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Remember – The Illegals at our Border Are Pink Tide SOCIALISTS!!!

The term “Pink Tide” is a term used to describe the leftward movement of South and Central American countries towards Socialism. And while most of these nations call themselves Republics, like we do in the US, they have moved to forms of Government run by Socialists and Marxists.

Now that is not much different from what we in America have seen under Barack Obama. But Socialism isn’t cheap. And most South American nations are unable to run up a national debt because most are not creditworthy and have less assets than the United States.

Under Obama, the debt has skyrocketed. And countries to our south have notice the spending (not the debt) and with Obama and the Democrats – and many Republicans – playing up amnesty, the Pink Tide is become the Red Tide in a tsunami of illegal aliens all wanting a piece of the America Dream as they see it.Debt

Remember – these Pink Tide pups are coming from countries where all they have known is Socialism as executed by tin horn dictators and megalomaniacs like the late Hugo Chávez.

ChavezHugo Chavez talked a good game about freedom and liberty. And the evils of Capitalism and how is has destroyed the world. And how we, in the industrialized world are the oppressors and they are the freedom fighters and liberators who will take “us” on. Socialism 101. Steal from the rich and give to the poor – and take a hefty “finder’s fee” for yourself and your friends.

Here is an excerpt of a speech Chavez gave before he died:

What we are experiencing on this planet is an imperial dictatorship, and from here we continue denouncing it. Down with imperial dictatorship! And long live the people and democracy and equality on this planet!

And what we see here is a reflection of this: Exclusion.

There is a group of countries that consider themselves superior to us in the South, to us in the Third World, to us, the underdeveloped countries, or as a great friend Eduardo Galeano says, we, the crushed countries, as if a train ran over us in history.

In light of this, it’s no surprise that there is no democracy in the world and here we are again faced with powerful evidence of global imperial dictatorship. Then two youths got up here, fortunately the enforcement officials were decent, some push around, and they collaborated right? There are many people outside, you know? Of course, they do not fit in this room, they are too many people. I’ve read in the news that there were some arrests, some intense protests, there in the streets of Copenhagen , and I salute all those people out there, most of them youth.

Of course young people are concerned, I think rightly much more than we are, for the future of the world. We have – most of us here – the sun on our backs, and they have to face the sun and are very worried.

One could say, Mr. President, that a spectre is haunting Copenhagen, to paraphrase Karl Marx, the great Karl Marx, a spectre is haunting the streets of Copenhagen, and I think that spectre walks silently through this room, walking around among us, through the halls, out below, it rises, this spectre is a terrible spectre almost nobody wants to mention it: Capitalism is the spectre, almost nobody wants to mention it.

It’s capitalism, the people roar, out there, hear them.

I have been reading some of the slogans painted on the streets, and I think those slogans of these youngsters, some of which I heard when I was young, and of the young woman there, two of which I noted. You can hear among others, two powerful slogans. One: Don’t change the climate, change the system.

And I take it onboard for us. Let’s not change the climate, let’s change the system! And consequently we will begin to save the planet. Capitalism is a destructive development model that is putting an end to life; it threatens to put a definitive end to the human species.

But Chavez and his clones of varying potency in other nations to our south have been preaching the benefits of Socialism since before all of these Pink Tiders that Obama has been sprinkling around the country and housing in sub prime warehouses were born. They know nothing of our Constitution and are not coming to America for freedom, but for the freebies. That is all they have been taught about government. In their mind, they like the idea of a strong central government taking care of them their entire life. It is not the government philosophy of Socialism from which they flee, it is the poor implementation and petty dictators they want to leave behind.

And they are already Socialists. And they will live their entire lives voting for larger government and more government control as soon as they are allowed to vote.

Democrats and big government Republicans are on the same page here. The more people who are already conditioned to accept Socialism that they can find the better. These will be the lowest of the low information voters.

Many come here as hard workers, but the American welfare system will easily work it’s magic on people when they have no moral objection to taking from others – as long as the government does it – and giving to the “less fortunate”. Chavez speech above is but one of  many the illegals have listened to their entire lives.

If we don’t stop this open border policy now, our nation will be one of the third world countries Chavez was talking about, going around the world begging for handouts and demanding the UN force the rich nations to care for us – because it is all their fault.

But right here. And right now, it is our fault if we listen to the open border advocates who are either to stupid to see what this will lead to, or cunning enough to fool people into believing we can absorb millions of Socialists and not transform America into just another Socialist experiment that failed. Imploding in on itself like a dying star.

298868_Slums-of-Detroit_jpg6f84f9463a0f7b4fb846a794a6c4f493For that America, there is no hope. And no future. Socialist bastions like Detroit will metastasize like a cancer and cover the nation from sea to dingy sea.

America is a nation of immigrants and these immigrants made America great. But the immigrants that made America great had a common vision of free markets, capitalism, self reliance, a solid work ethic and a willingness to sacrifice to build a great nation. The new Pink Tide has none of those attributes that built America. They were never taught them! And they will not learn them. Ever. For they will learn in short order that the reward for the hard work yesterday’s immigrants performed to make something of themselves and their new country, in Today’s America you are penalized. The fruits of your labor are forcefully taken from you because you have “more than you need”. Ane they are given to someone else that did not work for them, so they had less. Pretty soon, the urge and need to work and make your own way is extinguished. If the government is only going to take, why bother to work. Just hold out your hand.

The only way to preserve America is to preserve our borders. And the only way to do that is by enforcing our laws.


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Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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