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The Hill reports that Cong. Ron Paul got a upbeat, energetic response at the Value Voters Summit in Washington, DC today:

Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Texas) and his libertarian message received a raucous welcome from the socially conservative crowd at the Values Voter Summit on Saturday morning.  *  *  *  “You cannot defend liberty if you don’t understand life and where it comes from,” Paul said to a standing ovation.  Notably, some of the loudest cheers came in response to Paul’s strong words against military intervention as he pointed to the two wars the U.S. is currently engaged in as a drain on both the economy as well as the service members and their.(sic)

This may be encouraging but the Paul campaign did have a way for people to attend (and vote in the straw poll yesterday and today) for a reduced price.  I do think his use of Biblical references to support the liberty message and oppose needless wars was shrewd (is Doug Wead in the building!) and this story from the Time transcript is heartrending:

Divorce rates are very, very high among the military, because these young men are being sent back two and three and four times. And there was one story told me about a little boy, a little boy who was 10 years old, and his dad was getting ready to go back again. He was screaming, I hate you, daddy, I hate you, daddy, because he was leaving him.

It’s hard for me to read.  Let’s send this boy (and all the other families and kids) back their parents from needless nation-building wars.

Here’s Paul’s excellent conclusion:

So we are living in an age when government is way too big. And it’s time this government act properly, and that is to protect our freedoms. (Cheers, applause.) The – if you read the Constitution carefully, you will find out that the Constitution is directed at the government. There aren’t restraints placed in the Constitution on you. The restraints are that you don’t hurt and kill people, that you fulfill your promise that you’re honest and you fulfill your moral obligation. The restraints are placed on the federal government.

So as long as we allow the federal government to grow and we don’t obey those restraints, things will get worse. But the good news is there’s a whole generation of Americans right now rising up and saying we were on the right track at the right time. Let’s get back on that track. Let’s restore liberty to this country and prosperity and peace. (Cheers, applause.)

I believe that Cong. Paul is making inroads among followers of Christ and this may be a surprise of this campaign.  I’ll update with video when I get it!

UPDATE:  Paul DID win the straw poll!  He got 37%!


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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