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REBELLION in the TORY RANKS as the possibility of a TORY-UKIP alliance increases! COULD something like this HAPPEN in the US? MAYBE…

This is a fascinating article that will tell it:  Is UKIP for real?  Even the headline is showy:

David Cameron’s fury as top Tories plot UKIP pact which could make leader Nigel Farage a minister

Wow.  Well, to be a minister, you have to be elected MP I would think.  And some UKIP supporters would not take kindly to a deal.  But it is the Conservative leaders that are considering it:

Top Tories will defy David Cameron by holding talks on an electoral pact which could lead to a Cabinet post for UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

The rogue Westminster summit next month will also discuss how the two parties might form a coalition government.

And plans will be aired for retiring Tory MPs to make way for UKIP candidates at the 2015 General Election.

The House of Commons meeting with Mr Farage’s party on June 24 is being organised by Tory think tank the Bow Group, whose president is former Tory PM Sir John Major, and Conservative Grassroots, representing local parties.

This is treason, pure and simple.  Most governments would immediately oust or threaten to oust all MPs involved in such rebellion.  But maybe Cameron can’t enforce party discipline because he’s just holding on by a thread.  But this joint ticket might produce the in-out referendum that the UK needs.
Now, my readers might ask:  Who is the Bow Group?  It’s a conservative think tank (here’s the site) and they take no obvious position on Europe.  But there is an article worth reading on their site that says the UK doesn’t need the EU fro trade anymore and that restrictive rules on non-EU trade may actually hurt Britain more than what trade the EU brings in.  Expect to see more on that article in next few days.
Perhaps this treason is caused by Tory donors threatening to defect to UKIP!  One is the former Tory Treasurer!  There is also confirmation of treason as well as the possibility that UKIP might not stand against proven euroskeptics in both the Tory and Labour parties:

In yet another blow to his [PM Cameron’s]  leadership, former Tory treasurer Lord Kalms said he was ‘willing to pack my bags’ and sign up with UKIP unless the Prime Minister adopted more traditional Tory policies.


In an interview with the Sunday Times, Mr Farage revealed that UKIP was speaking to ‘about 20’ Tory MPs about standing on a joint ticket.

He also cited two Labour MPs – Kate Hoey and Gisela Stewart – who the party would not stand against as they were considered ‘friends’ in the Eurosceptic movement.

All this is remarkable.  If this occurred here in the USA, it would be the political story of the century.  And it could happen here – and maybe almost did:  If the establishment GOP tries to force out or unfairly discipline tea party favorites, some might take their sweet tea and go elsewhere.  The Ron Paul people are ready to defect right now.  Look at this posting by Tom White.  I am not ready to start a Tea Party in the USA, but I could be persuaded to do so.  Here’s my prior thoughts on a third party.
But the real question is:  How long can Cameron last as PM?  He may have to promise a referendum and call a snap election on that issue.  But it may be too late.  If I were Nigel Farage, I would be coming up with realistic but visionary and liberty-promoting principles to run a General Election campaign on.  And get a solid, previously vetted, candidate (or candidates) in the wings for the next by-election.  One will surely occur in next few months.  Maybe several.  UKIP needs to win.  That could cause mass defections of councilors and MPs from the Tory Party.  Or if Cameron manages to keep power, (especially if it appears it was done underhandedly) that could produce the same mass defections.  That would be fatal for the party.
UKIP is fighting YOUR fight on sovereignty and liberty in Britain.  They need our cheering and prayers.  It also is a fascinating and rare political story.  I only wish the blog could pay my way to the UKIP convention in September.  A Yank in bloggers’ row at a UKIP convention?  Maybe the novelty of it might get me an interview with Farage himself!

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