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I normally do not joyfully read the Richmond Free Press.  I strongly disagree with its characterizations of the Tea Party and African-American conservatives.

But I was pleased to see how Robert Sarvis did in yesterday’s FP (still available or should be at newsstands) first there was the wonderful picture of him with his wife, Astrid.  It was the only photo that showed a candidate’s spouse.  Here is the A Section of the Free Press.  Go to page A7 and look at the top left.  The article was about the forum at the state NAACP convention.  A highlight or two:

“Mr. Sarvis did not comment on the Washington nickname controversy.  He said the training camp shows ‘corporate interests and special interests constantly use the regulatory process to influence themselves in competition and to .”


“[Sarvis] called for an end to ‘the drug war’ and the ‘ravages it has on our families and communities.’  He talked about ‘all the people we railroad into the criminal justice system.”


“Mr. Sarvis called for a constitutional amendment to restore the rights of those who have committed ‘victimless and non-violent crimes.'”

I agree with all of that but would add that we should pardon those convicted of of a felony solely because they solicited gay sex or because they committed consensual sodomy.

Then, to add to the good ink is a great, no, fabulous letter to the editor on page A9 entitled “I’m for Sarvis” in huge letters!

Highlights from the letter authored by Robert Lynch:

“Kudos to the NAACP for hosting a forum for all three candidates for governor,…My choice will be Robert Sarvis, who is the youngest (Stop rubbing it in, Mr. Lynch!), most diverse, and apparently the best educated candidate, brings a new perspective, a fresh outlook and the most far-reaching solutions to Virginia’s needs.”


Moreover, if he gets but even 10 percent of the vote,…he will put his party on the ballot for the next election. That would be a step forward in breaking the chains of a strictly two-party system…And that makes Mr. Sarvis the only candidate to whom we can cast a vote for, and win or lose, say it was not wasted.”

I could hardly say it better!  I’ll say it here:  Robert Sarvis might come in second in the vote among African-American voters, losing out to Terry McAuliffe, on November 5.

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)


  1. A. Duval says:

    A vote for Sarvis will be a vote for the Marxist Terry McAuliffe. I do not say that we should not have a Libertarian Party – I think we are in need of one, but the momentum that Sarvis has gained would be best spent in four years. McDonnell has been a great disappointment, but Cuccinelli should not hang for McDonnell’s RINO-ness. Granted there was an issue, and I understand the importance of honor and integrity. The fact remains that Cuccinelli should not be swept under the rug for a minor indiscretion, and the fact is that he has fought hard for Virginia!

    • Sandy Sanders

      Thank you for coming by, A. Duval. I think a vote for Sarvis is a vote for Sarvis. McAuliffe may still win regardless. I cannot worry about that – a Dem governor might rally the GOP to be more fervent. That being said I perfer Cuccinelli to McAuliffe. We need to open up the political system and Sarvis can do it.


  2. Gene Lefty says:

    Drug War Defined, both legal and illegal drugs, behavior or mood altering drugs. Note that there are a relatively few mentally ill people that require medication. However, the abuse and misuse of legal, mood, or behavior altering drugs, far out numbers the good done for a relative few. Doctors, drug companies, etc., are in it for the money. They simply can not resist the greed. Cure a patient, loose money. Treat a patient forever, make money! See link at bottom.

    Drug War;
    1) An attempt by society to use money, and thus grow government, create jobs, increase their PAC money, in a failed attempt to put an end to the American people’s “unconditional” love for a substance that will mask the truth about the everyday struggle of life itself. WHICH IS THE RESULT OF THE DISOBEDIENCE TO GOD WRITTEN ABOUT IN GENESIS!

    Mr. Sarvis, seems to want to do the opposite of what should be done regarding drugs. I have no interests in judging Mr. Sarvis, or throwing the first stone. (John 8:7) However, some of his party’s proposals seem go directly against Scripture, as I am sure do the other two parties!

    You see, for years now, some are denied employment if the employer suspects that an applicant does NOT do drugs. Also, at some companies, those who are suspected of being on drugs are never asked to take a random drug test.

    I was in a meeting about 14 yrs, ago, at what was then one of the larger employers in the Richmond area. May still be. The Supervisor announced that if we were going to have a problem with a required drug test at a customers site, (fail) come see him before going to the site, and taking the test.. Do not take the test first! This policy was sanctioned by upper management, by their absolute refusal to perform their own random drug testing. They had a good idea who was using, and how many. Was management also using? Ha , ha, ha,!

    The people who do drugs of one type or the other, legal or illegal, (majority) simply do not want to accept those who do not. Politicians see drug use as a way to grow government by increasing spending, and a way to create jobs . One must remember that when you increase the size of government, you increase spending, and you also increase their PAC donations. I have no problem with someone who takes a drink on occasion in their own home, as I might do myself. The problem is it gets out of hand these days so easily.

    The way to prevent drug use is to prevent the will of American people from having the desire to use drugs.

    Wall St. demands increased profits. Drug use is glorified by both the Wall St . owned media and Wall St. owned Hollywood. Our system is not broken, our people are.

    You see, these drugs users, suppliers, etc ., they either contribute to PAC’s or/and they vote!


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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