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Racism From The White House

I know this topic is a bit stale at this point, but it is a discussion we, as a nation, need to have. There is no doubt that African-Americans have suffered and continue to suffer from racism. But in a case of political correctness run amok, many people like President Obama’s old friend Reverend Jeremiah Wright have made racial hatred an art form. For decades, Obama and his family sat through Wright’s monologues that pass for sermons and manage to contort everything that happens into a white against black conspiracy. But just because racism happens, that does not mean that there is always racism behind everything that happens.

Jeremiah Wright is not one to pay much attention to efforts by white’s to help blacks. In his world, he does not get as much attention talking about positive things, so he looks for the bad in everything. There are many people in the world that look to blame other races for everything bad that happens. Blame it on the Jews, the Blacks, the Irish, the Mexicans, the Asians. These people are always branded as racists. And properly so. Yet, when an African-American takes these same racial views, it is not politically correct to call them racists.

I know a good many black pastors that somehow manage to view suffering and not see a white conspiracy. In fact, race is not part of the thought process at all. They look for solutions, not blame. They work in the name of God, not for headlines. They look to unite in God’s love, not in man’s hatred and prejudices. Abraham Lincoln said “If you look for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will.” And indeed Reverend Wright does.

And this hatred is contagious. After listening to Wright for years, President Obama, after admitting he did not know the details, jumped to the conclusion that the police “acted stupidly” in arresting Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. This is a “lawyered” up version of what one would expect Reverend Wright to say. Obama didn’t call them “stupid”, he called their actions “stupid”. Whatever!

And the Obama apology that wasn’t an apology was totally predictable. Obama said he “should have chosen his words more carefully.” However, he has so far not said what words he should have chosen, nor has he apologized.

Police and Law Enforcement have a difficult enough job. To be subjected to second guessing by the president makes the job impossible. Especially when the only facts known to the president are the race of the arresting officer and the person arrested. Obama tried to make Gates a victim. Police groups nation wide have called for Obama to apologize. Obama has managed to apologize on behalf of America for every injustice in the world, but is unable to say the words when it is he that owes the apology. And his silence on Iran shows he is at least capable of keeping quiet on a subject, even to a fault.

Obama has divided the nation politically by pushing a radical left wing agenda. He is now dividing the country along racial lines.

Disavowing Reverend Wright is not enough. He also needs to let go of the radical thinking Wright planted in his head.

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Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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