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Personal Endorsement of Mike Dickinson for Richmond City Sheriff 2021.

“If your caught slippin’ then it means you were sleep……”
Caught Slippin’

We are living in very trying times. Americans on the left claim they are “woke”.

But, it in my opinion is NOT enough to just be “woke”.

In my generation of Hip Hop…….we would say, “I am UP on things.”

I am So “Up on things………that the past two campaign cycles in 2020 and 2021 were the first time that I voted down the Republican ticket. I usually vote Libertarian when a candidate is available. This cycle there was no Libertarian running.

The Republican Party in many ways is looking like Dipset on stage at Verses against The L.O.X. (non Hip Hop fans just check YouTube) Sloppy and falling apart. Some time back I had a social media battle with Mr. Hayden Fisher the current Chairman of the Richmond Republican Party. When some negative news came out of Mike Dickinson. I was appalled to read what I read on open social media. I would figure the party leadership would do more to protect its party members.

I came to my current situation as a Contributor for Virginia Right and Host of Talks Over Drinks because of my involvement with the Libertarian Party of Virginia. We never got an great deal of favorable press. So, I decided to televise the revolution myself. So for the past six years, that is exactly what I have done.

This is my personal endorsement of Mike Dickinson for Sheriff of Richmond. I know Mike from the community. He has been an outstanding Conservative Activist. This is his third run for office. In the past Mike has run in the 2021 Republican Primary for the Virginia House of Delegates 68th District (Chesterfield County, City of Richmond and Henrico County) as well as the 2020 cycle for Richmond City Council 1st District.

From what I know of him, he is hard working. He completed all his formal education at Virginia Commonwealth University (known herein as VCU). Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice (2003), Masters Degree in Urban Planning (2005) and PhD. in Urban Planning (2007).

Mike, a former Democrat made political changes in his life when Donald Trump ran for office. As a business consultant, he knows the importance of running an effective business. Mike can see that the City of Richmond (and its agencies) is not being efficiently run. That is something that he wants to change. In addition to running the city like a business, he wants to lower taxes, he wants school choice for the parents who do not think that public schools are working as the best education solution for their children. And finally, Mike wants to also protect the second amendment rights of the citizens of the Commonwealth who live, work and visit the City of Richmond.

Home is a place that you love. And when you see something that you love being trashed, disrespected and demolished, you have to stand up and do something.

A proud entrepreneur who loves his town. During his prior elections for House of Delegates and City Council, he participated in community activities:

Support to Police.

Community Clean Up of the Monument Avenue area defaced by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA protesters.

Trump Train, later renamed Patriot Train parades. This to show support for the MAGA / Patriot / Tea Party members of the GOP.

The City of Richmond is a political mess. From the mismanagement of schools, lack of support for law enforcement, crumbling infrastructure, crime. You name it, it is a mess. Like the City is more swamp like then our nation’s capital.

Mike is a no nonsense type of independent conservative. We cannot keep throwing money at a problem thinking that is the answer.

The current Commonwealth Attorney did not convict one person arrested and charged with the destruction of businesses and property in the city during all the “protests”. 

Shameful. If White Republicans were in charge of Richmond and all these things with out of control protests, crumbling infrastructure, failing schools had occurred. The left would call them “racist”.

But, because this gross mismanagement is occurring under the watchful eye of a mostly African American/democratically controlled government…..we seem to want to turn a blind eye.

Well folks, I just cannot do that. Wrong is wrong. If you continue to vote for Democrats, you are actively supporting the destruction of America as we know it. If we do not stand up…..there will be no America left in 2024.

Mike Dickinson is still standing. He has been standing and working towards right and productive improvements to the City. He is a true conservative patriot. He is the change that the City of Richmond needs to hold people accountable for mismanagement.

My name is Corey Fauconier, this is my personal endorsement of Mike Dickinson for Sheriff of Richmond. Vote wisely Richmond City, you have an independent choice to uphold to office of Sheriff.

About Corey Fauconier

Corey “Sage” Fauconier is a native of Cambria Heights, Queens, New York who currently resides in Chesterfield County, Virginia. He is a graduate of Hampton University with a degree in Political Science (1994) and a Paralegal Studies Certificate (1996). Former Libertarian Candidate for Virginia State Senate (2017). First Black Communications Chair of the Libertarian Party (2016), Lobby Day Leader for the Virginia Citizens Defense League, second amendment supporter, volunteer with Generation Hip Hop VA and host of independent podcast Talks Over Drinks in Richmond, Virginia.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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