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PURPLE PAC radio and TV ads are OUT on the AIRWAVES and other SARVIS news!

I wrote about the first independent purchase for Libertarian Robert Sarvis:  The libertarian leaning Purple Pac is going to run TV and radio ads.

Well they are – based on FB posts at the Robert Sarvis FB page!  Try these for examples (names omitted for privacy):

Who is Purple Pac, Inc? I noticed they sponsor the Sarvis ads I’ve been seeing all day on WRIC.


Don’t know the source of the ads funding, but they’re on radio and TV both.

That is exciting to hear about ads.  The Sarvis email I get had this:

Voters are seeing TV spots in Richmond and Roanoke, Charlottesville and Harrisonburg, Tidewater/Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia.

And each time Virginians see the spots, more of them visit and join our campaign.

The money bomb is over $25k but I must say – it ought to be at least $250,000!

I also heard from another unexpected friend who I met on the street who said he might vote for “my guy” as she put it – she’s mad at both candidates.  I said yes you should.  Remember the letter to the editor drive!  I was interviewed for the Virginian-Pilot yesterday.  Here’s the article and here’s what he said about me:

“We’re the pissed-off party” is how one Republican operative described Cuccinelli defectors on his side.

Hanover County attorney Elwood “Sandy” Sanders Jr. counts himself in the crowd, having publicly endorsed Sarvis this month on the Virginia Right blog after decades of on-and-off GOP involvement. He agonized over that after backing the GOP ticket at a nominating convention last May before being swayed by Sarvis’ appeal and his own distaste for Cuccinelli’s role in a gift scandal.

“Cuccinelli wasn’t doing anything for me. He was running a negative ad every week about how terrible Terry McAuliffe was, but he wasn’t inspiring anybody,” Sanders said.

I’m not sure I should have used that word (“pissed-off”) in print!  But this is fair.  It is true that even in defeat, Sarvis can win:  Get the 10 percent.  When 44 House races are unopposed, that is bad for democracy.  Here’s coverage about two races with a Libertarian from a gay online source:

District 33: Daniel, LaRock, Hagerty

Republican Del. Joe May the former chairman of the House Transportation Committee, was considered a lock for re-election, but was defeated in the Republican primary by a tea party challenger, Dave LaRock, due largely in part to May’s support for the General Assembly-approved transportation bill that raised taxes. Following LaRock’s win, Democrat Mary Daniel jumped in the race, promoting herself as a more moderate alternative. Libertarian Patrick Hagerty is running on a platform of cutting spending, reversing the transportation-related tax increases and decriminalizing marijuana. This race could be an interesting one to watch, and could demonstrate the strength of tea party-backed candidates in off-year elections. None of the candidates has officially come out in support of LGBT rights.


District 47: Hope, Delhomme

Democratic incumbent Del. Patrick Hope earned a 100 percent rating on the 2013 legislative scorecard for Equality Virginia Advocates, earning him the endorsement of EVPAC in the general election. But Libertarian Party nominee Laura Delhomme is also a supporter of marriage equality and told Metro Weekly that she would vote in favor of Equality Virginia’s chief legislative goal: passing a bill prohibiting discrimination in public employment based on sexual orientation and gender identity. With Libertarian Robert Sarvis expected to do fairly well in the governor’s race – potentially hitting double-digit support – the Hope-Delhomme race could gauge any Libertarian upsurge in the state.

I will be curious about these races because in the first one, we’ll see a Libertarian in a three person race and in the other a two person race in what may be a heavily Democratic district.  I think Delhomme might get 30% here.  If you want to open up the political system – get Sarvis up to 10% and maybe if we all try – the political miracle can occur.  I am praying and working hard!




About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

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