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Democrats’ Fiscal Irresponsibility On Full Display This Week As They Vote Against Every Single Budget Plan

Discussing Democrats’ ducking of responsibility after refusing to vote for any budget offered on Wednesday, including President Obama’s, Commentary’s Alana Goodman writes, “The Senate unanimously rejected President Obama’s budget yesterday, two months after the president’s budget was voted down unanimously in the House. It’s an embarrassing testimony to both Obama’s leadership and the Senate majority leadership’s willingness to take the long-term deficit problems seriously, particularly during an election year, and Democrats are furiously swinging into spin control mode.”

At, Guy Benson argues Democrats’ excuses all fall short: “Harry Reid’s hand-picked Senate Parliamentarian has confirmed Republicans’ contention that the Senate has not fulfilled its basic budgetary obligations.  This is the 1,113th day in a row that this has been the case. . . . Budgets explicitly cannot be filibustered.  If Democrats introduced a budget, whipped their members, and called a vote, it would pass. . . . But that would require Democrats to put their long-term plans on paper, which they’ve been avoiding like the plague for entirely political reasons. . . . If Democrats want to label an up-or-down vote on a Democratic president’s budget a ‘gimmick,’ they’re welcome to do so.  In some ways, it’s an appropriate description, given the pitiful gimmicks upon which Obama’s budget relies — even to achieve the fraudulent ‘savings’ it claims. . . .  It would literally never balance.”

Goodman says, “The excuses are pretty flimsy, and Democrats are no doubt bracing for a public backlash. But clearly the party thinks they’re safer dealing with the fallout from rejecting Obama’s budget than being forced to defend his budget in the fall.”

The Washington Examiner editorializes today that of all the budgets offered on Wednesday “President Obama’s plan suffered the worst defeat — a unanimous 99 to 0. It was not the first such vote. Not only have Senate Democrats failed to pass a budget in over three years, but not a single Democratic senator has voted for any budget brought to the floor over that time period. In a meeting with The Washington Examiner’s editorial board on Thursday, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., offered a theory as to why this is so. ‘They don’t want to show you what their vision of government costs [is],’ he said.”

As Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said earlier this week, “Three years. It’s been three years since the Democrat-led Senate felt it needed to put a budget together, so the American people can see what their priorities are, and what they plan to do to fix this mess. Three years in which they’ve completely abdicated their responsibility as a majority party to show the American people what they stand for, to put their vision in black and white for all the world to see. The fact is, they don’t have one. As far as I can tell, their only plan is to take shots at our plans and hope nobody notices they not only don’t have one of their own. They’re so unserious they won’t even vote for a budget that was written by a President of their own party. It doesn’t get more irresponsible than that.”

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