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Here is the Guardian’s second night of UK local election results.

Overall, UKIP won 163 seats, an increase of 128 council seats!

Lots of Farage Labourites!

Here’s a great newspaper cover today:

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Andrew Sparrow at the Guardian said this as his third point on the Labour voters that switched to UKIP:

Labour now fully realise that Ukip presents them with a serious electoral threat. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Robert Ford and Matthew Goodwin have written a very good book (which I keep plugging) making this very case. But it has taken a while for the message to get through.

And Sparrow asks this question:

None of the parties have a clue what to do about Ukip. Politicians from all the main parties have been saying much the same thing: that voters have sent them a message, and that they must listen. But there is no real agreement what the message is, or what they should do about it.

None of the parties CAN do anything about it because they are (largely but not completely) wedded to the EU system.  They can’t promise anything but perhaps a referendum on the EU – and only that if they are fairly sure if it will lose.

I’ll be back sometime later with more analysis!

More Farage Labourites:

From Matthew Goodwin:

None of the parties have a clue what to do about Ukip. Politicians from all the main parties have been saying much the same thing: that voters have sent them a message, and that they must listen. But there is no real agreement what the message is, or what they should do about it.


Ukip not a threat to Labour? Wake up. 2014 average shares: 19% in Lib Dem held wards, 20% in Con, 25% in Labour. From @RobFordMancs

Not sure I follow that last tweet but his thesis is Labour voters defected to UKIP – they became Farage Labourites.  Now if UKIP can keep them:  Come up with good solid local initiatives to show good government and show that Labour is another pro-EU nanny state big government party.

Let me tell Goodwin the message:  The EU is a threat to British sovereignty and its way of life.  Prisoners voting, terrorists cannot be deported, immigrants must be allowed in and treated like natives, numerous nick-picky regulations from Brussels such as water cannot be labelled to prevent dehydration and required carbon emissions limits, international arrest warrants issued by governments and judicial systems not comparable with the UK’s that British subjects might be tried in another EU country (Bulgaria?  Serbia?  Just for example only) perhaps and an illegitimate superempire that if not careful will drag the UK into another war that is unnecessary.   There are numerous other examples.

Some of my evidence about the anti-EU vote Thursday is:  The very poor showing of the LibDems except for their strongholds.  Here’s one example:

Lib Peck, a Labour leader in Lambeth says the LDs were wiped out:

is a Lib Dem free zone. Brilliant results coming out of

And Arif Ansari, a BBC political director in NW England says this result in Liverpool and Manchester:

The Lib Dems have lost all 6 seats they were defending in Liverpool. And have conceded all 9 in Manchester.

From the lunchtime review today at the Guardian:

The Lib Dems have already lost more than 130 seats and, according to the John Curtice, they may be heading for “their worst set of results yet this parliament”. He told the World at One just now that they were 13 points below their vote in the 2010 local elections, which suggests that they are heading for a projected national share of 13%.

The LibDems attempted to defend the EU through the Clegg-Farage debates.  The UKIP leader is generally seen as the winner of both debates.  (And he would have done better if he had adopted the Sanders thesis:  Say seven or eight immediate things about the UK that the EU is forcing us to do that we’ve rather not.)  So, it has got to be an analysis to say:  in 2014, defending the superempire is bad politics!

Be back later!

 More evidence of Farage Labourites:

In Plymouth (Yes, I presume this is the place the Pilgrims left from to seek liberty in America!  Now let’s hope this Plymouth will help bring liberty back to the UK!) the Press Association claims:

Ukip has gained three seats from Labour in Plymouth.

If Labour loses one more seat there will be no overall control of the council.

This is one of the best examples of the Farage Labourite vote:

Labour has won control of six councils so far, and gained more than 150 seats. But it’s also been losing seats to Ukip, and it is not clear that the result would deliver Labour a majority at the general election.

How can Labour lose seats to UKIP if the libertarian party if they aren’t winning Labour voters?  This is the biggest potential result of the

One more seat that UKIP should have gotten (from Arif Ansari):

The BNP has held its only council seat in the NW in Pendle.

But the BNP is finished in the UK.  Praise God!

One last thing before I go this evening:  the Republican Party in 1856 lost the election but showed strength.  In 1860 was a better result (although the GOP ran the wrong guy in ’60!)  So this is a transitional election.  If UKIP can adopt anti-EU policies along with lower taxes, more transparency and integrity in government, and bring the anti-EU issue to the average voter in areas other than immigration, they can win more Labour voters and Tory ones, too.

I want to thank all my encouraging emails and tweets from the UK on this issue.  We await the EU election results Sunday night.




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