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Sarvis May Set New Libertarian Record in VA Governor’s Race Next Week

SarvisWe are probably going to see history made next week in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Libertarian Candidate Robert Sarvis is on the cusp of setting a new record for votes in a Governor’s Race for the Libertarian Party.

While Sarvis is an exceptionally smart man who has done well with the amount of money he has been able to take in, he is also benefiting from a couple of other dynamics in this race.

Anyone who has heard Sarvis speak is well aware that there is a lot of substance to this young man. And while his audiences are far smaller than the Republican Candidate Ken Cuccinelli or Democrat Terry McAuliffe usually play for, there is a reason neither candidate wanted to share a stage with him in the debates that took place in this race.

Sarvis would most likely have blown both gentlemen out of the water.

Right now, in Virginia as in the country, there is a high degree of dissatisfaction with both political parties. We are in debt up to our great, great grand-children’s eyeballs, the acrimony in Washington and in Richmond is at an all time high, and both of the major parties have betrayed the American people and we have lost faith in them.

In this race, Sarvis faces Terry McAuliffe, who is a self admitted hustler and better suited to be a used car salesman than a governor. (Apologies to the used car salesmen I just offended.) And Terry Mac is just a plain ditz.

And while Republican Ken Cuccinelli is a smart politician and great Conservative, he has failed to effectively counter the mud slung by McAuliffe branding him an out of touch woman hater. (Which is absurd.)

Cuccinelli also has the baggage around his neck that was brought on by taking favors from a supporter that has a tax problem.

And we should also mention the 900 pound tax hiking RINO in the room, Bob McDonnell, the current Governor that pushed through the largest tax hike in state history after promising to fix our transportation issues without a tax increase.

Sometimes coattails can get in your way.

So we have the perfect storm for a third party to swoop in and make a major wave in Virginia – and US – politics.

A brilliant candidate, two less than optimal candidates for the major parties and the high degree of dissatisfaction with Republicans and Democrats has created the perfect storm for Robert Sarvis to make some history.

There is an excellent article by Eric Ostermeier on the University of Minnesota’s political analysis page Smart Politics.

I was not aware that, if the polls are even somewhat accurate, Sarvis stands to shatter the percentage of votes for a Libertarian Candidate in the history of the Libertarian Party.

From the link cited above by Ostermeier:

A Smart Politics review of the more than 200 Libertarian gubernatorial nominees since the mid-1970s finds that 2013 Virginia nominee Robert Sarvis is likely to tally one of the Top 3 strongest candidacies in party history next week.

Only three of these Libertarian candidates reached the 5 percent mark and just a dozen won four percent of the general election vote.

The best showing to date is by 1982 Alaskan gubernatorial candidate Dick Randolph.

Randolph was a former Republican State Representative in the early 1970s who became the first Libertarian elected to state government, winning two additional terms in the Alaska House in 1978 and 1980.

In 1982, Randolph was the Libertarian nominee for governor and won 14.9 percent – good for third place behind Democratic victor Bill Sheffield and GOPer Tom Fink in a four-candidate field.

Later in the 1980s, Randolph would run as a Republican once again for both governor and the U.S. Senate – losing in the primary each time.

Randolph’s 1982 mark has stood ever since, and only one other Libertarian candidate has seen double-digits in a gubernatorial race – Wisconsin’s Ed Thompson.

Thompson, brother of former four-term GOP governor and then Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson, notched 10.5 percent in 2002 as Republican incumbent Scott McCallum fell to Democrat Jim Doyle by just 3.7 points.

Take a look at the article. Will Virginia make history? We’ll see.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

12 Responses to “Sarvis May Set New Libertarian Record in VA Governor’s Race Next Week”

  1. Mike Wilburt says:

    Congratulate Robert Sarvis with a vote for Cuccinelli

    Robert Sarvis has achieved what many thought was impossible.
    Few state governments hold the historic significance that embraces Virginia. And it is here that Robert Sarvis made his mark.

    The polls are solid evidence that a third party, a highly credible Libertarian candidate can break through much of the clutter and be heard.
    But the polls are indicating what we all had hoped. This dynamic electoral environment is shifting as we close onto election day.

    It is time for Virginia conservatives to rally behind Cuccinelli and prevent the nightmare of a McAuliffe governorship.

    On November 6th Libertarians in Virginia can begin their efforts to build Sarvis’ network for 2017, and recruit others for senate, delegate, county supervisor, sheriff, etc. Use this Sarvis momentum to better advantage in the future…..not to the detriment of the entire commonwealth with a McAuliffe victory.

  2. Gene Lefty says:

    I can think of many good reasons to vote for McAuliffe, but two stand out more than the others.

    Why not let’s give the FBI, and The United States Attorneys office a break. These Federal agencies simply have to be exhausted from the constant demands imposed on them having to investigate every Tea Party “sweetheart” and Republican politician in recent years. This would take a toll on any law enforcement agency.

    Then there is the Virginia taxpayer . We simply cannot not afford to hire anymore lawyers to defend these crooks. Let’s face it. Cuccinelli is not defending McDonnell and the others because they want the best high priced lawyers that the taxpayer can buy.

    If Politicians can take bribes and it’s not a conflict , then neither is Cuccinelli representing McDonnell. Was the $18,000 Cucinelli grease job not a conflict ?

    Vote McAuliffe-Northam-Herring, give the Feds and Virginia taxpayers a well deserved rest!

  3. Gene Lefty says:

    I can think of many good reasons to vote for McAuliffe, but two stand out more than the others.

    Why not let’s give the FBI, and The United States Attorneys office a break. These Federal agencies simply have to be exhausted from the constant demands imposed on them having to investigate every Tea Party “sweetheart” and Republican politician in recent years. This would take a toll on any law enforcement agency.

    Then there is the Virginia taxpayer . We simply cannot not afford to hire anymore lawyers to defend these crooks. Let’s face it. Cuccinelli is not defending McDonnell and the others because they want the best high priced lawyers that the taxpayer can buy.

    If Politicians can take bribes and it’s not a conflict , then neither is Cuccinelli representing McDonnell. Was the unreported $18,000 Cucinelli grease job not a conflict ?

    Vote McAuliffe-Northam-Herring, give the Feds and Virginia taxpayers a well deserved rest!

  4. Gene Lefty says:

    Plagiarism at Virginia Right, or at least to close for comfort? Apology due the Left? Intellectual theft?

    Below is a paragraph copied from Mr. White’s article above,

    “In this race, Sarvis faces Terry McAuliffe, who is a self admitted hustler and better suited to be a used car salesman than a governor. (Apologies to the used car salesmen I just offended.) And Terry Mac is just a plain ditz”.

    On Sept. 27,2013, Mr. White posted an article titled, “Study: Virginia Newspapers 3 Times More Favorable Towards McAuliffe (D) Than Cuccinelli (R)”

    In my comments to that article I wrote,

    “You know, the problem is that even a talented newspaper writer can only make a crook like Cuccinelli look but so good. I mean they just don’t have anything to work with but a second rate “used car salesman”. We need to get Cuccinelli to trial, and let a jury take a good look at that $18,000 grease job.”

    and then in another comment to the same article, I wrote,

    “Regarding my use of the term “used car salesman”, are you insinuating that I am belittling their profession? If so, I apologize to all of the used car salesman out there.”

    You will notice my use of the term “used car salesman”, and subsequent apology to them in my comments, and now, about a month later, Mr. White’s Reverse Robin Hood writing at Virginia Right?

    I make no claim to owning the term “used car salesman”, however, at the very least, isn’t this to close for comfort? First Rand Paul, now Tom White? Shame on Tom White! Doesn’t Mr. White owe the Left an apology? We are waiting Mr. White.

    I would urge Mr. White, as suitable punitive compensation, to step aside for say 30 days, and let someone from the left such as myself, clean up this blog. Somewhat like President Obama is now cleaning up the President Bush mess.

  5. Gene Lefty says:

    Well first off I do not know what a “kerfuffle” is? Second, I do not know who Justin Tredeau is, lefty, righty, Rino or Dino? Third, I do not recall ever having visited a President Obama website, and have no desire to do so at the present time. I am a puppet for no one!

    Now, could you possibly post an example of anything that you believe that I copied from anyone’s website?

    You accused me of plagiarism, prove it? You cannot because I create my own material. You or anybody else for that matter.

    Unlike your “Real Leader”, I did not have to take out a loan for my talent. I was born with it!

    I am waiting my friend!

    • Tom White says:

      First, I would suggest you use a dictionary if I use words you do not understand. And you can use Google to learn who Trudeau is. And the Obama web sites are ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR and many, many more. You don’t even know who is behind the sites you visit?

      Read the websites. Every word you use comes from them. You are brainwashed, Gene. Your words are not your own but those of your masters. And I have no leader, so that is nonsensical.

      All of you that belong to the Party of Mooch get your daily drivel from the same sites. You are the terminally lazy that live off the work of others.

      The Party of Mooch is comprised of the elite who rob the poor and keep them down, trample the middle class to pay the poor with their bribe money in the form of welfare for able bodied moochers, disability for the lazy fakers and daily doses of hatred towards those on the right. Hitler created an enemy and the Party of Mooch has done the same thing.

      The problem is, more than half the country has become lazy, stay at home moochers and those of us that have to work to support you lazy bums are getting sick and tired of you not pulling your weight and doing your share.

      So while your “Leader” pumps up the market by printing money, hires incompetent buffoons to create useless websites and gives money to the myth green energy crowd who promptly takes the money, goes bankrupt and leaves a toxic pile of waste behind for the working few like me to clean up.

      I don’t mind giving a helping hand to help someone up, but your Moocher Party has taken laziness to new levels.

      You Moochers need to get off your ass, stop whining and contribute something.

      Take, take take. That is all Democrats know.

      Obama is now helping the big insurance companies who a few months ago were the fat cats ripping everyone off. As millions lose their healthcare – MILLIONS OF PAYING PEOPLE – it is impossible to sign up because of Obama’s incompetence, and for the few that manage to actually get a price, the policies are 3 or 4 times what they were paying. They can’t afford to get health insurance because the lazy assed Democrats are sitting at home, eating fast food and texting each other on their free cell phones plotting how they can screw the productive people that still have a job.

      So what is Obama doing about the millions of newly uninsured? He still plans to fine them come January because guess who wants to protect the insurance company profits? Obama.

      So just how much money are you making for sitting at home on your ass, Gene? How much of my tax dollars go to support you?

      If you actually worked for a living you wouldn’t think like you do.

      And while I don’t listen to Limbaugh, the target that the Moocher Party likes to demonize, the thing is the taxes he pays pay for a lot of your lazy assed friends and the salaries and benefits he pays to his workers pay EVEN MORE of your Mooching friends.

      You go after oil companies, banks, and anyone that is productive completely oblivious to the fact that they are the reason you get your welfare or disability check and food stamps every month. You hate the people you leach off of without whom you would starve.

      Species that are born without enough sense to understand self preservation are not around any longer.

      Personally I think anyone on the government dole for more than a year should not be allowed to vote until the government checks stop. You are not vested in this country if you do not contribute and only take. Of course the Moochers will vote for crooks like McAuliffe and Obama. They promise more welfare.

      We need to stop putting up with your Party’s freeloaders.
      Tom White recently posted…WHAT TO SAY about ROBERT SARVIS – a few THOUGHTS!My Profile

  6. Gene Lefty says:

    WOW! Well, now I have 3 requests Tom?

    1) You accused me of plagiarism in your last post, again, show not only me, but everybody? I am waiting?

    2) You accused me of being on unemployment, a stay at home moocher, could you explain what you mean by that? Are you saying I do not work for a living and that I receive unemployment compensation? Prove it?
    Did someone tell you that? Where are my checks?

    3) Are you accusing me of being on Welfare or Disability?
    Ah. could you please prove that? Did someone tell you that? Could you prove something, anything? Where are my checks?

    No offense to those who are on public assistance.

    We are waiting Tom, prove something, anything, please ?

  7. Rob Miller says:

    Hi Tom,
    I don;t think it’s ever happned before, but I’m afraid we disagree here.

    Sarvis has absolutely no chance of winning, and as Rand Paul an dhis father are running around the state telling Virginians, Sardis is not exactly a libertarian either.

    Every vote Sarvis gets is a vote for McAuliffe and a vote for higher taxes, ObamaCare and sewing the state up for Hillary in’s that simple. Not to mention McAuliffe’s genuinely sleazy character.

    Ken Cuccinelli is a Reagan style Republican who actually beat Obama Care at the district court level. McAuliffe wants to double down push it on the state.

    You might have noticed that the GOP establishment is giving zero help to Cuccinelli. The ruling class would rather have McAuliffe win than a conservative Republican. And the percentage of votes Sardis is predicted to get essentially makes the difference.

    Meanwhile, over in NJ, Chris Christie is running against a non-entity he’s outspending ten to one. If Christie wins big and Cuccinelli loses, do you have any doubts that will be used as propaganda against conservatives and the Tea Party by the GOP establishment?

    It all ties in.

    Think about it.

    All Good Things,

    • Tom White says:

      Rob – I completely agree with your assessment about what is about to happen. But for me, it boils down to the question of honesty. Bob McDonnell, Virginia’s current ran 4 years ago as a Conservative. Fiscally and Socially. The Democrats used the usual war on women, right wing nut, extremist, and the same stuff they are using against Cuccinelli. McDonnell stuck to his guns, ran as a Conservative and did not shy away from it. He promised not to raise taxes and to find waste and inefficiencies to balance our budget and to use money saved by privatizing our ABC stores to build much needed roads. And he did just that. Found billions in “lost” money and managed to have a budget surplus each year. Some of that was smoke and mirrors of course, but he made the case that fiscal conservatism worked. And he did all this with the Democrats in charge of the state senate.

      So in 2011 we all worked even harder to win control of the Senate so the Republicans could have complete control. They already had a large majority in the House. The best we could do in the Senate was a 20-20 tie but the Republican Lt. Gov. was the tie breaker, so while there was a sharing arrangement set up, control belonged to the Republicans.

      In McDonnell’s first legislative session as governor back in 2010 the Republicans brought up the final budget submitted by Tim Kaine as he left office. It included a $2 billion tax hike and did not get a single vote in the House or Senate even from Democrats. Raising taxes was not something any legislator was willing to do.

      Fast forward to 2013 with Republicans in complete control of both houses and the executive branch and Bob McDonnell and his RINO insiders managed to find 42 Republicans that would join with the Democrats and enact the largest tax hike in Virginia history. And this was McDonnell’s plan. They twisted arms, threatened and bullied enough Republicans so they could call this a bipartisan bill. And how smart is a Republican that finds themselves negotiating with Democrats to RAISE Taxes? HE gave away a lot to get Democrats to go along with a Republican getting credit for fixing the transportation problem we have had for decades. So in the end, the “Transportation” bill was 60% for roads and 40% to grow government and just general taxes. And they pushed more down to localities so local taxes will eventually go up.

      And part of the deal McDonnell made with Democrats was expanding Medicaid. Or setting up state to make it easy to take the federal dollars that will soon go away and mandate another tax hike on Virginians.

      And one that gets my blood boiling is the fact that McDonnell claims he took the gas tax off of gasoline. What he actually did was exchange the per gallon fixed tax at the pump for a percentage based tax at the wholesale level effectively hiding the tax hike from the consumer.

      So the message at the end of the day from McDonnell is that fiscal conservatism does not work.

      Now fast forward to the Cuccinelli campaign. There were a lot of things going on and I am not sure how much makes it to you guys in California.

      The Lt. Gov. believed he would be the next governor and the party would just crown him their candidate. Cuccinelli challenged him and managed to switch the selection method from Primary to Convention, a move that angered the RINO Bolling. That managed to divide the Republicans and the Bolling clan are now Cuccinelli haters. They are not helping and one long time GOP Consultant that has worked with most noteworthy Va. GOP’ers defected to McAuliffe.

      This race began as a race between the Conservative Republicans and the Establishment RINO’s. The Conservatives won.

      And I was all set to work my ass off for Cuccinelli until the money and goods he took from Jonnie Williams, CEO of a vitamin company Star Scientific, came to be known. It was also revealed that Williams was trying to get out of paying $1.7 million in tax assessments owed to the state.

      At first it was Bob McDonnell. He took money and goods including a Rolex, his wife took William’s private jet to New York for a shopping spree and there was a lot more. I hit McDonnell pretty hard and he will never again have my support. The tax hikes were unforgivable, but being on the take was even worse.

      Now after hitting McDonnell as corrupt and while there was no law broken, we may not have heard the end of this. McDonnell and Cuccinelli may still face charges after the election and a lot of people think he will.

      Both claim there was no quid pro quo and they did nothing illegal. And that may or may not be true. This has not played out yet. But for me, the question of legality is beside the point. Was it morally right for a sitting Governor and Attorney General to accept gifts and money from a man that wants to get out of paying $1.7 million in taxes?
      In my book it is absolutely wrong and I demand a higher standard from out top government officials.

      Cuccinelli has run this campaign as a moderate and has failed to campaign as a Conservative since the Convention. While I believe Cuccinelli is politically to the right of McDonnell, his campaign has tried to put him left of McDonnell.

      In the 2012 presidential campaign we had one big issue where Republicans could draw a major distinction between themselves and Obama – on Obamacare. So the Republicans ran the only candidate that has ever advocated and implemented socialized medicine – Romney. We gave up our biggest issue by running a candidate that hadd the same issue and we lost.

      Now Virginia did not have a lot of takers for the GOP nomination for Governor. Bolling and Cuccinelli were it. Bolling is a pompous narcissistic RINO that was all in on the tax hikes and is hardly Conservative.

      Cuccinelli was the most Conservative by far and a really good candidate, but taking what I see as bribes even though the only thing that has come out of this was a hearing date after the election for Williams set up by the AG, it still smacks of crooked politics.

      So in this race, the biggest vulnerability of Democrat McAuliffe is his corruption, we run a candidate with his own issues in this area. Most voters see this as cancelling one another out.

      McAuliffe has spent millions in ads painting Cuccinelli as a right wing extremist that wants to kill women, essentially. While Cuccinelli has spent his money painting McAuliffe as corrupt.

      So I was presented with the option to support a corrupt Democrat extremist, a corrupt Republican Conservative or the thirs choice – a Libertarian that I agree with on a number of issues but disagree with on some too. But he has not been accused of being corrupt.

      If I overlook what Cuccinelli did I am condoning his actions. I also would have to overlook the same issues when Bob McDonnell runs again – and we all know he will. Or know I am a hypocrite.

      McDonnell already gave us the largest tax hike in history and has paved the way for Medicaid and Obamacare expansion in Virginia. And with Virginia going for Obama twice, both of our US Senators being Democrats, and the massive growth of far left wing government types in Northern Virginia, we are already more than likely to fall for Hillary in 2016. Bob McDonnell was Conservative when Romney ran and didn’t betray us until this year and he didn’t deliver Va for Romney.

      And as far as the Christie 2016 argument, I think the same thing will happen that happened in 2012. The establishment will get behind him and the Conservatives will split between possibly Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and probably a couple more like Rand Paul and even Rubio. Christie will have the money and the machine in place like Romney did.

      And Hillary and the Democrats will find their fate tied to the perception and reality of Obamacare. If they can turn around the direction of public opinion that is falling fast, then she has a chance. If not, the smart money is on Christie. And heaven help us either way.

      Last year during the Presidential Primary here in Virginia the laws concerning getting a candidate on the ballot came to light for exactly what they are – laws that lock out third party challengers by making the signature bar so high only someone with a massive machine in place can get the job done in the time required. The establishment Candidate of either party has the machine in place. The local committees are the worker bees and get far more signatures than required. A candidate with limited funds early on in the process cannot clear the bar. Last year with all the candidates running for president, only Romney and Paul qualified. The rest tried but couldn’t break the 2 party lock. A lot of us voted for Paul in the primary to protest the establishment lock on the process. Paul got about 23% of the vote. Virginia didn’t really have a choice. Basides the 2 parties, Ron Paul was the only other candidate with a machine in place, albeit a more loosely bound one.

      They took a lot of flack for the laws and actually fixed them this year so Virginia should have more choices in 2016 besides Christie.

      So in a way, my endorsement of Sarvis and my vote for him are a statement on corrupt politicians – take a bribe lose my vote, and a show of dissatisfaction with the GOP for being liars about taxes.

      Either party having total control only leads to disaster for taxpayers.

      I recently received an email from state senator Stosch who was the leading proponent for the massive tax hike the Republicans just passed. He is proud of his vote and believes it makes him more Conservative than those that opposed raising taxes. He’s pretty twisted.

      But Stosch promised to go back to pretending to be Conservative if McAuliffe is elected. Apparently, Stosch only likes Republican tax hikes. And he makes a great case for divided houses and gridlock with his email:

      As Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, I have watched McAuliffe’s campaign with deeper and deeper concern.
      The broad proposals he has made for new spending are not rooted in the reality of the budget. The money does not exist for them to ever see the light of day. I can tell you for certain that the General Assembly will not raise taxes to pay for his proposed new spending, nor will it raid current education, public safety, health care and transportation funding to pay for his ideas. And, we will never raid Virginia’s Rainy Day Fund to pay for his irresponsible campaign promises.

      So how can we make Virginia more Conservative and stop tax hikes?

      By not having a Republican governor according to Stosch.

      And most of the polls have been showing a pretty even split for D’ and R’s for Sarvis. The pro drug crowd loves him. There is also a pretty sizable anti McAuliffe Democrat pool.

      Other polls show more Republican votes for Sarvis, but I don’t believe them. Sarvis is pro gay marriage and favors a lot of things Republicans simply cannot stand for. So take those polls with a grain of salt.

      At the end of the day McAuliffe will be the winner and he may be close to double digits. The Northern Va Democrats are too numerous to overcome and when you add in all the dead voters, pets and coma patients that will vote Democrat, it will be too much to overcome.

      We may disagree on the candidate, but this race was over months ago.
      Tom White recently posted…WHILE you are VOTING – DON’T FORGET JACKSON and OBENSHAIN too!My Profile

  8. Rob Miller says:

    Thanks fo rth ereply Tom.

    Well, some of this got through to uns lotus eaters in Lala Land,in between barbeques and dips in the pool…

    I am familiar with Cuccinelli’s screwup with Jonnie Williams. I would say that compared with McAuliffe’s record and what he will do to your state, that pales into insignificance.

    It also sounds like Cuccinelli been listening to ‘consultants’ and moving his message left a bit. It still doesn’t change the fact that a protest vote, however well deserved is a vote for McAuliffe. Reagan’s old dictum was that you vote for the most conservative candidate who can get elected. I would add that once he’s in, you then have the opportunity to hold his feet to the fire.

    You won’t have that with McAuliffe, given the changes to law and the voter fraud he and his machine will almost certainly institutionalize once they’re in.

    There’s no question that Cuccinelli will be better for the Old Dominion. I guess you have to decide if a protest vote, however justified is worth making Terry McAuliife governor and giving the RINO establishment more fuel to bash the Tea Party.

    Anyway, vote early and often 😉

    Best Regards,


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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