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SHAME on QUINNIPIAC POLL for LEAVING out SARVIS! Interesting VIDEO from DC station; think about TEN PERCENT today…

In our continuing coverage of the Libertarians in Virginia, we have a third poll:  Quinnipiac College in Connecticut.  Great college, Quinnipiac but terrible poll.  They left out Robert Sarvis the Libertarian!  Shame on them.  Sarvis is on the ballot in the Commonwealth.

But it does tend to show that Sarvis has genuine support as only one percent said they vote for an unspecified other candidate.

There is a great video from a DC television station featuring Sarvis.  Here it is.  Sarvis stakes out traditional libertarian positions such as legalization of marijuana, cutting taxes and size of government and repealing restrictive regulations on abortion clinics.  (I know I don’t agree with that!)  Sarvis also advocates gay marriage in Virginia.   (Here’s my position on that.)

One highlight:

This libertarian [Sarvis] also has a radical plan for education in Virginia; Sarvis calls it “universal school choice,” which would give money to families for educational spending on public, private, or religious schools. Sarvis believes his plan would “[create] more competition; it puts parents in charge of the money being spent on their children, and it’s going to produce better outcomes.”

I would like to hear homeschooling added to that idea but a statewide voucher system is a good start.  Come out and see Robert Sarvis at Mechanicsville Tea Party August 1 and King William Tea Party August 8 (I plan Lord willing to be there 8/8).

I am researching more on the question:  What percentage of the vote does Robert Sarvis need to make the Libertarians a political party as defined by Virginia election law.  I think the answer is:  TEN PERCENT.  If I am right, and I need to further research it, if Robert Sarvis reaches ten percent of the vote, for at least the next four years, the LP will not have to get signatures for ballot access (even in local races!) except maybe for President if there were a Libertarian primary.  That would be a major victory for the Libertarians.

If a local LP candidate wants time on the blog – let me know.  Saturday, weather permitting, there will be a Sarvis signwaving at the AP Hill statute on Laburnum Avenue and Hermitage Road and at the Stonewall Jackson statute on Monument Avenue.  That is 3 to 6.  Here’s an RSVP.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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