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Libertarian Robert Sarvis was the guest at the Mechanicsville TP Thursday night and from what I heard from one of my sources (I was not there) it was well-received.  Sarvis was detailed and refused to trim hi message to try to win votes.  He might have even won a vote or two from what I hear.  I’ll update this post when I get some video and/or pictures.

For those who would like to learn more about Sarvis, go here.  He will be the guest of the King William TP this coming Thursday, August 8 at 7 pm.  They meet at the King William Government Complex.  I plan to be there.

UPDATE:  Sarvis will be featured in the Times-Dispatch tomorrow.

Here is the Times-Dispatch interview.  I think it is very respectful.  Wonderful family picture.  The quote from Sarvis’ friend Park is impressive.  The best part is some of Sarvis’ stands on the issues.   Try out the one for Photo ID for voters:

“Both sides are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Republicans are exaggerating the amount of in-person voter fraud, and Democrats exaggerate the effects (a photo ID mandate) has on minorities. But I think it makes intuitive sense, because you show a photo ID for a lot of things. As governor, I would have signed the bill.”

And Gun control:

“The empirical evidence on gun control affecting gun violence is not very impressive. But what is impressive are the beneficial effects of ending the drug war. By criminalizing drugs we have created this very well-funded, armed and violent criminal enterprise, which is a huge source of gun violence. Before we even talk about regulating law-abiding gun owners, we should talk about ending the drug war, legalize marijuana and focus on rehabilitating people who are addicts.”

There is also an interview with state Libertarian Party chair Chuck Moulton in today’s T-D.  I am afraid Moulton is more liberal than I am but I respect his effort to be consistent.  I disagree with this line that I refuted two weeks ago here at this blog:

“Ken Cuccinelli is the worst sort of social conservative. He wants to ban oral sex…”

Moulton also does not understand tea partiers:

“The tea party started out very libertarian but was quickly co-opted by neoconservatives. Unlike Libertarians, the tea party and its politicians often demonize immigrants, are military hawks and want to lock up marijuana users.”

I think this was not helpful.  Tea party people are varied and some are not social conservatives.  Robert Sarvis has actually spoke to one tea party group and is scheduled to speak to another this Thursday.  I do not agree the tea party demonize immigrants, although some individuals do so.  I would hope the Libertarians oppose the Senate immigration bill due to its demonizing of law-abiding workers by making them get a biometric ID card (Christians in SC and around the nation can thank in part Senator Lindsey Graham for that Mark of the Beast idea!) to work legally in the US.  Not all tea partiers favor endless wars.  I think the drug issue is one where people can be persuaded (and I am not fully persuaded) but not with a stereotype of tea partiers like this.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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