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Reports of a Blogger Excitedly Walking his Neighborhood with an Italian Flag!

There are reports that a blogger in Mechanicsville is walking in his neighborhood with a small Italian flag!  It is false:  He is walking, leaping and praising God for the GREAT VICTORY of the Italian Anti-EU parties (let’s stop calling them Euroskeptics.  There is no skepticism about it!  These folks in Italy are against the EU superempire!) in Sunday’s election!  Just not yet in the neighborhood with the flag.

It’s a beautiful thing, I can say!  Here’s from an UK newspaper (Express) and from the leading Italian newspaper (La Repubblica – in Italian)

The Express article cites the graphics from the Italian paper and adds this wonderful commentary:

The M5S is now in firm control of the South, having scored a single party majority of 32.14 percent, according to the Italian Ministry of the Interior’s preliminary results at 9.02am GMT.

Dominating 13 of Italy’s 28 constituencies, including Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia, the M5S is now the single biggest party to enter the new Parliament.


But the Centre-right with Silvo Berlusconi at its helm did equally well in the north of the county where only three regions seceded to Matte Renzi’s Centre-left.

The Centre-right bloc, spearheaded by the League (Lega) and Mr Berlusconi’s Italy First (Forza Italia), scored 37.05 in the ballots.

For the Five Star Movement to dominate the south of Italy is a bit like the GOP taking over the South in the 70s and 80s.  It’s like a great symphony of liberty and sovereignty that is spreading throughout Europe and the world!

There’s more:  The leading party in the right-center coalition, expected before the election to be Forza Italia (Go Italy – yes Go Italy) the party of former PM Silvo Berlusconi (who cannot be elected even an MP due to a prior conviction), which is mildly anti-Euro at best, will likely be the new prime minister.


The Lega (the League – formerly the Northern League) won out over the Go Italy and now this man could be the head of the center-right coalition.

Who is Matteo Salvani?  Try this headline from another UK Express article:

Italian election: ‘Italy’s Farage’ could be next PM and spearhead anti-EU REBELLION

I LOVE IT!  When you are called in a British paper “Italy’s Farage”; and that Italy’s Farage might be prime minister, that has got to give Brussels a severe cold!

Speaking late last year, Mr Salvini warned: “I believe that one single currency for 18 economies, each different in its own way, that just won’t work in the long term.


“Yes, we understand that there is no way to hold a referendum on the euro. But we are determined to become part of the government and that is why we invited economists to figure out what we should do when the euro collapses since we should not rule out this possibility, what to do to prevent a catastrophe.”

Here is more on Salvani:

Dubbed “the Italian Farage” for his anti-Europeanism, Mr Salvini has vowed to make “extreme” reforms to European laws if elected, has threatened the EU with the possibility of an “Italexit” and pledged in his party’s manifesto to “defend Italian borders from the invasion” of illegal immigrants.

Focusing his electoral campaign on fighting illegal immigration and protecting Italy from the EU’s “unfair” financial laws, Mr Salvini has often criticised both Eurocrats’ calls for greater integration and the euro, which he blasted was “a German currency”.

Salvani also wants to, in a move that will please my more libertarian readers, legalize prostitution and tax the proceeds!  I am not sure about the prostitution part but the rest sounds great to me!

But Salvani does not have the majority.  The Express article covering the election came up with three possible scenarios:

  • Three options: Centre-right with some support from the centre-left, 5 Star Movement with some support from the centre-left or 5 Star Movement and the League
  • Italy election is a triumph of anti-establishment rhetoric – the victory is in the same league as Brexit and Trump from the eurozone’s third largest country.
  • More than half of the voters have backed the Five Star Movement and the League.

That is the scenario that is needed in all the EU nations to get liberty and sovereignty for the European nations.  Let the non-racist nationalist and libertarian parties unite and if they can get 50% or more of the vote, then they can fight off the EU bloc of compromised parties.  I want to start calling them “compromised” because most of the mainstream left and right parties owe their first loyalty to the EU not to the nation they seek to govern.

My advice would be this:  Let Salvani be PM and have a minority government with the tacit support of the Five Star Movement but allow its leader, another Italian Farage, Luigi Di Maio, who has views like this:

Speaking exclusively with in January, Mr Di Maio said: “We need to start a season of debate on what’s not working.

“Certainly, a key contractual card we bring to the table is the €20bn we give to the EU each year.”

Mr Di Maio also said “unfair” EU treaties are having a bad impact on Italian businesses and industries and his party would seek to resolve current tensions by threatening the EU to cut budget contributions.

to be the outsider ready to force radical ideas and be a foil for the new government.

The alternative is:  the Five Star Movement and the League join together (with other anti-Euro parties) and plan to fight the EU – withdraw if needed.  Seek an alliance with Poland, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic and force pro-liberty reforms to make the EU just a common market again.

Is the Italian flag ready?  Yes it is.  Here is – in the spirit of the Sanders Olympic Policy – here is the Italian national anthem!  Liberty is on the march and national sovereignty is essential to liberty!







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