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Sandy Says: Freitas for US Senate on June 12

Several days ago, I did a programming announcement to let people know that the endorsement for the US Senate – my endorsement only – NOT THE BLOG – will await a few days.

That blog post drew an amazing number of comments (I think 16 as of today) and some were less than kind.  At least the blog should have increased traffic!

But NOW (at some risk!) we have the Sanders US Senate Endorsement:  Delegate Nick Freitas for US Senate.

Here’s why:  Freitas has the best chance to win and he is trying to take the liberty lane and I want to see if that will draw enough votes in NOVA to win the election.  Certainly it is time:  Senator Kaine must GO.  He used to be that nice guy who you might disagree with but you could still like but not after that awful debate with now VP Pence and now Kaine does snarky anti-Russia comments etc.  Just not fun anymore.

I am impressed by the endorsement by BOTH Ronulus Magnus II (Ron Paul) and his son, US Senator Rand Paul.  (Ronulus Magnus I is President Ronald Reagan!)

So let’s try something new.  I have great respect for Bishop E. W. Jackson but I am afraid he will not win.  Corey Stewart, Chair of the Prince William BOCS, cannot win either.  So let’s try something new.  Something new is Delegate Nick Freitas for US Senate.

NOTE:  This is an endorsement only in the GOP Primary.  The general election could be totally different.  We do not know which Republican gets the nomination and it is very possible Libertarian Matt Waters will get the 10,000 valid signatures to make the ballot.  It would be good for Waters to get the ten percent to ensure ballot access in the Old Dominion for the Libertarian Party.  Needs to be amended to say 2.5 or 3% like most states.

I intend to vote Tuesday for Nick Freitas in the GOP primary.  You should too.

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

13 Responses to “Sandy Says: Freitas for US Senate on June 12”

  1. Paige County Patriots says:

    Mr. Sanders:

    The Globalist Koch Brothers’ funded Americans for Prosperity ( AFP) is all on board for Nick The Libertarian.

    You do know the Koch Brothers are Open Borders for Cheap Illegal Labor, Pro DACA, Pro Amnesty, TPP Free Traders right? Koch Brothers have initiated a full on campaign to oppose President Trump’s Tariff policy. You remember Trump right?

    Freitas as a Libertarian will support China’s military over Trump’s policy to bring more manufacturing jobs back to America by settling the score of 30 years of trade policy that benefited the Chinese Communists Army over America.

    You do know the Koch Brothers supported Hillary for President over Trump?

    and if they are pouring money into Nick Freitas’ campaign in Virginia don’t you think LIbertarian Nick Freitas is going to vote for Koch Brothers’ agendas once elected? that is why he has been labelled #Never Trump Nick by many conservatives in GOP politics.

    No thanks!

    The Republicans in Virginia have a clear choice June 12. That only choice is Corey Stewart who will support Trump’s America First Agenda Not HIllary’s Agenda.

  2. Paul B. says:

    The Libertarian view on Free Trade and opposition to Trump’s Tariff Policy is identical to Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaines’ policies.

    So how does #Never Trump Nick run against Democrat Senator Tim Kaine in November when he agrees with him?

    #Corey Stewart

  3. John says:


    The Koch Brothers are supporting Democrat US Senate candidates who support their Globalist initiatives.

    The Koch Brothers Funding Freitas is proof he is NOT Republican. LIbertarians are Globalist Free Traders- straight out of CATO INSTITUTE if you would take the time to research it.

  4. Major Bill S. ( US ARMY) says:

    Read this slowly and if you don’t understand it PLEASE just STAY HOME and DON’T VOTE TUESDAY

    Americans for Properity (AFP) supports the Trade Deficit with CHINA that funds the Communist Chinese Army which supports North Korea.

    • Freedom Caucus says:


      Freitas supports ALEC, the Koch Brothers’ bill mill in Washington run by the K Street lobbyists.

      Look it up.

  5. Paul Blumstein says:

    IMHO painting a candidate with the sins of some of his/her supporters is a despicable argument. Because someone supports you doesn’t mean that you take on their bad attributes. Nick Freitas’s record is pro-liberty and not pro-globalism. He also has shown that he keeps is word, unlike Corey Stewart who has disapointed many past supporters by changing positions.

    • Jamie Kerr says:

      Nick Freitas has no voting record on federal or international Issues as a Virginia Delegate in the House of Delegates. Freitas’ support of the #Whiskey Rebellion isn’t a Pro Freedom platform. Freitas is a Libertarian and if you wanted Rob Sarvis for US Senate you had your chance to elect him. Sarvis explained the Libertarian’ Open Borders Cheap Labor flow of illegal labor platform when he ran for US Senate and he was soundly rejected.

      Freitas running for US Senator is akin to a Culpeper County Supervisor running for US Senate.

      Way out of his bush league.

      • Paul Blumstein says:

        1- Delegate is a much higher league than County Supervisor.
        2- Nick’s two competitors aren’t even in the Delegate League.

    • Conner says:


      Tom Garrett’s 2016 campaign staffers are the exact same rogue political operatives who ran Riggleman’s failed Whiskey Rebellion campaign in 2017 and his most recent successful 2018 bid for Congress. Now they are supporting Freitas who self identifies as a Latino.

      What have these Liberty Freedom fighters done? They replaced a disgraced Congressman who admitted alcohol addiction with a distillery owner fighting Virginia’s ABC law to run a bar out of his Nelson County still and to sell bottles of spirits out his back door without the “Gubment Revenuers” taking their fair share. Putting Drunk Drivers on the rural back roads of Appalachia.

      The 5th District Republican Party taken over by the #Whiskey Rebellion is now a boil on the butt of the entire Republican Party of Virginia.

      Some of Garrett’s campaign staffers have admitted alcohol abuse problems and one Washington staffer for Garrett has a DUI conviction.

      The Best Outcome in the 5th race is for them to lose in November and in two years run a Republican.

  6. Greg J. says:

    VA Right:

    On May 25th this blog endorsed the now disgraced Congressman Tom Garrett for re-election. On Memorial Day Congressman Garrett announced he was not running for re-election because he is an alcoholic and indicted every single supporter who ever knew him by stating everyone who knows me knows I am an alcoholic.

    The very same people who backed Garrett for Congress and worked on his campaign in 2014 are backing Nick Freitas and working to elect Freitas, Tom’s good friend.

    No Thanks VA Right. Your bulls*t endorsements don’t carry water anymore.

  7. Carolyn Worssam

    Please take the time to look up ALL the things that the Stewart Campaign said about said about Delegate Freitas . You will find out they were all true plus there were Freitas supporters who were encouraging their Democrat friends to go out and vote for Nick..


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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