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Senator Tommy Norment visits King William TEA Party by Bob Shannon

Senator  Norment  believes  in  political  compromise.  Sounds  good  in  theory  but  how  has  it  actually  worked  out  ? The  Senator  has  served  now  for  over  2  decades  and  from  1999-2008  Virginia’s  budget  doubled.  Principles  matter,  and  politicians  have  compromised  us  into  a  debt  corner,  both  at  the  State  and  Federal  level.  Why  does  compromise  always  end  in  bigger  government,  higher  taxes  and  more  spending  ?  Republican  progressives  use  this  word  within  a  context  that  doesn’t  address  why  the  other  side  never  compromises.

Reluctantly  Senator  Norment  agrees  that  Medicaid  co-pays  and  cost  sharing  must  be  addressed  if  meaningful  reform  is  to  be  achieved.  Utilization  is  at the  heart  of  the  programs  runaway  costs,  along  with  fraud  that  audits  have  uncovered  in  a  number  of  other  States.  Eligibility  requirements  must  be  toughened  along  with  sanctions  that  permanently  remove  a  recipients  eligibility  when  they  are  caught  committing  fraud.  Cheat  your  fellow  citizens,  you’re  on  your  own.  Doctors  and  hospitals  always  treated  the  indigent,  it  was  bad  legislation  legally  forcing  them  to  do  so.  Repeal  the  legislation.

He  does  not  support  Referendum  reform,  taking  instead  the  apparent  position that  citizens  are  not  as  smart  as  the  folks  in  Richmond .  Puzzling  given  the  number  of  laws  coming  out  of  the  G.A  that  could  be  cited  as  examples  for  why  we  need  Referendum  reform  now  more  than  ever.  He  could  not  explain  for  example  why  it  is  that  the  15  States  with  term  limits  all  of  which  were  passed  by  Citizen  Referendums,  and  why  not  1  single  state  requiring  that  term  limits  be  passed  by  the  legislatures,  not  even  1  has  done  so.  The  evidence  is  overwhelming  that  Virginia  needs  Referendum  reform,  the  sooner  the  better.

In  Virginia ,  217%  college  tuition  inflation  over  20  years, outpacing  Medical  inflation,  energy  and  CPI  by  wide  margins,  all  the  Senator  could  offer  in  defense  of  his  support  for  more  money  to  Higher  Education  was  to  partially  blame  the  cuts  during  George  Allen’s  tenure  as  a  root  cause ?  Subsidizing  anything  lends  to  just  the  opposite  effect.  Whether  it  be  a  commodity  like  sugar,  who’s  price  would  plummet  absent  the  generous  subsidies  ,  or  Lasik  eye  surgery  ( dropping  from  $15,000  to  $350-$400  an  eye ) government  funding,  in  all  forms  only  distorts  market  forces  that  would  lead  to  dramatic  declines  in  college  costs.  Lasik  eye  surgery  was  never  covered  by  Health  insurance, Medicare  or  Medicaid–look  what  happened.  Yes,  market  based  reforms  would  indeed  close  quite  a  few  schools,  but  there  are  no  shortcuts  to  fixing  this  without  market  based  reforms.  A  very  good  $5  Pizza  would  be  a  lousy  $25  Pizza  in  a  government  based  Pizza industry.  Higher  Education  billed  as  the  ticket  to  a  prosperous  nation  and  it’s  citizenry  is  now  the  3rd  most  powerful  lobby  and  both  political  parties  feed  the  beast—or  else.

” I  am  a  prolific  fund  raiser”  the  Senator  stated  as  if  it were  a  badge  of  honor .  Voters  need  only  ask  why  any  legislator  receives  such  generosity  from  anyone ?.  What  do  those  donors  get  in  return  for  writing  those  checks  ?  Ask  why  a  Wall St.  Investment  bank  is  willing  to  pay  millions  for  a  former  Congressman ?  Is  it  his/her  Investment  acumen  they  are  buying  ?  If  so  we  sure  could  have  used  them  putting  that  skill  set  to  work  during  their  tenure  in  Congress  when  the  National  debt  soared.  No, we  all  know  it  is  about  access,  and  Dr.  Laura  Ingraham  when  she  was  in  Richmond  in  June  made  it  crystal  clear  when  she  coined  the  phrase  ”  donor  class”.  Career  politicians  serve  those  that  serve  them.

So  long  as  citizens  continue  to  elect  politicians  like  Senator  Norment  things  will  continue  towards  the  inevitable  end,  a  nation  and  state  mired  in  debt  and  continued  economic decline.

Bob  Shannon  King  William

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

5 Responses to “Senator Tommy Norment visits King William TEA Party by Bob Shannon”

  1. Steveno Brodie Tucker

    We need a Republican Party that stands up for free markets, individualism, and Constitutional Government, or we don’t need them at all.

  2. Gene Lefty says:

    “Doctors and hospitals always treated the indigent, it was bad legislation legally forcing them to do so. Repeal the legislation.”

    If doctors and hospitals always treated the indigent, then what difference does the legislation make? If they were already doing something, why did the GA pass legislation to make them do what they were already doing? Save this kind of crap for the base. Just who is it who thinks somebody else is stupid?

    Bob, you are terrified that someone might get a cheeseburger and cup of coffee on your nickel.

    Why didn’t you ask Safari Sen. Norment how many hours he lectures at W&M for that $60,000 a year?

    Why didn’t you ask Safari Sen. Norment about the near $11 Billion increase in the current budget?

    Being a prophetic fundraiser is a badge of honor in either party. You see, the way the game is played you need a Ton of money to throw lies and distortions at each other in the news media at election time.

    How many veterans have been hired as assistants by the members of the Virginia GA?

    What rules did the Tea Party agree to for him to appear? Besides muzzling me?

    On another note. Today, I believe I saw a Mitt Romney who cannot wait to get back on the campaign trail for President. Did you?

    Three things a Romney White House would do? Wipe out the middle-class, end the Tea Party, start as many more wars as possible.

  3. Bob Shannon

    For the record the only agreement the KWTP had with Senator Norment was the same one we have for any/all elected officials or candidates. They may not take more than 4-5 minutes for their Bio and background so as much time as possible is allotted for Q & A. I doubt anyone would say he got kid glove treatment.

    As for ” muzzling you” that is a joke. Anyone in the room saw your interrupting others without any regard that everyone has a right to ask a question. Normal courtesy requires no one person be permitted to dominate the discussion. You forget that at times.

    Any number of questions didn’t get asked because of the limited time 50 minutes. We literally could keep someone there all night but that isn’t realistic.

    To the issue of repealing legislation forcing medical providers to treat anyone walking in , it goes to the issue of what it adds to the cost, primarily in the area of liability insurance. When anything is perceived as “free” it gets wasted. My point was when someone was legitimately sick they got treatment. We didn’t have people dying in the streets as some would suggest. I won’t deny that money always allows for one person getting better treatment than someone without comparable resources. That is no different in the nations that have your vaunted universal health care either. The rich and others will always have that advantage regardless.

    I believe most reading my post would say I addressed the issue of career politicians on “easy street”. Norments “safari” you mention but I seem to recall ( and I am supportive of a outright ban on all gifts/trips/tickets etc ) former Governor and now U.S. Senator Kaine taking a expensive Carribean vacation a few years ago that was reported after the fact when the McDonnell fiasco was unfolding. Both parties politicians do this stuff, and have done it for longer than we care to recall. The question is ” when is it ever a good idea for elected officials to take any kind of gratuity” under any circumstances.
    I think on that point you and I would agree.
    Bob Shannon

  4. Gene Lefty says:

    Just for the record, I submitted a list of questions in advance to Norment’s office? I called the Senators office and asked if it would be okay if I submitted a list of questions in advance and was told yes it would be, and I was told which email address to use. I did not get any answers to those questions in the meeting, and I have received no reply, or any answers to any of my questions by email since. I can forward that e mail to you if you would like.

    In regards to your reply about repealing legislation on treating the indigent. Why weren’t you working just as hard to end the $85 Billion a month in QE going to Wall St.? Quit picking on the poor and middle-class Bob.

    Speaking of Sen. Kaine, one wonders if he would have gotten the same ass kissing show as Norment did?

    Whenever a Republican gets caught with their hand in the tax payer cookie jar, their allies rally to their defense by saying some Democrat used to do it also? This is all any Republican seems to think is required to make whatever dirty deed they got caught at righteous????

    And another thing Bob, do you or any of your family, or any of your relatives, profit in anyway from the healthcare industry? Jobs? Why not let’s start finding out who stands to lose financially from Obamacare?

    Just remember Bob, in Canada a quality college education cost 25% of what it cost in the United States. In Canada quality health care is available and affordable. And, of the 33 civilized/industrialized countries in the world, the only one that does not have universal healthcare is the United States. And that includes Switzerland.

    Why aren’t Canadian doctors immigrating to the United States in droves Bob? I think it’s actually the other way around, there are more American doctors immigrating to Canada?

    What is the tea party solution to having those things available in the United States?


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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