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President Elect Trump, I Like the Sound of that!

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Photo by Gage Skidmore

I got on the Trump Train early on. I wasn’t alone, but often felt the isolation from my friends who were supporting someone else in the Primary. And I believed that not only could Donald Trump win the primary, but he could also defeat Hillary Clinton.

If I had a dollar for every Republican that told me I was crazy. That Trump won’t win the primary and he darn sure won’t win the presidency.

But what I saw in Donald Trump that set him apart from the other 16 Republican Candidates was a businessman who found out how to connect to the American people. One who rejected political correctness and spoke his mind. While a lot of my friends criticized Trump because he didn’t “act” presidential, I found his lack of “acting” a refreshing change.

Several people told me that they have not heard Trump promise smaller, limited government. I asked if he meant like Eric Cantor did in every speech?

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While always voting to grow the government.


Being a politician and presidential candidate, to many of my political friends, means that you must act like everyone else on the right. You must speak all the right buzz words and toss the word “Conservative” around like a pizza chef on Superbowl Sunday. And all the Social promises that somehow always seem to fall by the wayside.

Fleetwood Mac sings “Tell me lies, Tell me sweet little lies.” My “Conservative” friends have become accustomed to hearing those sweet little lies as the polished politicians run down the checklist of “things Republicans must say” to win an election. And my friends who insist on hearing the sweet little lies have been conditioned just like Pavolv’s Dogs and are intimately attuned to the intoxicating bells of the sweet little lies.

And despite years of listening to the sweet little lies about how the “Conservative” would end abortion, balance the budget, cut the government, bring down the National Debt, be fiscally responsible and on and on (ding-a-ling), these friends that insist Trump is not a true Conservative. Because he does not ring the bell and excite their salivary glands.

They don’t seem to mind that the empty promises never come to fruition. That fact seems to escape them as surely as the Hillary Clinton email scandal escaped the notice of the liberals. They have gone tone deaf to the empty promises and they fail to hold the sweet little liars to account for th ebroken promises. It is as if the Conservative sweet little lies have replaced actual Conservatism.

And I don’t know if the bells are drowning out what Trump has been saying from the beginning, or if these people have just become incapable of critical thinking, but Donald Trump has promised the most Conservative platform in history.

Baloney, they say. Trump is a liberal. A Democrat.

They are not listening. Or they are incapable of understand Conservatism outside of the framework of the sweet little lies.

Stop illegal immigration! Illegals come into the US and we give them health care, schools, welfare. They drain our tax dollars and stretch our infrastructure beyond it’s capacity. They have to work under the table and send much of their pay back to their home country. They call us names if we point out the obvious. But keeping illegals from our shores lessens the burden on our Social Services infrastructure. Entitlements are pretty near impossible to cut. But limiting the illegal use actually cuts entitlements.

supreme court photo

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Appoint Supreme Court Justices that Follow the Constitution. During the second Presidential debate, the subject of Supreme Court Justices came up. Hillary gave a prepared “wind-up” speech which never even mentioned the Constitution. Trump based his response on our founding document. When it comes to appointing a member of the SCOTUS, Trump even gave us a list. There is no batter way to protect our liberty than placing a Constitutional Conservative on the bench. And even the So0cial Conservative should be cheering. During Trump’s term in office, he will be able to swing the liberal court back to the right with several picks. If your issue is ending abortion, Trump is your guy.

As a real Conservative who has grown weary of listening to the sweet little lies of fake Conservatives, we now have a President that will start to move the nation back to the right. No, he didn’t parrot the empty list of Conservative talking points. But the things he plans will reign the size and scope of government and restore sanity to our courts. Lobbyists will not be able to sway our President Elect and he is not beholden to the US Chamber of Commerce or other sources that buy so many politicians, most of which support one world government and open borders.

So do us all a favor. Donald Trump did what you said was impossible. He won the GOP Nomination and then he won the presidency. His ability as a businessman will serve the nation well as he reigns in spending and gets rid of the insane trade deals Obama (and Bill Clinton) put in place.

Once the barriers are torn down, we will have jobs again, revenue will grow and government dependency will diminish. There is nothing more fiscally Conservative than that.

All we are saying, is give Trump a chance.



About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

8 Responses to “President Elect Trump, I Like the Sound of that!”

  1. Jade says:

    “Tell me lies Tell me sweet little lies”

    Like Dave Brat’s campaign ads he ran on The John Fredericks radio show where he said “I always vote for Veterans every single time.”

    Except when Brat didn’t vote for Veterans”

    Brat stated he “always supported Trump” after Trump won.
    Except during that period when he was supporting Ted Cruz.

  2. Melvin J. says:

    United States Senator RINO Mark Kirk (R-IL) who waltzed Attorney General Loretta Lynch down the aisle with glee to confirmation along with Obama’s radical Supreme Court Justices LGBT Kagan and open borders Sotameyor WAS Defeated by Iraqi Veteran Tammy Duckworth (D) Tuesday night.

    Thought you would like to know Cantor wasn’t the only stinking RINO in Washington Drained from the Swamp.

  3. robert shannon

    As usual ,excellent observations by a man who has had clear thinking as a hallmark of his writing for a very long time. Kudo’s Tom for your sharing of your wise insights .

    As for the esteemed Paul Ryan I almost threw up last night when Ryan made the statement on national tv, ” Donald Trump heard a voice in the American people that no one else heard” What a pathetic puke of a liar this guy is. That statement shows a guy who has been in DC for 19 years now, about 18 too many. Apparently Ryan is experiencing early signs of a cognitive disease since the voters gave republicrats the House in 2010 ( remember the repeal of ObamaCare and the spending cuts if only we gave them the House), and maybe Ol Paul forgot the 2012 promises made by these scumbags if only we ” gave them the Senate”

    Ryan & McConnell have to go, Trump only need to look back to LBJ’s days when every single member of Congress feared the man. He used brute political force to bend Congress to do his will, and it worked . Whether or not one agrees with LBJ’s legislative agenda misses the point. He knew he had the political muscle and wasn’t afraid to use it. Trump must take a page from LBJ’s playbook and use the same force in equal measure. The enemies are already lining up to block, obfuscate and compromise Trump, he must not allow that to happen.

    No one even comes close to Trumps understanding how to go over Congresses head, straight to the American people with his legislative priorities and get them done. He showed that particular skill set in what history will record as one of the most brilliantly run campaigns in American history. Trump did not allow the media or his detractors to pull him off message, nor off course. No one is a better negotiator or understands who has the leverage. Trump must also understand ( and he does) that most major legislation is done in the first year. Compromise isn’t a dirty word, it is a necessity. Compromise however on the major issues in this instance won’t be required. Trump at the moment holds all the cards and my guess is that he will play his hand well.

    Bob Shannon King William

  4. lawrence wood says:

    The talking and posturing is finally over now is the period to judge if the results will be forthcoming. There is quite a bit of well entrenched Trump policy resistance among the Republican majorities he is being handed so the first 100 days this cycle will be important to drive some successes before the opposition gets better organized.

    A critical sign here to separating the genuflecting from the reality is if the House is willing to off load Speaker Ryan, as he has clearly stated he is running again, and will not step aside based on his previous positions and statements regarding a Trump presidency. If House members chose to re-elect him then it will likely be a rough road ahead. VP Pence and Ryan are close so it will be interesting to see where Pence’s true loyalties really lie in this issue.

    Going to the American people if this resistance materializes is not going to accomplish much until the 2018 midterms. We will see what his close internal advisers look like but it’s my opinion he will seriously need Newt from day one to effectively combat the history of Congressional do nothingism.

  5. Paul Malmquist says:

    Tom ,

    The enthusiasm for Trump now is as high as what i saw among liberals for Obama Back in Nov 2008.
    Now lets see if Trump can deliver on his promises regarding illegals , jobs , and making america great again. Because if in two yesrs if he hasnt, the majorities the Gop he has in Congress now could be taken away very easily.
    What i would love to know is just how how tolerant tea party folks will be at reminding Trump to keep those promises. Somehow based on listening to them in chats and reading blogs ,Trump may not realize how short a lease he may get once taking office i Jan from tea party folks.
    Perhaps you can give some insight into that.
    An added problem is He really cant blame Dems for hindering his efforts for 2 reasons , 1.the GOP controls all legislative and admisntrative part of govt ,and with Trump’s 1st pick for USSC will control the Judicial part as well. And 2 he cant claim the dems are “stonewalling” his agenda without having the dems remind him how Obama’s last USSC choice languished for months with no action.

    So enjoy things now , but be well aware while many libs will give him a chance now and in 1st fews months , longterm progress must come else he will be a one termer perhaps dumped by his own party as a loser . ( I truely beleive Pence will be the GOP nominee in 2020 regardless )


    • Michael Hiteshew says:

      He hasn’t taken office yet and you’re already blaming for all the things he hasn’t accomplished since becoming president. That was a short honeymoon.

      • Paul Malmquist says:

        I’ll say this again , i beleive the harshest critics Mr Trump will face will be from his strongest supporters IF and i repeat IF he fails to attempt to keep the promises he made during the campaign.And due to the vocalness they have exhibited dueing the campaign i perceive many have a short fuse when they fear they may be exposed as being fooled by Trump by his actions as president.
        Liberals are relegated to the sidelines taking notes that could be useful in 2018 .


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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