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Senator Cory Booker says “National License for all Gun Owners.”

Even other states come right and exact. It ain’t where your from, it’s where you at. Since you came here you have to show and prove……”

Eric B. & Rakim I Know You Got Soul Paid In Full 1987.

Virginia Right is my media home. It demonstrates politically that I am a thinking  individual. Politically it is where I am “at” as the God Emcee Rakim advises. And I am about to “show and prove”.

Recently, I was able to catch wind and read an article on Facebook concerning Senator Cory Booker Democrat from New Jersey. Article entitled, ” Cory Booker: National License for all gun owners”.

Sounds great for all my people on the left right?! Wrong! National gun license?! You mean fancy headline for “registry”.

Senator Booker advised that some interview and safety training is the key component of this national plan. Hmmm. The Junior Senator from New Jersey wanting to get involved with the second amendment conversation. From a state which is not very friendly to Americans who want to exercise their second amendment rights. So, I started to conduct some preliminary research on Mr. Booker. 

During Senator Booker mayorality of the City of Newark I was able to research some positive, heartwarming political perspectives in his career. Accordingly to Wikipedia while Mayor Booker was at the helm of the City of Newark:
1. Crime decreased. In March of 2010, Newark had the first murder free month in 44 years.
2. Doubled affordable housing.
3. Reduced City Budget Deficit from $180 million to $73 million.
4. Reduction in Salary of City Management: Mayor Booker reduced his salary as well as the salaries of managers and directors by 2% and provided other City workers with pay increases.

Communication with Constituents:
1. Twitter 12/28/2010 a frustrated constituent used social media to ask if someone could be sent to shovel her elderly father’s driveway. Booker’s response “I will do it myself; where does he live. Shortly thereafter Mayor Booker and 20 volunteers got the job done together. *****I wish we could get that done in Washington.
2. 10/2012 following Hurricane Sandy, Mayor Booker invited Newarkers without power to eat and sleep at his home.
3. 12/2012 following discussions with a constituent about the Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP) Mayor Booker began a week-long challenge attempting to live on a $30.00 a week budget.

All heartwarming things about then Newark Mayor Cory Booker. Now let us delve into his perspective on the topic of the second amendment.

Senator Cory Booker is calling for:
-Universal Background Checks.
-Reinstitution of the ban on assault weapons.
-Ban on high capacity magazines.
-Modernazation of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
Senator Booker advised in the article that “gun violence is an issue close to him.”

In my research I noticed that Senator Booker quoted the Gifford Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence as well as Everytown for Gun Safety (which comes up as I Google Mayors Against Illegal Guns). Information advising that 13 states as well as the Distict of Columbia have enacted some form of licensing and permit rules before people can purchase firearms.

Nothing in my research advised me that Senator Booker or any of his anti gun supporting groups spoke to any pro gun organizations or any responsible gun owners.

Universal Background Check: How would this prevent “illegal gun use” if criminals do not follow the rule of law? Currently, gun buyers walk into a gun store and when they have made a decision to purchase you complete paperwork to complete a background check administered by the State Police using the NCIS system.

How does the ban on assault weapons protect us from gun violence? Assault weapons are illegal without permission from the ATFE. No body is walking around with these weapons. People do have semi automatic hand guns and rifles. They all work basically the same and require one trigger pull per round.

How would the ban on high capacity magizines prevent death or injury from “illegal guns”? I am a legal gun owner with four magizines which each hold 15 rounds. I carry three for work. One magizine in my duty pistol with one in the chamber as well as two spare magizines.
I was able to find a video online made by the Indiana State Police and the National Rifle Association. It demonstrated use of different magizines shooting. An Indiana Sheriff’s Deputy and a civilian completed an exercise. Both shot 30 rounds from a semi automatic handgun: two 15 round magizines, three 10 round magizines and five 6 round magizines. Please find the results as follows:

Law Enforcement vs. Civilian
Two 15 round: 20.64 seconds / 22.90 a difference of 2.26 seconds.
Three 10 round: 18.05 seconds / 25.51 a difference of 7.46 seconds.
Five 6 round: 21.45 seconds / 26.93 a difference of 5.48 seconds.

In addition they allowed a runner the attempt to run and tackle the shooters. Each runner had to travel 25 feet. The runner only travelled 9 feet during the re load. This exercise clearly demonstrates that magizine restrictions are not going to make a difference in a shooting situation.
How would Senator Booker want to “modernize” the ATFE? At whose expense would this “modernization” take place?

One of the most powerful quotes that I found from Booker was from 2010 when he was still Mayor of Newark. Mayor Booker said, “a united government was crucial to progress”.

But, in order for the government to be close to united that would mean the two opposing sides would need to sit down and have a meaningful conversation. With such a polarized Washington DC, I really do not see that happening. 
Going back to the Statement of Principle from the Mayors Against Illegal Guns group every mayor signs it says in part that the participating mayors will, “do everything we can to protect our residents from the threat of gun violence…..”
Would not a great way of doing this be allowing the residents of your city the opportunity to defend themselves by being able to exercise their second amendment rights?

Going on they also advise, “We want to close the loopholes that allow criminals and other dangerous people to buy guns without a background check.”

Even if I purchase a firearm online, it will still need to be shipped to a store and before In would be able to pick up my new firearm, I would be required to undergo a background check.
Criminals do not follow and will not follow the law. 

Senator Cory Booker for President of the United States?! No, I am not yet convinced. The united government quote is powerful. Problem is I do not see any attempt at unity while the Democrats are working on impeaching the President Trump as well as not having a healthy two way dialogue with the pro second amendment supporters in the US.

Frankly, I am concerned about the fact that Senator Booker seems to have all but forgotten this all powerful quote from his Mayorality concerning united government. Maybe that is the reason the United States is stuck in place and not making the crucial progress that it should be making. I will make it a point to reach out to Senator Booker’s Presidential campaign to see if I would be granted an interview.

About Corey Fauconier

Corey “Sage” Fauconier is a native of Cambria Heights, Queens, New York who currently resides in Chesterfield County, Virginia. He is a graduate of Hampton University with a degree in Political Science (1994) and a Paralegal Studies Certificate (1996). Former Libertarian Candidate for Virginia State Senate (2017). First Black Communications Chair of the Libertarian Party (2016), Lobby Day Leader for the Virginia Citizens Defense League, second amendment supporter, volunteer with Generation Hip Hop VA and host of independent podcast Talks Over Drinks in Richmond, Virginia.

5 Responses to “Senator Cory Booker says “National License for all Gun Owners.””

  1. Bob Shannon

    Gun violence root cause starts with the breakdown of the family. Young men without strong fathers find fathers in false places and end up finding recognition from the wrong place.

    Most guns used in violent acts are bought from the underground market, or stolen where registration will do no good whatsoever. The media plays up violent acts where a gun was legally purchased while ignoring facts and data that doesn’t comport with their narrative . Registration will ultimately lead to CONFISCATION. Booker needs to spend some time learning from the history of cultures and nations where only authorities are armed. Admirable as his acts have been on a personal level most reasonable Patriots shudder at the thought of this guy as President.
    Bob Shannon King William

    • JP says:

      Booker is not a candidate for president at this time, only in his own mind. Not worth replying to his rhetoric. Trump, Hillary, created the type of unqualified liars we now have running for el presidente. Promise everything, everywhere, anytime, till elected. Then deliver nothing.

      Why waste your time, Bob?

      Meanwhile, Democratic Congress members Rob “ The Big Spender” Wittman, Scott, Luria, now sing in the same band. The name of that band is the “The Kumbaya Singers”. They recently did a photo op on the newest aircraft carrier, USS Gerald R. Ford.

      Calling it an aircraft carrier is a lie unto its self since it doesn’t carry aircraft. You see, the Gerald R. Ford is just like congress. Completely dysfunctional and over budget, Being now moored in dry dock with major nuclear reactor problems, catapult problems, aircraft arrester problems, power system problems, radar problems, and much, much more.

      Please Bob, join me in my attempt to rename the USS Gerald R. Ford, the USS Congress. Let’s call it the first of the “Congress” class carriers. A name that really fits.

  2. Bob Shannon

    Ironic name for the carrier , most people are not aware of this but the short time Gerald Ford served as President Ford vetoed some 160 spending bills, a record that stands till this day Hardly worthy of getting lumped into this crowd of miscreants

    Bob Shannon

  3. JP says:

    Nobody has any skin in the game other than the taxpayer. It would seem that we are moving backwards and can no longer build an aircraft carrier that works. However, the most expensive weapons system in the history of the world, the F-35, proved that if you throw enough money at anything, and also get Israel to bale our ass out technically, anything can be made to work eventually. Most people do not realize how much technical help we got from Israel on the troublesome F-35. Nor do they realize what Israel got/gets in return. If the F-35 is sooooo good, then why didn’t Israel want it? Basically Israel had to be arm twisted into taking them, then had to fix their problems to make them acceptable. And then there is the 5000 F-35 related jobs we sent to Israel. Why does the pentagon want about 80 more souped up F-15’s if the F-35 is what they say? . It’s all a corrupt pile of BS.

  4. Mr. Nobody says:


    Here is what Alabama politicians really passed. They passed a con job on the Republican base to get re-elected, and keep the cash coming in. The anti-abortion bill that they passed is intentionally designed and written so SCOTUS will reject it. If SCOTUS even agrees to take it up if the lower court rejects it. That’s right. REJECT!, By doing so the PAC and campaign cash will continue to come in, the voters will pat the politicians on the back by voting for them again come November. Everybody either gets something, or, in the case of the brain dead party base, at least thinks they got something.

    It’s all one big political con job on the party base. Sorta gotta feel sorry for them.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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