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US – IRAN Election Problems Similar

On the heels of the US election last November that have been fraught with accusations of voter fraud by organizations the likes of ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. The organization is under investigation in several areas for “irregularities”, such as registering the Dallas Cowboys in Las Vegas. In spite of the accusations and cloud of suspicion, the Obama Regime has rewarded Acorn with billions of dollars in taxpayer money and plans to use their services to help with the next census.

Ironically, many of the problems in Iraq mirror the events in the US. For example, Iran has their own Acorn. The Ayatollah Counting Organization of Religious Nuts. Taking a cue from their American cousins, these wild and crazy bearded guys (allegedly) hit the polls early and often to make sure their very own teleprompter in chief, Mahmoud Hussein Ahmadinejad (Last name spelled Ah -ma – Phlegm), remained the head nut on top the fruit salad.

Counting Ballots in Iran

Counting Ballots in Iran

Voting technology in Iran is quite a bit ahead the US. They do not use electronic counters, as they are not necessary. The photo to the left shows the amazing mental acuity of these amazing men. They do not need to unfold the ballot to know voters intent, unlike their US counterparts (right)

Counting Votes in the US

Counting Votes in the US

that have the ability to divine voter intent, but only under high magnification. In fact, these Ayatollah’s are so highly trained that millions of votes can be tallied in seconds. We could learn a few lessons in proper voting technique from Iran. Perhaps even an open Acorn exchange program.

On a related note, President Obama is currently seeking legal advice from the world court on the possibility of filing a law suit against Ah-man, as he is known in the White House. Seems O-man is upset that Ah-man may have misappropriated some of his slogans. Initially, Ah-man was campaigning using the slogan “Yes we can hurt you”. However, Ah-man has now changed the post election slogan to “Yes we did and there’s nothing you can do about it”.

Since winning the election, Ahmadinejad, like Obama has been working on getting his nationalized health plan enacted. Ahmadinejad has even referred to the growing numbers of protester deaths as his “Medical Plan Savings Initiative” emphasizing the cost savings made possible by the “protest reductions”.

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