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More from Clarence the pseudonym for the Farage Labourite that has contacted me.  He contends that there is a fair amount of alienation in Great Britain due to the broken promises and lies – both of the major parties in the UK but also the Iraq war as well (again slightly edited):

I read the same Breitbart article [the one alleging the the EU and the US are trying to influence the UK election away from UKIP] myself yesterday.  Im not surprised.  Just last year 2 US officials from the Embassy stated in the media that the US wanted the UK to remain within the EU and to withdraw would be folly and that the US would not be happy and may jeopardise the relationship and trade.  You can imagine the response that that received from a lot in the UK. We have always been told that you must never interfere with the internal politics of another nation.  It was basically the last nail in the coffin for how Britons viewed Obama and his administration.  Not long after Obama was calling for the Syrian intervention but the public was so against partly because of Obama that Cameron had to put it to vote, which you will know he lost. Ive never know that. I don’t think Bush’s wmd in Iraq lies has been forgotten either.


But, as many within the UK, I have become frustrated, disillusioned with the political class. The Westminster Bubble we call it. No body knows truly how or when it happened…….whether a large percentage of the population suddenly changed their ideologies…….but for some reason……the Parties just stopped working for us. Stopped representing things we wanted. All of the parties are more Champagne Socialists and Metro London Elites. Its a culmination of issues over the past ten years.

Blair’s and Bushes’ illegal war in Iraq was very highly opposed.  The Labour Parties two climb downs on electoral promises in giving the public a referendum on EU membership is another. And now during this Parliament, the conservatives have done the same.

The huge exposure of the MPs expenses scandal [The misuse of MPs expense accounts by MPs is how I understand it]. The list goes on. It has all done nothing but breed distrust, loathing and anger at our politicians. There is a massive feeling of enough is enough.

Of course I have not researched the facts behind this but it’s the alienation I think is helping drive UKIP to the top of the polls in the EU elections.

Could that happen here?  Yes it could.  But the two party system is so strong in the United States, it would take a fair amount of alienation to bring it about outside the present party structure.  That is why I still consider myself a Republican but I can understand the reason the Libertarians are dropping out and doing so well, especially in VA.  I admire what they have done in a short time.

If you would like to be the next Clarence, just contact me!

UPDATE:  Sky News is reporting that the latest polls show a tremendous win for UKIP in the EU balloting on May 22 and that both Farage Laboutites and disenchantment with political leaders is a huge reason:

The poll, which was carried out last week, shows UKIP on 31%, while Labour has slipped back to its lowest YouGov showing in weeks on 25%.

With both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats reasonably steady in the polls (the Sky News result shows Tories on 23%, Lib Dems 9%), the story of Labour voters switching to UKIP will alarm Ed Miliband and his advisers.

The poll also shows that UKIP is capitalising on a lack of trust in the Westminster parties among the electorate.

I would say:  Ten days to go.  UKIP supporters should get out and talk to their friends and ensure the polling numbers are true – if anything a low estimate!  Never trust polls.  Right, President Dewey?


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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