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I did not know US political advisers were being hired by the British political parties to assist them with the election.  Where do I sign up?  I can work at odd hours when I am home and can be reached at work most days.  Tell the people answering the phone to ask for Sandy!

Here’s the story about David Axelrod being HIRED by Labour to help them win in 2015:

David Axelrod will play a key role in Labour’s general election campaign as a Senior Strategic Adviser, the party can announce today.

The strategist who masterminded Barack Obama’s back-to-back presidential victories in 2008 and 2012 has agreed to work with Labour to get Ed Miliband elected as Prime Minister in 2015.

His new role is the culmination of several months’  effort led by Douglas Alexander, Labour’s Chair of General Election Strategy, to secure the services of Mr Axelrod and the firm, AKPD, until the General Election in May next year.

I hear from another source that the pay is pretty sizable:

The deal was finalised last week [early April] by Douglas Alexander, the Labour election co-ordinator, and involved what is being described as a six-figure sum to pay for the services of Axelrod and the firm, AKPD, until the general election in May next year.

And the campaign will be personal destruction and the politics of envy it seems:

The similarity of argument suggests that Axelrod’s arrival will reinforce Labour’s existing strategy, rather than change it. He also hinted that he was willing to attack the Tories as the party of the elite in the same way as he unbalanced the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, in 2012.

“The Conservatives are going to be hard put to say they are in touch with the experience of everyday people. They have a philosophy that is warmly received in the circles in which they travel. That is if the people at the top prosper, if the powerful people at the top, the bankers and others prosper, the whole country will prosper, and that is an attitude that is ingrained,” Axelrod said.

Labour can do better and it will have to considering all the Farage Labourites that are moving to UKIP!  I am not sure Axelrod is the genius some say.  But reputation is 90% of the truth in many cases. Try this:

David Axelrod guided the president’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012, and British Labour Party leader Ed Milibrand wanted some of that magic for his country’s parliamentary elections. So Alexrod was in London to discuss strategy and messaging with Labour members.

But he could have used a lesson in messaging before he sent out a tweet that misspelled Milibrand’s name, using 2 Ls instead of the one, and linked followers to the wrong Twitter feed: a satirical account that ridicules his client.

He quickly corrected the mistake, but the Conservative Party, Labour’s main rival, immediately made fun of Axelrod’s typo.

I think the Axelrod hire shows Labour’s true colo(u)rs – a social democratic nanny-state party.  Labour CAN do better.

If Labour can do better, so can UKIP.  Here’s some free advice!

1.  Can the immigration issue OR say it like this in EVERY interview:  The issue of immigration is one of sovereignty and the question is:  Will the EU impoverish the rich nations who have worked hard in order to help the poor nations and make all of them “equal”?

2.  Let’s reacquaint the British people with some of their historic hero(ines):  Magna Carta, trial by jury, the Glorious Revolution of 1688, the great parliamentarians such as Disraeli, Gladstone, Churchill, Lloyd George, Lord Nelson, Dunkirk – anything else that shows how special a sovereign England and Britain is and what it brought to the world.  Ask the British voter:  Who would Lord Nelson vote for?  The Duke of Wellington?  Sir Winston Churchill?  Disraeli or Gladstone?  William Wilberforce?  Cromwell?  Robin Hood, even?  Or King Arthur?  The Marines who took back the Falklands in 1982!

3.  I would combine that with the EU outrage of the week:  Let’s start with prisoners voting.  The $30 million spent by the EU to influence public opinion in the US (I am sure money was spent in the UK, too but no one might ever know:  The EU has failed 18 consecutive audits!  The research department of UKIP can do it.  Have a new outrage every Monday.  Use Von Rompuy or other EU officials on their real intentions:  The UK emasculated as part of a EU super state.

4.  Let’s use ordinary Britons for ads and TV – why I am for UKIP.  Diversity.  Continue to weed out the racists.

5.  Adopt gay marriage as a neutral proposal similar to the Turley/Sanders formulation.  Have a strong protection for religious freedom.  Get rid of laws that use discrimination as way to silence opposing viewpoints.

6.  Show people that the only way to have a referendum on the EU is if UKIP wins!  And UKIP can win:  All it potentially takes is 34%.

7.  Show the Labour voter that Labour is no different than the Tories or the LibDems – they want to tell you what to do and all support the EU superempire.  They won’t even have a referendum.  Don’t fall for it:  Be a Farage Labourite!

I am sure I could come up with more stuff!  But that’s about ten thousand pounds worth of wisdom right there!  The bill’s in the mail…Seriously, UKIP needs expert help to win the 2015 election.  Not because they aren’t smart, able or right.  But because they are!  I am probably not experienced enough to be seriously considered but there are numerous political consultants of the libertarian, Tea Party persuasion here in USA to do it.   Start with, say Ben Sasse’s campaign manager!  Hire them Monday.

Is it May 22 yet?  Six more days!  Remember:  What Would Churchill Do?  He’d vote UKIP…




About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)


  1. Henry Francis says:

    If his strategy is to portray the Tories as the party of privilege then mr Axelrod ought at least to do his homework first as one recent UKIP poster exposed the fact that 11 or more of Millibands chosen shadow cabinet ministers are like himself millionaires.

    They could immediately rhyme off the best tax havens to hide their millions in but as Milliband himself was glaringly caught out on a pre election radio show by showing how out of touch he is as he hadnt a clue about the cost of a supermarket trolley of groceries then compounded the gaffe by wildly underestimating his own weekly grocery spend. Milliband and his eliteist crew are more likely like the 20 millionaires on Mr Camerons coalition cabinet to own supermarkets rather than ever lower themselves to ever have to shop in them

    If that wasnt bad enough he then went on to state he was only comfortably off and this from a man who is a millionaire 4 times over and ststed by forehand his campaign was based ON THE COST OF LIVING FOR ORDINARY VOTERS!

    So already given the above Mr Axelrod has his work cut out to make this motely crew electable

  2. Henry Francis says:



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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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