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Rodman’s Dramatic New Ad Against Dunnavant: Inaccurate Again!

Are the Dems Against Choice in Health Care?

Delegate Debra Rodman came up with a new ad for TV last week. Alas it was not a clarification and apology for her previous inaccurate ad on health care. Instead she doubled down on her claim that Senator Dunnavant wants to deny you the right to buy health insurance insurance for pre-existing conditions and CITED the SAME statute again! She is continuing to mislead voters that Senator Dunnavant and the GOP support taking away health insurance for pre-existing conditions.

Then the Delegate decided to play the Trump card: That Senator Dunnavant is trying to destroy health care! But she cited the American Medical Association (on 11/15/18) saying that short-term plans were injurious.

So I went to the AMA website and found out the quote is from a friend of the court brief the AMA filed in a suit in the United States District Court for DC:

The strongly worded brief argues that the rule “sabotages” the ACA and endangers the broad-based risk pools that make coverage affordable.

“The rule will be devastating to the health, well-being and pocketbooks of millions of Americans—and disproportionally so for women, children and the chronically ill,” the brief says. The rule would, further, threaten “to undo the ACA’s vital patient reforms, moving the health insurance market back to the days where Americans had no or inadequate insurance.”

The “rule” is the Trump Administration rule that allows the creation of short-term plans. The AMA contends that allowing these plans will undermine the Obamacare scheme by diverting healthy persons out of the health insurance system and skewing premiums for sick people.

That could be a good argument. But that is not what the delegate is saying. Delegate Rodman is saying that Senator Dunnavant is advocating harmful health insurance plans. It’s not a fair contention. You’re up to TWO apologies to the senator!

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