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Obama Announcement Doesn’t Even Come Close To Fixing The Problems Of Obamacare

President Obama held a press conference today that was billed as announcing a “fix” for Americans who have lost their insurance because of Obamacare, despite the president’s repeated explicit promises of, “If you like your current plan, you will be able to keep it.”


But, as Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said, “President Obama’s announcement doesn’t even come close to fixing the problems that so many Americans are facing right now as a result of cancelled health care plans and skyrocketing premiums. But, it does represent the clearest acknowledgment yet that his oft-repeated pledge ‘if you like your plan, you can keep it’ was false all along. What makes this admission even worse is the fact that it was prompted not by the heartbreaking stories of millions of Americans, but by the private pleadings of a handful of endangered Democrats. Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the fact Obamacare is broken beyond repair. The only ‘fix’ is full repeal followed by step-by-step, patient-centered reforms that drive down costs and that Americans actually want.”


Indeed, it really appears that the president’s action today was motivated more by accounts of “simmering Democratic discontent” and “a brewing revolt among Democrats,” as one Democrat House member put it. But outside of Washington, ordinary Americans are being hurt by this law that Democrats wrote and the president signed. As Politico points out today, “There are nearly 5 million people who never considered logging on to the Obamacare website, but were blindslided by the cancellation notices they kept hearing the president say they didn’t have to worry about. These aren’t the people fighting it out in Washington, and most of them, at least for now, don’t seem interested in the president’s assurances that this will mean they’ll end up with better coverage, or the way the president’s tried to explain what happened. They’re looking at being uninsured unless they can navigate changes they‘d been told didn’t apply to them.”


Senate Republicans have been asking constituents for their stories about how Obamacare is affecting them and went to the Senate floor one after another this morning to share those stories. The Hill writes, “Thirty-four of the 45 Senate Republicans delivered a one-minute speech, reading personal stories from constituents about how ObamaCare is harming individuals, families and small businesses. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Republicans were trying to put a ‘human face’ on the failures of the healthcare law. ‘These are real Americans learning ObamaCare isn’t more affordable and isn’t more accessible,’ Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) said. Republicans criticized the law for raising premium prices and reducing workers’ hours because of mandates under the law. But the main criticism was that President Obama hasn’t kept his promise that if someone likes their current healthcare plan they can keep it. ‘“If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it,”’ Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said. ‘It’s a nice sound bite but it isn’t true.’ Republicans called for a full repeal of the law. ‘Repealing ObamaCare’s poorly crafted and misguided mandates and replacing the law … is the best path forward,’ Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said.”


In a hard-hitting editorial today, the USA Today editors expressed some of the frustration Americans are feeling: “[W]hen the White House isn’t cluelessly advising people whose health insurance policies are being canceled to go shop at its barely functional website, it’s acting as if there’s plenty of time for people to sign up because the open enrollment period doesn’t end until March 31. Tell that to millions of would-be enrollees who don’t have the luxury of waiting that long because their insurance expires at the end of this year. Administration troubleshooter Jeffrey Zients promised the website would be working smoothly for most users by the end of this month. Even if the exchanges begin to work well by then — a big if — that will leave people whose insurance policies run out at the end of the year little time to sign up for insurance that kicks in on New Year’s Day. The deadline for signing up for insurance that begins Jan. 1 is Dec. 15.” That’s “frightening,” the editors lament, because “the White House has next to no credibility left when it comes to promises about its website.”


Americans’ displeasure is showing up loud and clear in the polls. According to Gallup, “Americans’ views of the 2010 healthcare law have worsened in recent weeks, with 40% approving and 55% disapproving of it. For most of the past year, Americans have been divided on the law, usually tilting slightly toward disapproval. The now 15-percentage-point gap between disapproval and approval is the largest Gallup has measured in the past year. . . . Many insured Americans are now being dropped from their health plans, perhaps because the plans do not meet the minimum requirements for coverage mandated by the healthcare law. . . . The timing of this drop in approval of the law suggests it may be linked to the controversy over the millions of Americans losing their current health insurance coverage. In fact, in an open-ended question probing Americans’ reasons for approving or disapproving of the law, 11% of those who disapprove specifically mention losing their insurance. Another 7% say the president lied about details of the law.”


As Leader McConnell said yesterday, “One of the favorite pastimes of politicians in Washington is to talk about how frustrated the American people are with politicians in Washington. After the past few weeks, it’s easy to see why. I’m talking about the President’s promise — repeated dozens of times — that if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. And the sobering realization by millions of Americans that it just wasn’t true. Some of the top fact-checkers in the country have used terms like ‘Pants on Fire’ and ‘False’ and ‘Four Pinocchios’ to describe the claim that, under Obamacare, folks would be able to keep their plans. In a matter of weeks, it’s gone from being one of the law’s top selling points to a national punch line. And if millions of people weren’t so frustrated and upset by it, it might be funny. But it’s not the least bit funny. . . . And let’s be very clear about something: these insurance cancellations are no accident. It’s the way the law was designed. Remember: in order for Obamacare to work, millions of Americans had to lose the coverage they’d purchased on their own, so the government could dump them into the Obamacare exchanges. That way, the government could then get them to pay more to subsidize coverage for everybody else. . . . That’s why, in 2010, every Democrat who was in the Senate voted against a Republican proposal designed to hold the President to his word. The fact is, the President’s health care law was designed to capture millions of middle-class Americans, jack up their premiums, and use the extra cash to keep Obamacare afloat. This isn’t some unforeseen consequence of the law…it is the law. It’s working just like they designed it. Just like what they voted for. So it’s hard to take seriously the faux outrage we’ve seen of late from some of our Democrat friends.”

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About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

7 Responses to “Obama Announcement Doesn’t Even Come Close To Fixing The Problems Of Obamacare”

  1. Gene Lefty says:

    Tom, since you publicly announced your conversion to the Libertarian Party, by throwing your support behind them in last weeks election, what is the Libertarian Party HealthCare Plan?

    It is kinda funny that the Far Right Blog is now run by a Libertarian!

    • Tom White says:

      I am an Independent Conservative, Gene. I am not a Republican nor am I a Libertarian. And this is a Centrist Blog. I am a believer in the Constitution as the definition of center. And I am squarely 100% in sync with the Founders. To people like you, who are far left, I may seem far right. But I am right in the center.

      So far, the Republicans are the only ones that have actually put out a plan to address the spiraling cost of Health Care. Obamacare only attacks the Insurance Companies and fails to address medical costs. The Freeloader’s Obamacare plan has now failed. And I can happily say I told you so.

      And the truth is, as most Americans now have found out that Obamacare has made things worse. 5 million have now lost their healthcare and only 100K have signed up. And most of them didn’t actually buy a policy. They are too expensive because the Freeloading Party does not have a clue how Insurance works. But the truth is, the “Affordable” Care Act has now managed to raise costs for everyone and cause more people to be without health care insurance.

      We were better off before. More people were covered and at a much lower cost. Stupid Democrats. Can’t get out of their own way.

      Sadly, Republicans seem inclined to help Obama fix this mess. They need to let it go and fail on it’s own. And if they do anything, they should put out legislation that will help this pig fail. Letting people keep their old policies with less coverage than Obama thinks they should have will crush the Exchanges and force prices in the exchanges to skyrocket, spelling doom for this failed law.

      I say let it fail and hang the entire thing around Obama and Harry Reid’s neck. This abysmal failure that is the cornerstone of this failed presidency will cost a lot of Democrats their seats next year and pave the way for Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, the Centrist Republicans, to take over the Senate.

      And by the way, while I believe returning to the medical system we had before the Freeloader Democrats screwed it up is the best plan, here is the Republicans plan and it would actually keep the greatest medical care system on earth and reduce costs.

      And why would Libertarians need or want a Health Care Bill? It is unconstitutional for the Federal Government to get involved with healthcare details. That power was reserved for the states. Dictating coverages is far beyond any trade regulation.

      You should really read the Constitution Gene. And the Federalist Papers.

      And stop being a freeloader and do something to actually increase the GDP instead of leaching from it.

      I can remember when people still had honor and pride.

      Sadly, the Democrats have convinced some people that mooching off of others is OK. Well, it’s not. Those of us that are productive don’t mind helping others to a point, but when it is demanded, it ceases to be charity. Redistributing wealth brings everyone down with no hope of rising. And it discourages innovation.
      Tom White recently posted…This Weeks’ Watcher’s Council ResultsMy Profile

  2. Gene Lefty says:

    1) If the Republicans have a healthcare plan, then why have they not passed it in the Republican controlled US House, and sent it to the Senate? All that you did was post a link. It is nothing more. A link is not a healthcare plan my friend.

    Republicans have had three years to pass their own plan and have not because they do not have a plan. Their plan is no plan which is what they have passed. Anyone can post a link..

    2) You say that you are center? Well, why do you have a Blog titled Virginia Right? Also, nobody in the center would support the Tea Party or Far Right Communistic Senators that you mentioned.

    3) You say that you believe in our Constitution? But yet you support Candidates who do not. The buck stops with the SCOTUS, always has. Those who do not believe that yet say they believe in out Constitution are liars. The minute that SCOTUS loses authority is complete lawlessness and anarchy.

    4) Or, are you willing to concede ObamaCare is Constitutional. Does the buck stop with SCOTUS or not Tom? Put your pen where your mouth is my friend!

    5) I receive Zero aid from anyone or the Government. If one day I qualify, they may change.

    6) You are the one mooching off others. I bet that you are the one on government aid of some kind. When someone gets your age, their healthcare is subsidized by others, some familiar?

    • Tom White says:

      Gene –

      1. The Republicans have long advocated competition across state lines, tort reform, and various other ideas that would actually work to bring down the actual cost of care. They tried to put those ideas in the Obamacare bill but Pelosi and Reid refused to even consider any amendments. The Republicans tried to save the country from this but the Democrats would have none of it. Now they are paying the price. The Democrats lost the House because they passed this mess. But what good would passing a health care bill do? We first need to trash this Obamanation of the freeloader party. You can’t simply pass a bill to replace an existing law without repealing the law first. And they have voted something like 42 times to repeal the damn thing. Romney and others ran on the “repeal and replace” plan. Romney had a health care bill that was still awful and unconstitutional but was a lot better that what we have now.

      2. Gene – Right is the opposite of WRONG. When I first started this blog my slogan was (and still is) “News from the Right side of Virginia! If you’re not right, you’re wrong!” Here is a link to an archived copy from the web archive server. I am and always have been a centrist blog.

      3. Obamacare has not been declared constitutional. Only the individual mandate was upheld. The Medicaid expansion was held as unconstitutional And Obama argued that Obamacare would fail without the expansion. The entire law WAS NEVER deemed Constitutional. And it is not. And the score is tied at 1 to 1. There are several more challenges including:

      Coons v. Geithner is a challenge to Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), currently awaiting oral argument in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. – See more at:

      Another case, Sissel v. HHS, has been amended to reflect the Supreme Court’s ruling that the individual mandate penalty is a tax. This case is now challenging Obamacare’s legitimacy on Origination Clause grounds in appellate court in DC. Article I, Section 7, Clause 1 of the Constitution specifies that revenue-raising bills must originate in the House. Through some Congressional gimmickry, Obamacare essentially originated in the Senate. The Appellant’s opening brief is due October 24. – See more at:

      Another constitutional challenge relates to a rule issued by the IRS: State-based exchanges represent a major component of Obamacare, but 34 states chose not to establish an exchange and default to a federal exchange. Importantly, the law only provides that state-run exchanges receive federal subsidy money.

      The IRS sought to “fix” this provision by writing a rule funneling federal subsidies to non-establishing states. There are now four cases, Halbig v. Sebelius, Pruitt v. Sebelius, King v. IRS, and Indiana v. IRS challenging this IRS regulation.
      – See more at:

      And the recent wins by religious companies are also headed to SCOTUS.

      This is NOT over in the courts. My favorite and the one that could reverse the only portion Obama has won is the origination clause. You may not remember, but the House Bill was scrapped and Pelosi took the piece of excrement that Harry Reid shat and passed it in the House. This means that the bill unconstitutionally originated in the Senate. That was not seen as an issue then because ALL of the Democrats called the mandate a “fee” and denied it was a tax. But in the Supreme Court they argued it was a fee and that was shot down so then they called it a tax. It was unconstitutional as a fee so Democrats had to lie and pretend it was a fee to pass it – otherwise it would have failed – and then lie again and call it a tax before SCOTUS. But because Scott Brown was elected and Democrats no longer had a filibuster proof majority, Pelosi scrapped the House bill and took up the senate bill in the House. So the fee that is now a tax originated in the Senate – not the House as the Constitution requires.

      And now that the bill is a complete failure, I predict more of it will be found unconstitutional and the bill will be gutted because Democrats are incapable of thinking anything through.

      4. The Supreme Court can and does reverse itself. Here is a link to 10 cased where SCOTUS ruled one way and then reversed the decision later on.
      A Supreme Court decision can be temporary at best. And if Obama is able to appoint a liberal to replace a conservative on the court you will see your left wing freeloading friends bring settled case after settled case back to SCOTUS for a reversal. And if the court were to go the other way you would see Roe v Wade challenged. And we can also amend the Constitution to over rule SCOTUS. Like I said Gene. You and your lefty friends should read the Constitution because you have no idea how things really work listening to your hate filled MSNBC stooges.

      5. I know that is not true.

      6. I receive not one dime in aid from anyone. The company I work for is self-insured and they pay a portion of my premium as part of my compensation package. It is 100% private and the only participants work for the company. See, I was in a fix with my health insurance several years ago. Instead of whining to the government I carried COBRA and took several part time consulting jobs along with my insurance business to pay the bills. And as soon as the tech sector recovered after the Clinton recession of 2000 I sought out a company to work for that had the insurance I needed. And an interesting fact, the average age at my company is well over 50. We have two employees that have teens at home. The rest of us have grown kids. Most of the people that work here are older than I am. So the only one subsidizing my insurance is my company. What they do is set aside $1 million each year to pay claims and they have a stop loss carrier if it goes over that. I get nothing from the VA, Social Security, and I am not old enough to get property tax reductions yet. Now my wife gets a seniors discount when she shops at Roses on Tuesdays and I think my Kroger card gives me a discount there. So my shampoo and milk is 5% cheaper, so I guess that is some sort of subsidy. If I remember to use my discount card.

      Now I will take Social Security and Medicare when I retire, but I am paying into those and I doubt I will ever get back what was taken from me. The government does not do a good job of growing my money. In fact, they don’t grow it at all. Had I put my Social Security money into an individual account I probably could have retired years ago and devote all my time to exposing the ills of the Freeloader Party you love so much.
      Tom White recently posted…This Weeks’ Watcher’s Council ResultsMy Profile

  3. Dr. Don C. says:

    Mr. Lefty,

    You have made it VERY clear you hate the Republicans and love the Democrats. Is there anything in regards to the democrat platform that you disagree with? or is there anything the Democrats are doing or not doing well that you are concerned about?

    We need more people like Mr. White to call them like they see them regardless of party. Kudos to Mr. White, keep up the good work Tom!!

  4. Dave P. says:

    Dave P.Well, despite what the Zero said yesterday and the good Dr. Wheeler opined, on Fox News this morning they reported that Pubs are planning to push forward with a vote TODAY on rescuing the Dims from their folly. That caught me by surprise as I’d heard yesterday the Pubs were inclined to allow the Zero’s illegal change. I would urge you to call your rep and tell them the only vote you want is repeal. Don’t throw anyone in Congress (on either side) a lifeline for the next election. If ZeroCare is going to cause a crash and burn then let it do so now to minimize the overall pain on us by setting about abolishing more quickly. This is one of those things where if we reduce some pain now we’ll more than make up for it later, just like kicking the debt can down the road. As one insurance CEO pointed out, this is a logistical nightmare and huge expense for insurance companies to re-instate millions of policies on short notice, and any shortcoming in doing so will simply allow the Zero to blame everything on the insurance industry and Congress. DON’T GIVE THEM THIS OUT! REPEAL OR FOLLOW THE LAW AS WRITTEN!

    Dave P.

    Only the Pubs could be so stupid to blow such a huge opportunity by getting out of the way of the Dim’s suicide. Please forward to any and all.

  5. Gene Lefty says:

    1) Advocated ? That is about it. The R’s have not passed any legislation regarding their own healthcare plan in the House. Your paragraph is nothing but Limbaughlism, or, lies.

    2) ObamaCare is declared Constitutional until a court says it is not. The very existence of ObamaCare proves that. Besides, the guy that YOU helped make AG of Virginia, admitted that only the part HE was part of challenging to SCOTUS was not Constitutional. YOUR guy Cuccinnelli, only challenged one part, and he lost.
    The rest of the challenges you mention are just that, challenges!

    3) You do not seem to understand, or comprehend healthcare. Once a man or women reaches a certain age, with or without ObamaCare, the amount they pay for health insurance does not cover the cost. Not even close.

    In other words, if you take everyone over 50, take all the money they pay for health insurance, and co pays, the insurance companies, etc. , you are far short of the amount that it actually costs.

    You just cannot comprehend the math or something.
    Do you think the amount that you and your wife pay covers the actual cost of your medical bills ? No way. You say your employer covers your insurance, like it is free for them. Somebody is subsidizing it, in your case you say it is your employer. Most small businesses do not have a million a year left over, or a million is not enough.

    What about the projected 166 % increase in the cost of healthcare between 2009-2019? That my friend is the Republican plan.

    Suppose a manufacturing company had to put up a million a year for healthcare. How could they compete with the Chinese or any of the other 32 industrialized countries that have Universal healthcare? How they going to compete with a company where government subsidizes healthcare, and they do not have to put up a million a year? In addition to the cheap labor? How?

    Actually I feel sorry for you. I also feel sorry for myself, because I use to think like you. Evil is also the lack of wisdom.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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