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With More Bad News From Solyndra, Is It Fair For Americans To Pay More For Obama’s Failed Energy Policies?


Politico reports today, “Republicans are hoping to keep Solyndra alive this summer with a series of hearings and legislation to reform the Energy Department loan guarantee program. Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.), an Energy and Commerce subcommittee chairman, said a bill is being drafted, and he expects it could be on the House floor in July. ‘We’ve got an outline,’ Stearns told POLITICO. The intent is to ‘make sure the Department of Energy can’t give money out to companies where the marketing information is clear that it’s going to go bankrupt,’ he said. This includes ‘better tools of management and accountability.’ Stearns wants to add punitive measures to the 2005 Energy Policy Act, which Republicans say the Obama administration violated when it restructured the $535 million Solyndra loan guarantee. ‘Right now, it’s not clear. So a lot of people say, “Well, even if we broke the law, the administration will say, ‘So what, there’s no punishment.’” So we want to tighten that up.’


“To that end, Stearns is planning three additional hearings. The first hearing could come in late May or early June and involve administration officials from the White House Office of Management and Budget and the Energy and Treasury departments, he said. A second hearing would follow shortly and would include the committee’s final report on Solyndra. A third hearing, he said, would probably be held on the legislation being drafted. Stearns said the Republicans are taking a skeptical look at the administration’s job creation numbers. ‘We’re also looking at the impact of all these loan guarantees and what jobs they created,’ Stearns said. ‘We found that a number of jobs created by these have been negligible for the amount of money, and we want to make the point that this green energy has not produced the jobs that the president has continued to talk about.’”


Meanwhile, according to CBS San Francisco, “Three months ago, CBS 5 caught Solyndra tossing millions of dollars worth of brand new glass tubes used to make solar panels. Now the bankrupt solar firm, once touted as a symbol of green technology, may be trying to abandon toxic waste. . . . Solyndra leased a building on California Circle for the final assembly of its solar panels. But the cleanup at the leased building in Milpitas is in limbo, because Solyndra doesn’t want to pay. CBS 5 found the building locked up, with no one around. At the back, a hazardous storage area was found. There were discarded buckets half filled with liquids and barrels labeled ‘hazardous waste.’ . . . “Essentially it looks like they left a pretty big mess behind,” San Jose State Assistant Professor Dustin Mulvaney told CBS 5. Mulvaney has written a white paper on solar industry waste for the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition. Looking at CBS 5’s video, Mulvaney said it’s hard to tell how much hazardous waste is at the Milpitas facility. But he said one thing is for sure. ‘Materials labeled hazardous waste require a lot more protocol, so it’s actually a lot more expensive to clean,’ Mulvaney said. ‘It’s very sad looking at this facility taken apart like this, because a lot of money went into building this.’”


And despite the Solyndra mess President Obama is still going around the country touting his administration’s spending on the type of programs that led to this $500 million debacle. He’s been demanding “fairness,” embodied in tax hikes like the Buffett Tax and a new tax on American energy producers, so he and fellow Democrats can spend ever more taxpayer money on “investments” like Solyndra and other bankrupt “green energy” companies. Yet he still refuses to approve the Keystone XL pipeline or other commonsense energy policies that could lower energy prices.


As Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has said, “That’s this President’s notion of fairness: that struggling Americans pay more at the pump while their tax dollars go to prop up solar companies like Solyndra and the executives who run them into the ground. Well, I don’t think it’s particularly fair for people who are out there trying to scrape a living together to subsidize bonuses for folks who wouldn’t even have a business card without a taxpayer hand-out. But that’s the economy this President wants. That’s what his policies lead to. That’s his vision. So in my view, reversing this President’s wrong-headed energy policies is the silver bullet.”

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