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People Who Don’t ‘Get’ Trump Don’t Understand New Yorker’s

New Yorkers are different than most people. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It is just a fact that I have learned over the years. Having spent much of my life traveling for a living and being a person that loves to observe and (hopefully) understand, or at least learn about people I cross paths with in my travels has given me a different perspective on people than most who have not traveled as extensively as I. For most of the 90’s and up until 9/11 I accrued about 500,000 Frequent Flyer Miles a year. I spent an exhausting amount of time in airports, hotels and in rental cars. And going back to the 70’s I traveled the country and the world for my job. And New York was a very frequent stop for me.

Most people from the South simply see New Yorkers as rude, arrogant, loud and a number of descriptive terms that are less polite. But what I have found is that this is simply a veneer, a front they put on with strangers. It is probably some sort of psychological coping mechanism that helps them deal with life in The City. And to be clear here, I am talking about people from New York City. Not “Upstate” or other areas of the State of New York. Outside of The City, if you go far enough away, New Yorkers are not much different than Virginians or anyone else.

But the people who live and work in New York City are a different breed. On the surface.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s I spent a lot of time in New York City installing and working on the Voting System in the United Nations General Assembly. I have even slept under the floor of the General Assembly Auditorium in the crawl space when we were working up against a deadline, sometimes spending 48 hours straight in that building.

I worked on communications equipment at the big brokerage firms and numerous businesses in The City. I have taken cabs, car services and the subways.

And one thing I have notices about the people of The City is that on the surface they are rude, arrogant, loud and many other things. It is rare to find a New Yorker that will help you on the streets if you are lost or even point you in the right direction. They will ignore you as if you didn’t exist. Or they may scream at you to leave them alone.

But if you have a connection, it is completely different. The city dwellers of New York are the kindest and friendliest people on the planet. But only if you are someone for whom they let down the veneer.

When I walked into a business to fix their systems, these cold and aloof manikins suddenly become really nice, kind people. And when they detect my Virginia – or Southern – accent, they suddenly want to help you in any way they can. They will ask where you are staying and offer the best places to eat or visit nearby and go out of their way to welcome you. I was offered free tickets to see Annie on Broadway by a guard at the UN, home cooked meals, and whatever they could think of to make your stay enjoyable.

But on the streets is another story.

So I have learned through experience to ignore most of the brashness, the loudness and the things those uninitiated in the New York state of mind find so objectionable. Which is why I find Donald Trump a refreshing breath of fresh air in a field of 17 contenders for President.

Donald Trump keeps his “street persona” on when he gives his speeches. He has found that this toughness, brashness and rudeness along with a great business acumen has served him well in negotiations. And what he is doing is negotiating with the American people for the job of President.

But I see past the “blowhard” and the “braggart” and the “bully”. I know it is part of his veneer. His facade. The Donald is a New Yorker. So none of this bothers me in the lease. I am used to it. I expect it. I understand it.

So I easily cast off those criticisms from people because I know they simply do not understand New Yorkers like I do.

And those who criticize Trump as a Progressive, a Liberal, a Democrat simply do not understand business and the Art of the Deal. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. And he has nothing to prove as a businessman. Nobody Trumps Trump. And as a businessman he will use every tool and every weapon at his disposal to achieve his goals. Eminent domain, bankruptcy, donations to “grease the skids” and whatever it takes.

And the criticisms of Trump because he has found bankruptcy the most viable option four times (if that is correct) for 4 of the hundreds of businesses he owns or has owned is not something I see as a bad thing. It is a legal remedy available in business. Sometimes you have to know when to cut your losses. To accept losses from a non viable business to avoid bankruptcy would be a bad business decision. And Trump doesn’t make a lot of bad decisions.

And as a property rights proponent, eminent domain is something I detest in most cases. Especially when the government takes private property and gives it to a developer because the shopping center, apartments or condos they want to build will bring in more revenue. And Trump has reportedly been the developer in such instances. And he made a lot of money doing so. But if Trump didn’t do it someone else would. So it would be a stupid business decision to refuse to develop property seized by eminent domain. Trump says eminent domain is horrible. And it should be changed. But he would be a poor businessman and allow someone else to make money if he avoided these opportunities.

And New York is pay to play. You either donate to Democrats or you don’t win contracts.

What I see in Trump is someone that will use every available legal option to achieve his goal. He will buy politicians, he will donate to people he disagrees with politically, he will leverage deals and he will usually win.

I have never heard anyone say Trump used illegal means to achieve his goals. Not once. There are plenty of legal means to exploit every deal to his advantage. He is in it to win it.

Now take a look at the career politicians. They are not in it to win it. They just play the game. They spread the spoils without any moral compass and they don’t care who they step on to get there. Their goals are not a better America, their goals are personal and party power and money. Money buys power, so it is mostly about power.

We have suffered through almost 8 years now of a president who has used any means necessary to achieve his goals and his agenda. And unlike Trump, Obama has used illegal means to achieve his goals knowing it will take years to wind through the courts and it will be impossible to unravel some of his dirty deeds. Obama will use executive orders, EPA mandates, activist judges, race wars, riots, and whatever it takes to push his agenda that is designed to bring the nation to it’s knees. An agenda that seeks complete power and control over every citizen. A true road to serfdom – or worse.

Obama has dug us into a deep hole we may not be able to find our way out of.

The mealymouthed RINO’s and Republicans like Bush, Christie, Walker, and the list goes on – are owned and controlled by same people who own and control Obama. Big business. The US Chamber of Commerce. The political class that cares nothing about America. And everything about control. The people who are willing to destroy the country as long as they can exploit a cheap source of labor in illegal aliens.

We have to stop believing either party is a solution. They are BOTH the problem and they are both corrupt and America will continue down the same trajectory should we elect these Corporate Politicians.

We need someone like Donald Trump that will tell the Chamber to go to Hell. We need someone who will use any and all means to stop and reverse decades of American decline. We need a cheerleader in chief. Not another blame America Corporate Owned Politician.

We need someone that will stand up to the Boehner’s and McConnell’s of the world who are nothing more than Corporate Owned Politicians. How wonderful would it be to hear a president Trump demand that the House remove Boehner and the Senate remove McConnell because he can’t work with them? And I long to hear a president Trump belittle If you think Bush or Walker will challenge the status quo you are an idiot.

Trump has a track record of doing whatever he needs to do to achieve his goals. In business, love him or hate him, he got it done. You can whine about his methods, but they were legal, they were necessary to win and he has proven he knows how to play the game better then anyone.

Trump has now stated that he wants to make America great again. That is his goal. And for those that do not believe him, his record proves he is good to his word.

If Trump does not want to make America great again, and is somehow running a flimflam on the American public, then he will be a failure. Do you really think Trump would be OK with that?

Now Trump has a lot of detractors who find lots of things to criticize him about. But the truth is, they are backing another horse. And looking at the polls, they can never build their favorite Corporate Owned Politician up enough to catch The Donald, so they have to try tear him down. We can simply ignore these morons. They have an agenda and whether they know it or not their favorite will not change the trajectory or the course America is on. And we desperately need to reverse the Socialist Obama course.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

23 Responses to “People Who Don’t ‘Get’ Trump Don’t Understand New Yorker’s”

  1. Jerry Gore says:

    Tom–well and rightly analyzed–I believe you have it exactly right and of course you will be receiving flack and crap from all quarters where Trump haters reside–many Trump haters cannot see this diamond in the rough who really has but one objective–to make America great again, and to a large degree Trump is going about his objective by simply telling folks he will do it and not to worry about exactly how he will do it. It is too risky to many to not see the details but Trump is a proven negotiator who never exposes his strategy or tactics to his opponent before closing, just as George Patton or Ike Eisenhower would never have done so to retake Europe from the Nazis–only a fool would do so. As a result his opponents and their masters are finding it difficult to outmaneuver him and the general public who are not yet in his camp are mad because he won’t take them into his confidence–in addition, some of his detractors look at his personal and business life, style and methods and see a lack of morality, a lack of honesty and a sense that the end justifies the means–and it is a hurdle many will NEVER be able to cross. So, I simply raise this question about our founding fathers–how many of them could pass muster if the minutia of their lives had been sliced and diced for media exposure prior to being seated in Philadelphia in 1776 if there had been a national campaign as we now know it for their selection? I would wager that 90%, or perhaps none of them, would have been seated and we as a nation could not have been formed or survived without them. Sometimes WE THE PEOPLE need to remember and understand that Providence moves in mysterious ways and that in our moments of greatest need down through the years since 1776, men with unusual backgrounds, unrecognized gifts and unanticipated talents have answered our prayers–I believe Donald Trump, in concert with someone such as Ted Cruz, or perhaps Dr.Carson, backed up with a superb cabinet, could be the right combination just in time to restore our founders’ great legacy–once again, with the guidance of the Master who guided the footsteps of all those fabulous men who put us on and kept us on our path to greatness down the ages.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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