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Sandy’s Interview With Del. (and LG Candidate) Glenn Davis

This was delayed for several reasons but here it is:  My interview with Del. Glenn R. Davis, candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Davis has been overshadowed a bit by the two state senators, Jill Vogel and Bryce Reeves, in the news but one news item caught my eye:

Del. Glenn Davis: I Came To Estonia To See How We Can Bring Jobs To Virginia

The Baltics have long been an interest of mine since I did an elementary school project on the USSR about 8 million years ago it seems and read words like this in the Baltic Sea next to the then Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian Soviet Socialist Republics on the coveted National Geographic map of the evil empire:

The US does not recognize the occupation of the Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in 1940 by the Soviet Union

It was Greek to me until I read more about it.  These nations were annexed by the evil empire in 1940 as part of the spoils of war with Germany.  It seemed hopeless; the USSR was so powerful but not afraid to use that power to crush freedom.

Finally God provided a miracle when the USSR was dissolved (thank the Lord Jesus!) and the three Baltic nations were finally independent nations once again (in 1991).

So when I saw the article, I said – Hmmm – maybe this is a candidate with vision.  And I was not disappointed.  Davis seems to want to seek better regulatory and taxation strategies that will bring better, higher paying jobs in Virginia.

Davis spoke to me about two weeks ago and we discussed his trip (at his own expense by the way) to the Baltic nation.  Davis said that all business regulations must be done online and taxes take only five minutes to file!  I added that Estonia has the e-residence business program and has even attracted Greek businessmen to the colder, more wintery Scandinavian nation!

Davis advised me in Estonia they teach kids to do computer coding starting at the age of ten and this kind of educational reform is needed – school choice.  He told John Fredericks that Estonian young people admire not ballplayers but entrepreneurs instead.  Glenn catches the vision.

Here are several Estonians with Davis, including Ahti Heinla, a co-founder of Skype and is presently the CEO of Starship Technologies and several members of Heinla’s team.  This company uses robots to deliver small items such as pizza delivery.

Davis feels he can win the suburban women in NOVA that Republicans need for election.  He told me about his four point plan for jobs and the economy:

  • Tax reform (and a brief review of various laws Davis has sponsored shows an interest in taxation)
  • Twenty-First Century jobs (that is one reason Davis went to Estonia) – “underemployment is just as bad a unemployment”
  • Wants to improve the regulatory climate for small business (again I think a review of bills shows evidence of that – he got a bill passed that changed favorably the definition of household items for personal property tax purposes) perhaps no BPOL for two years of a business – only a $50 fee for the business license.
  • Modernizing education to make it more relevant for students to get solid jobs without necessarily going to college.

Now let’s talk about Medicaid expansion.  Davis did introduce this bill that technically would have expanded Medicaid.  (This bill did not pass.)

This bill was called the Virginia Health Care Independence Taxpayer Recovery Fund and the fund did indeed use the monies for the expansion of Medicaid:

The Fund shall be established on the books of the Comptroller. All amounts of federal medical assistance made available to the Common-wealth pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1396d(y)….”

But there is some other aspects to it:

First the fund is to be used (emphasis mine) to set up as much as possible private insurance:

A. There is hereby established the Virginia Health Care Independence Bridge Program (“Bridge Program”) for the purpose of maximizing health care coverage of newly eligible adults by private managed care organizations and health plans. The Bridge Program shall be designed and implemented in a manner intended to (i) reduce the number of uninsured individuals in the Commonwealth; (ii) facilitate the transition of eligible individuals from the Commonwealth’s program of medical assistance services to private insurance to support financial independence and improve economic opportunity; (iii) reduce the cost to the Commonwealth of health care for indigent and uninsured individuals; (iv) improve access to quality health care services, including integrated, coordinated mental health services; (v) promote personal responsibility and accountability with regard to decisions related to health care spending and outcomes; and (vi) reduce fraud, waste, and abuse in the delivery of medical assistance services and health care in the Commonwealth.

It looks like the expansion money will be used primarily to purchase health insurance for participating individuals (these individuals have to be at 133% of the federal poverty level or lower):

“The Bridge Program plan shall provide for the payment of health insurance premium assistance pursuant to this subdivision for newly eligible adults in an amount sufficient to cover the cost of purchasing health care coverage at the silver level, as defined in 42 U.S.C. § 18022, through a qualified health plan…”

The program can expire and would expire on December 31 of 2016 (emphasis mine).

E. The Bridge Program shall expire and coverage shall be canceled within 120 days of the earliest of (i) the effective date of any strategy to ensure access to quality health care services for newly eligible adults established by the Virginia Health Care Independence Innovation Plan pursuant to § 32.1-373, the General Assembly, or the Governor; (ii) any change in federal law or action of any federal agency that results in the federal medical assistance percentage made available to the Commonwealth for newly eligible adults that is less than the amount set forth in 42 U.S.C. § 1396d(y); (iii) any change in any waiver or other federal approval required to implement the Bridge Program that conflicts with the requirements of this section; or (iv) December 31, 2016.

There is also an “Innovation Plan” that has a lot of health care language that I am not sure I understand.  But it sounds like there are choices desired.

So it is unfair to just say Del. Davis just wanted to expand Medicaid.  He told me he was trying to find ways to keep the working poor from losing benefits right away when they earn too much money.  Need some transitional benefits.  Davis also advised me that six times he voted against traditional Medicaid expansion.

I think Del. Davis is trying out something with more vision than the usual politician.  I am not sure I’d have voted for this bill but I sense Glenn is open to new ideas.  Davis told me – he does not want a title but rather wants to do something.

I have not yet made an endorsement in either race but if I voted today it would be for Senator Wagner for Governor and Delegate Davis for LG.

Now about that Mello Yellow minivan – here’s me with Davis in front of Mello Yellow after the Hanover Reagan Day Dinner:


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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

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    • Benny James says:

      Yeah- the Republican voters were duped with Glenn Davis and Scott Taylor- they went to the polls at the Beach thinking they were voting for an “R” and got a “D.” Time to drain the swamp of Stolle, Towne Bank and McGuire Woods Control in VA Beach…


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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