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Progressive Democrats: A Keynesian Cancer

John Maynard Keynes

John Maynard Keynes

The wheels have come off the Progressive Express. America has seen you for what you are: short sighted ideologues with no ability to understand the long term implications of your “vision”.

Class warfare specialists whose only tactic is a choreographed temper tantrum.

Your policies have encouraged the dependent welfare state in which we now find ourselves. More than encouraged: created. This unsustainable psudo-economic system where the government redistributes wealth from the productive sector of society to the unproductive sector. Your lack of vision for the consequences of these actions is astounding. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor has two ugly side effects. You discourage the producers from producing and encourage dependence.

At some point, the producers quit producing. They refuse to be sapped anymore. There is no symbiosis here as there is no benefit for the producers. Progressives are a cancer that takes over the host until they both die.

This cancer has been with us for decades, ushered in by human compassion and a concern for the downtrodden among us, with nary a concern of it’s ability to grow and sap the life force out of our entire society. All in the name of fairness. Used by the Progressives to advance their lust for power and control, this cancer has metastasized and now threatens the host – America.

Progressives believe themselves to be far smarter than the unwashed masses because they tend to have more education than the general population. But those of us “stuck” in the quagmire of common sense and life experience are fully aware that garbage in equals garbage out. The quality of education is only as good as the material taught. And despite throwing massive amounts of money into education, recent PISA scores show America is still slipping compared to the world. Of course, the Progressive leaning Washington Post thinks they have the answer. Ignore the test scores, they really don’t mean anything.

What they mean is that while the rest of the world concentrates on core education: math, science and reading skills, American Schools concentrate on global warming propaganda and social injustice. But without these indoctrination facilities Progressive dogma would fade into oblivion.

But the prime example of the total lack of foresight on the part of Progressives is their professed love of Keynesian Economics. But the sad fact is, they only support Keynes ideas that intersect with their own “Progressive” beliefs. Keynes ideas were his way of explaining the causes and solutions for the Great Depression, not a permanent system as the Progressives now want.

Keynes ideas that the Great Depression was the result of wealthy people hording their money may have merit, to a point. Increasing taxes on these wealthy hoarders temporarily while growing government also temporarily would get the money flowing again. Sort of a government imposed end to the lull in economic activity that caused the Great Depression.

The Progressive shortsightedness comes into play here in a big way. The Keynesian philosophy of taking from the rich and giving top the poor was only proposed to prime the pump. After this is accomplished, the tax rates must be lowered, debt paid off and the size of government rolled back. Therein lies the problem.

Progressives don’t want to implement that portion of the plan. Their greed and lust for other people’s money becomes an obsessive addiction. They continue to metastasize. And the phrase money is power has never been more true. Power over the lives of others because they know better. Their education told them so.

Yet they point to the failure of Supply Side Economics and to the Bush Tax Cuts as proof the Keynesian route is better.

Jean-Baptiste Say advanced the supply side theory long before Keynes. The Progressives proclaim that the Bush Tax Cuts are the perfect example of Say’s theory failing, and today’s sour economy the proof.

The problem with that is that the Bush Tax Cuts included a number of Keynesian elements like cutting taxes on the lower wage earners. This hybrid model most certainly was anything but a raging success. But it was the Keynesian aspects that caused the failure in combination with Barney Frank’s bad loan push and Wall Street shenanigans, especially in the Derivatives Markets arena.

The same thing happened with Ronald Reagan. The Democrats refused to allow the tax cuts until a “compromise” allowed them to increase government spending.

And now, Obama has agreed to the same, failed hybrid. And many Republicans plan to go along with it. And the cancer grows.

We must pick one – Supply Side or Keynesian. These cannot be mixed and matched.

While either looks good 0n paper, it is a sure bet that growing government and raising taxes on the rich will never be reversed (as intended). But reducing taxes is always temporary. But supply side is top down. Lowering taxes on only the rich is distasteful to the working class folks, who believe they need tax relief as well. But it is the only economic theory on the table that will ever stand a chance of being reversed when the economy recovers.

And when the economy finally does recover, if it does, taxes on the wealthier segment of the population should be increased. Incrementally. Not to the point that they stifle the economy again, but enough to balance the budget and pay down the National Debt.

And when the economy falters again, and it will, we will have some room to drop taxes on the wealthy again to increase the flow of money.

But it is doubtful this will ever happen, as the Progressive class warfare battle has poisoned the public into believing wealth is somehow evil. A forceful government confiscating the unfair wealth accumulated by the few and redistributing it to the poor somehow seems more noble than simply appealing to their greed and using this greed to pry the money loose. High paid lawyers and CPA’s will be hired to negate government confiscation in the former case, and the wealthy willingly give up their riches in the latter instance.

It really does not take much education to predict which method will produce the better results and which will grow the cancer.

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Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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