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school photoAt last nights B.O.S work session Supervisor Hansen asked a simple question regarding the schools failing to pass S.O.L muster last year on Math and English as a second language .  Superintendent Dr. David White refused to answer Hansen’s specific question as to last year’s results, insisting on the V.D.O.E rule that allows for a 3 year average be used, ultimately resulting on Chair Moskalski banging the gavel and declaring the meeting “ in recess”.

The political machinations aside a more basic fundamental question needs asked,when did the public sector leave the world of reality , that accountability seems to no longer apply to the schools actual performance . If you are not meeting your objectives in the private sector you risk being passed over for promotion, being denied a pay raise and possibly the ultimate sanction—being fired. In the public sector, particularly the schools, a refusal to examine if taxpayers and parents are getting their money’s worth is a legitimate fair question that Hansen attempted to zero in on. My kudo’s to Hansen’s efforts to hold accountable a system that takes in over 25 million a year ( 10+ million from local taxpayers) and is failing to pass muster with standards set by V.D.O.E

No one holds Dr. White personally responsible for the poorly equipped parents who send off  poorly equipped children and expects the schools to offset the glaring deficiencies that these parents/students present. That is not Dr. White’s fault, and reasonable people understand that.

It is however relevant to recognize the famous adage of former President Harry Truman, who coined the phrase “ the buck stops here”  Someone needs to hold this school system accountable and Hansen at least is making the effort.  Pouring more money and pay raises on them when they are clearly failing their mission is deplorable, it should not be happening. I recall asking former Superintendent Dr. Mark Jones back in 2010 how many personnel had he fired since he had become Superintendent ? His response was a timid one, he had fired 1 teacher for showing an inappropriate video to her students that apparently caused a small uproar among some parents, and this teacher was let go.

In a system with 350-375 FT employee’s normal attrition would include an annual dismissal of some 2-3% of total employee count.  That would represent some 7-15 employees being terminated annually for cause, could be poor attendance, or poor performance.

In the public sector these norms are ignored, and accountability is void. Fire some folks Dr. White, maybe hold a special after school program and introduce the school systems employees to Harry S. Truman.  Hansen is to be commended for his efforts.

Bob Shannon  Founder King William T.E.A Party


  1. Gene Lefty says:

    Where is your article located about last weeks Tea Party meeting in KW, Bob?

  2. Bob Shannon

    Article forthcoming on above mentioned meeting of Thursday August 10 with Del Chris Peace and Del Keith Hodges who were invited to hopefully advance the effort to reform Virginia’s very restrictive statutes on Citizen Initiatives.

    I have had to take the time to listen to the audio taped minutes and glean the finer points made by the two Delegates in order to write something factually based and thorough. I try and write with some fair and balanced assessment on what their position is on this very important issue.

    Bob Shannon


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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