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Shannon endorses Cliff Hyra for Governor

  Bob Shannon, Founder of the Mechanicsville & King William TEA Party groups and long time local activist makes this personal endorsement that is his and his alone. This endorsement is not an endorsement of either of the two groups he founded.

The late Jerry Lund who had a local radio talk show on WRVA was a mentor of sorts when it came to my forming of political thought. Jerry had an often repeated line where he would challenge listeners to be “intellectually honest”. I can today smile thinking back to the nights when I would be listening to his program, knowing at almost the precise moment when Jerry was going to unload that challenge to a particular caller who was inclined to make excuses for one political party or the other, or sometimes a specific politician. You simply were not going to get away with it on Jerry’s show. Jerry had the intellectual chops, but more importantly he had integrity that was his hallmark personality trait.

The contest for Virginia’s next Governor moved me to drill down and consider precisely why I think Cliff Hyra is a superior candidate. In the course of doing so I find myself thinking a great deal about the common phrase I use to describe the two major political parties,…… “ two heads of the same snake”. Frequently I observe people shaking their heads up & down in agreement.  A quiet slow recognition is building across the nation that neither of the two major parties are willing to address the major problems confronting our localities ,state or nation. Kicking the can down the road —ought to be both of the parties motto.

On a recent occasion I quietly contemplated two local elected officials, one a local Supervisor, and proud democrat progressive, the other, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates who touts his conservative credentials every election cycle. I made a list of about 8-10 issues and went back through their votes and public claims only to find on each one of these issues they were almost identical in their support for expansion of these programs, more funding and support of tax dollars for a variety of economic development projects . Both support higher spending on Education, K-12 and College. Political slogans and campaign promises aside, both of these men govern and advocate for bigger government and more spending, regardless of what they say around election time. The very same dynamic is occurring in the Governor’s race.

The test I use for whether or not I’ll support a candidate today comes down to the 3 I’s, Intellect—Integrity—Independence. Hyra attended and spoke at one of the King William TEA Party meetings back in late April. Anyone who has attended the Candidate Debates we hold here, anyone who has attended one of our meetings when we have had elected officials and candidates speak to our group know how thoroughly we vet these folks. It isn’t the typical campaign stump speeches or allowing them to come in and run out the clock that they are infamous for doing, often times never answering a single question with any degree of depth. We grill them and get to the heart of the issues with a high degree at determining just what this guy or gal really believe on the issues. Hyra passed in my view with flying colors. It might also explain yet again this cycle why the two major party candidates didn’t want Hyra on the same stage with them.

You can change the mind of an honest man, but you can’t persuade or change the heart of a man who has sold his soul to the money changers or the political bosses in the parties establishment that are quietly running the show behind the scenes. They can spout campaign slogans and platitudes verbatim, they roll off their silver tongues like butter. Yet when elected as we have seen the last 10 years they immediately fall in line with their masters and do their bidding, no matter what they said on the campaign trail.

So my challenge to each of you who read this and know me is this. Examine as you walk into a voting booth in a few weeks your own conscience and just ask yourself the question Jerry use to ask his listeners……are you being intellectually honest in your vote ?  Do you like so many continue to see elections as some sort of athletic contest, we gotta win, or has your political reasoning matured to a point where truth matters ?

For conservatives who in their heart know the difference and want to send the two headed snake a clear and unambiguous message, cast a ballot for Cliff Hyra on November 7th. Somewhere on a golf course in Heaven , Jerry will smile down on you.

Bob Shannon            Founder  Mechanicsville & King William T.E.A  Party groups

2 Responses to “Shannon endorses Cliff Hyra for Governor”

  1. Lawrence Wood says:

    I commend your effort to use your vote, as well as your recommendation that others do so also, based on a candidate’s policy voting record NOT their policy preaching at re-election time. With political newcomers like Cliff Hyra you always assume some risk due to a lack of political history but for incumbents the record is there requiring little real effort to map the political rhetoric to the policy votes and positions that have actually been supported on their constituents behalf. Virginia today is full of political operatives that use the conservative label as a vote collecting marketing tool and for little else. The state’s voter needs to place aside the existing political environment, they need to forget about the party team jerseys and simply vote for the individual that best fits the three criteria you outlined “Intellect—Integrity—Independence”. This is the best one can hope for in an elected official stripped to the bare essentials.

  2. John Carey says:

    Thank you Bob Shannon for the wise words! BTW, for how long was Jerry Lund on the air in Richmond?


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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