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PETROS the PIRATE: A non-politician decides to run for MP from Corfu! No tweedledee nor tweedledum for Petros!

Here is a blog entry I found about a local MP candidate for the Pirate Party in Greece, Petros (Peter) Papageorgiou.  A few highlights:

My first childhood contact with the concept of Pirates, was through the story of Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Due to my name being Peter, I fantasized more about becoming the Pan himself than a Pirate…

Yet a few days ago there I was filling in my application to become a Pirate member and a few days later than that I am the Pirate Party’s candidate for Corfu…

Why did I do this?

No, Petros did not miss his next Pirate meeting!  He was concerned about the future of his nation:

Since I was a teenager I had no great trust in elections. I don’t consider we have ever been given any realistic choice. To make matters worse, the exisitng system has managed throughout the years, aided greatly by our indifference, to stack the odds in its favor, by voting in various ridiculous election by-laws. (An example of this is the fact that in the last elections, and in the 2nd electoral district of Athens, Syriza had a higher percentage than New Democracy, yet they got significantly less seats than them!)

I believe deeply that what we need is a change, not simply of government, but of the way the whole system works, even of the way we think.

The Pirate Party represents exactly this for me. The possibility of setting up something different, something “cleaner” and more fair to everyone.

Greek voters like Petros Papageorgiou recognizes that Greeks must decide their own future, not EU bureaucrats and bankers:

Being an active citizen, achieving full transparency in government, distinct separation of authorities (especially judicial), are the matters whose change will really change our lives.

Matters like “memorandum or not”, “Euro or drachma” and “right or left”, I am afraid are matters which are thrown at us in order to make us lose our time talking about them, while others make the decisions.

I don’t in any way support that the memorandum and its apllication are not catastrophic for Greece, but neither can I say with any certainty whether we would be better of with the drachma than the euro.

What I would like is for us all to be able to decide together about these matters and not have others decide for us.

And that is exactly the reason why I have decided to support the Pirates in their campaign, to become a Pirate myself. Because this is a central part of the Pirate idea.

RAH for you, Petros!  If there is any justice in politics, Petros and others like him would win a majority.  Not communists, extreme leftists or radical rightists with Nazi overtones.  But a liberty party!  It is ironic that the land that brought democracy has no liberty party now when it needs one.  The Pirates are the closest to that for me.  Let’s pray they get the 3% they need to enter the parliament.  I will be especially interested in the Corfu election.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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