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RPV Chairman John Whitbeck Should Learn from a Real Leader Like Arizona GOP Chairman Graham

So what happens in Virginia when a GOP National Convention Delegate refuses to vote for the nominee they pledged to vote for?

An absolute void of leadership from the Virginia State GOP Chairman John Whitbeck.

An Arizona Delegate just jumped on the Dump Trump train and said she plans to vote her “conscience” and vote for someone else.

According to AZ Central:

An Arizona delegate to next week’s Republican National Convention has announced she won’t be voting for Donald Trump despite rules that require her to toe the party line.

“Simply put,” Lori Hack wrote Sunday on her Facebook page, “he doesn’t represent our party and he can’t win in November. Not only do the moral objections to his candidacy run deep, but his positions are also absolutely untrustworthy. He speaks by the seat of his pants and floats ideas out into thin air only to retract them the next day when they are ill-received.”

Hack is part of Free the Delegates, which is hoping to change the rules next week in order to pick a different nominee in Cleveland.

That is, if she’s still a delegate.

So instead of a complete lack of leadership from the RPV Chairman Whitbeck who isn’t shy about pulling resignations out of thin air when the miscreant is a Conservative named Mark Berg, Arizona has a real leader at the help of the state’s GOP named Robert Graham. Oh that Virginia could find a Republican leader with the balls to do his job.

Graham wrote the would be delegate:

“I was disappointed to hear you have changed your mind about being a delegate and that you have withdrawn your pledge to follow Arizona law and party rules that bind all of Arizona’s 58 delegates to the Republican National Convention,” he wrote. “I am interpreting your action as your resignation as a member of the Arizona delegation.”


Where you at Whitbeck?

Maybe you should change your name to match your leadership style.

John Weak-beck.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

13 Responses to “RPV Chairman John Whitbeck Should Learn from a Real Leader Like Arizona GOP Chairman Graham”

  1. Paul T says:

    Nobody in the Va. Republican Party has the Jewels, the Nuggets , the Gonads, the Golden Twosome, or anything close to The Balls to do what this man did in Arizona !
    John, where are yours ? After all we only voted !

    Does anyone have a “Match” ?

  2. Connie Stevens

    Considering how Chairman Whitbeck AIDED Cuccinelli’s ramming through the Cruz-heavy National Delegate slate at the State Convention, and not allowing VA Trump campaign leader to even be voted on for National Delegate, and also how Whitbeck/RPV rebuffed Trump’s request to attend the Convention – it’s obvious where Whitback stands. Also add to that Mr. Never Trump himself, Bill Krystal was RPV’s Guest Speaker at the annual fundraiser this past Jan.

    Chairman Whitbeck said at the last SCC meeting – right after the injunction was filed – that RPV would issue a press statement denouncing that. But they never did. Oh, and there was last fall’s on-again, off-again primary voters’ loyalty oath. What a joke that was.

    RPV sure seems to be #NeverTrump.

  3. Frank Papcin says:

    we the people have a right to vote our choice –some people want to take that right away from us—using the courts,–using legal terms,–using a judge that COULD use his persona beliefs to effect his decision
    —a decision that voids my vote
    as a delegate, he representing not only himself, but the people that voted in their districts–voters just told that their vote doesn’t count–IN AMERICA?
    what has happened to our country?–where certain people’s vote don’t count–THEN WHY VOTE AT ALL?–let the elite do it all–shut down November–don’t waste the money on elections at all

  4. Bob Shannon

    4 years ago Mark Levine spoke of how the simple word compromise had been so maligned as to lost all meaning. Levine cited example after example of how the political right always were the ones to ” compromise” ceding the lefts advancements of their ideals, while the ” conservatives” lost more & more ground.

    The RPV is controlled by the establishment types, who are in turn controlled by the K street folks. It is the money, always the money. These folks are in bed with all of the PAC’s , and the outright contempt exhibited by these back of the hand measures only reinforce just why the average voter is so sick of the demeaning treatment of the voters in Virginia who have spoken. The elitist mentality of these jackasses, that somehow their judgment is superior to that of the voters is sickening and contemptible. It also explains why I won’t join any official republican party committee , I can not bring myself to pledge to support the republican candidate, regardless of how I feel.

    This Delegate and the Chair are cowards, if he/she felt that way then they should not have agreed to serve to begin with……..she knew the rules, doesn’t like the outcome and now acts as some petulant child would. Kick her ass off the Delegation.
    Bob Shannon King William

  5. James Willis

    Considering the fact that the “presumptive nominee” has repeatedly threatened to run as an independent if he didn’t get his way, and publicly renounced his loyalty pledge on Fox News, it would appear to me that anyone supporting Trump is in violation of party rules.

  6. Bob Shannon

    Mr. Willis,

    First , I admire you using your real name and identifying yourself. Unlike the cowards . I recently read the book The Art of the Deal which clearly illustrates Trumps use of leverage in everything he does. He has a natural almost instinctive understanding that to advance your goals you keep your opponent off guard, never knowing what to expect. He professionally crossed the line with the use of Eminent Domain , taking that ruthlessness business strategy too far in that instance.

    I would argue that that the entire topic of Party politics and the differences between the 2 political parties is nil, it only exists at campaign time. They spout off political slogans, platitudes and promises they never intend to keep after they are safely elected–reelected.

    If I am correct on that one count then allow me to propose Trump will fix only a handful of things that he has a comfort level with, economic growth , the badly needed Tax Reform and the area of National Defense that is the most dangerous. He listens to ” experts” and he will bring in hard nosed military & intelligence folks who know what they are talking about and care very little about being PC.

    Trump in that sense is very much like Ronald Reagan , who by his own admission wasn’t the smartest guy in the room, but surrounded himself with the smartest. Trump does exactly that, he recognizes the ultimate decision is always his but also understands no one can be an expert at everything. In his numerous books he tells of how he always brings in the Smartest Person in whatever area it may be needed, real estate lawyers, tax attorneys, Developers of various types of projects. He listens to them, and then makes a decision. His ability to size up a persons talents is recognized even by his most harsh critics.

    His political outsider status is what has the broad appeal that was reflected the last 14 months. Win lose or draw I think you will agree on the dangers of a candidate with such deep leftist views. Hillary Clinton is a dangerous woman. She also hasn’t accomplished a damn thing on her own her entire life.

    Bob Shannon

  7. lawrence wood says:

    Well this delegate in AZ along with the same group slated in here in Virginia at the recent state delegate convention can spew from their soapboxes all they wish regarding voting their consciences but the plan fact is that based on current RNC 2016 convention rules they are committed to voting for one Donald Trump in the first roll call vote where he has by the way a clear delegate ballot majority surplus over the 1237 requirement. They can vote for Mickey Mouse if they so choose but the recorded vote tabulation will be accrued on the first ballot to Donald Trump. Period.

    There has been a whole lot of self righteousness generated from this group of Hillary Republicans over nothing. The only potential serious threat are those quietly working to unbind the first round delegate vote requirement currently in place (Rule 40) by the RNC during this week’s Rules Committee meeting effective for the 2016 convention, in result totally abrogating, the 2016 Republican national primary preference vote completely. Even this though would take a majority vote floor from all state delegates to be enacted. Not totally outside the realm of possibility but very, very remote.

    If these miscreants somehow manage to achieve that goal (which I find highly unlikely) the least of state Chairman Whitbeck’s problems will be his laissez faire attitude towards those working against the preferences of the state and national Republican voter base and the actual stated and in place RNC nominee process but rather presiding over a party that will crumble into irrelevancy before all our eyes as the voter base simply walks away in disgust. The impact on the state’s future Republican candidates will be massive and that will include the fallout hitting the comfortable Republican club in Richmond. These individuals need to be removed from party association if for nothing more than a rational sense of state party self survival.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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