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Remedies that will work…or Political Scores to Settle ?

tears photoAnyone with children or grandchildren was simply sick at turning on the TV last week to learn of another senseless tragedy playing out this time in Florida. As a father and grandfather I was for the remainder of that day sullen in my thoughts of what those families were going through, unimaginable to anyone because of its horror. It wasn’t more than 1 hour until the talking heads came out with their analysis of what went wrong, and their version of what can be done to stop/prevent these types of mind numbing events. Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough went so far as to liken the President to Pontious Pilate. The calls began immediately from members of Congress and the media for more strict gun control measures, and the banning of certain types of weapons. The reality is however failing to recognize that criminal and demented evil people always find a way around obeying any law to achieve their ends. The suggestion that all firearms should be required to have a liability insurance policy , as if the thugs who are walking around with a illegally obtained gun are going to rush right in and buy insurance is pathetically ridiculous. Adding new restrictions to law abiding citizens does nothing towards halting these types of crimes. Maybe we should turn to a solution that is utilized by Israel and has worked with no school shootings since its implementation.

In Israel each school has a number of teachers and staff members who are armed and trained in the use of the weapons they carry .  Israel has compulsory  2 years of military service for every citizen at the age of 19. The number of armed school staff on site depends on geographic location, number of students and square footage of the facility itself. The larger the school and or population , the closer in proximity they are to neighborhoods adjoining the schools that are known terrorist hotbeds ,the greater the number of armed staff at that location.

Here in the U.S we have utilized Resource Officers, armed local law enforcement trained to keep the school safe. That is better than not having any measures but consider the numerous advantages of the Israeli approach.

If someone is determined to kill, they will begin with killing/shooting the easily identifiable Resource Officer wearing a uniform. After that they likely know there is no more armed resistance within the facility and will at best take considerable time until law enforcement officials are on the scene. Now envision what a shooter is faced with when he decides to do something like this in an Israeli school.

First of all he/she have no idea who is armed and how many, or where they are in the building. What he/she does know for certain, they are going to be confronted with a number of armed teachers/staff who are trained to respond to threats of this nature. The person committing this act knows with a high degree of certainty they are going to likely die once their rampage begins, that is an almost 100% certainty.  It dramatically changes the mental equation. It is one thing when the person committing this carnage knows they are the only one with a gun, quite another when they know they will be shot themselves.

Israel screens the school candidates for this rigorously, and likely pays them an additional stipend added to their salary, but it is not only much more cost effective than stationing a full time law enforcement officer on site but clearly working beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

So for us my fellow Americans the question is quite simple, do we want to score some political points on gun control or implement a remedy that will stop this problem.?

The choice should be crystal clear.


Bob Shannon  Founder King William T.E.A Party

3 Responses to “Remedies that will work…or Political Scores to Settle ?”

  1. GeneThePopulist says:

    1) And now, Republicans led by Teflon Don, are starting the machinery in motion for gun control. Bump stocks with just be the start. Once that door is opened a little, government WILL NEVER STOP. Just like I told you years ago, it will be the REPUBLICANS who take away your guns. My past writings are well documented.

    2) And now, Republicans led by Teflon Don, want a .25 cent per gallon gasoline tax.

    3) And now, Republicans led by Teflon Don, are deficit spending like never before.

    4) And now, Republicans in Virgina, led by no one, want to expand Medicaid. This after pissing away $10-14 BILLION dollars by not signing up for Medicaid expansion from the start. That money mostly ended up in states that know better than to elect a Republican. I told you people from day one to always take the money.

    5) This is the damage that being addicted to Limbaughism will do to your brain. What a crying shame. What a shame.

  2. Kyle W. says:

    We are living in dangerous times in America. Citizens should not waver in their commitment to our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms are fundamental to our nation. Those who seek to “amend” the Constitution or who favor Gun Control legislation should be feared.

    The criminals and gangs will always have access to guns through Black Market inventory or illegal importation. To disarm law abiding citizens creates a danger to America we have never imagined.

    The only solution to this problem is a 9-11-2001 response. What happened after 9-11? Creation of TSA. And airport security changed forever. Schools can be secured with armed guards. Creating GUN FREE KILLING ZONES isn’t the answer. But for a Price… schools can be secured. But armed guards and metal detectors come at a hefty price. Teachers might have to give up those raises. That is the political debate for lawmakers.

  3. GeneThePopulist says:

    Today, The King William Tea Party’s Teflon Don, has now expanded his gun control Christmas wish list. This is classic republican government. Lie, steal, cheat, corrupt, jump into bed with Stalin, just to get elected. Easily manipulate a mentally challenged base led by Limbaughism to get elected. Then, when elected, flip and become the nearly perfect Democrat. When we finally get universal healthcare, Teflon Don will be the perfect Tea Party elected Democrat.

    You just woud not listen. If Clinton were in the WH, republicans would shut down everything except Clinton investigations.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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