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McConnell, WSJ, CNN’s Borger: Only Obama Still Clinging To Tax Hikes

Reacting to President Obama’s speech last night, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said on the floor this morning, “Last night the President explained to the nation the crisis that we face right now as he sees it. . . . Unfortunately, the situation the President described last night bears very little resemblance to the realities on the ground here in Washington right now.  I know the President would rather give speeches about our problems than resolve them. But he wasn’t elected to talk about the United States, he was elected to lead it. And in our system of government, that means working with people and a Congress that you sometimes disagree with.”


He continued, “Last night the President rejected not just the only proposal that has passed either house of Congress, he rejected the only plan the Democrats have proposed as well – a plan that would increase the debt limit without raising taxes. Just a few days ahead of a potential default, the President announced that he’s the only person in Washington still calling for a massive tax hike, even as his party has dropped their own demands for what we know will make the current unemployment situation even worse.”


Indeed, as Ed Morrissey notes, CNN’s Gloria Borger said last night, “What was interesting, also, is that the debate that we were having in Washington today seems to have moved beyond the tax increases—at least in the short-term—nobody today is talking about tax increases except Barack Obama, who still talked about that tonight in his speech.”


And The Wall Street Journal editors pointed out, “One irony is that Mr. Obama’s demands for tax increases have already been abandoned by Members of his own party in the Senate. Majority Leader Harry Reid knows that Democrats running for re-election next year don’t want to vote to raise taxes, so he’s fashioning a bill to raise the debt ceiling that includes only reductions in spending. But Mr. Obama never mentioned that rather large fact about Mr. Reid’s effort.”


Leader McConnell said, “In short, the President is now clinging to two things we all know Congress can’t support: a massive tax hike and the biggest debt-limit increase in history aimed, in his own words, at getting him past the next election. As Speaker Boehner said last night, that’s just not going to happen. There’s bipartisan opposition to it in Congress. So it was deeply irresponsible in my view for the President of the United States to present the American people with a false choice last night between tax hikes and default. The real choice is this: a bill that can get us past this moment of crisis, cuts Washington spending, and actually get through Congress, or one that can’t. Republicans have offered the only proposal that attempts to get at the root of the problem — and which actually has a chance of getting to the President’s desk.”


As he concluded, “The President can claim to be concerned about this impending crisis. But one question continues to linger above every press conference he’s called or every speech he’s delivered: where is his plan to resolve it? Republicans have proposed multiple plans that have support in both parties. It’s time for the President to put his electoral interests and preferences aside and do what’s needed. Americans are waiting for the President to do what they elected him to do: not to lecture, but to lead.”


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