillance of Americans.  He also suggested that the US is part of the battlefield and thus subject to indefinite detention!

Graham called for air strikes in support of the Syrian rebels!

Jack Hunter at the American Conservative (I linked to the article above) says it well:

That Lindsey Graham still argues for more foreign entanglements every chance he gets—in the name of “freedom,” no less—is the very definition of irony. And the definition of insanity should now include anyone who would dare give up American freedom in the name of protecting it.

Here at Freedom Works there are ten more quotes from Senator Graham (hint:  FW says Graham’s for climate change, raising taxes, voted for TARP and supported No Child Left Behind – UGH!  I better lay down for a few minutes…)  they are more good reasons not to support him for President.

If anyone is concerned about national security they ought to let Graham know:  Not you.  We’ve rather have Ambassador John Bolton instead.  Give to Bolton’s Super PAC if you choose but never to this Lindsey Graham PAC. (I am for John Bolton as most of my readers know!)

Now be nice to Senator Graham.  I mean it.  There’s no place in politics for meanness and incivility.  But let him know:  No way he should be President.

UPDATE from the Real Clear Politics article:  Only 34 percent of GOP voters in SC think Graham ought to run for President.  That is encouraging.



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