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South Anna Supervisor Hazzard to Run for State Senate? Is this an April Fool’s Joke?

I was forwarded an email that was written by South Anna Supervisor Wayne Hazzard telling his constituents he plans to continue as the South Anna Supervisor and Chairman of the Hanover Board of Supervisors but has decided to run for the State Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Walter Stosch. (See the email at the bottom of this post.)

When I read it, my reaction was, “is this a joke”?

During his term as Supervisor Hazzard’s only claim to fame has been his efforts to eliminate proffers. Proffers (if you don’t know) are “offerings” required of builders to lessen the impact of their development on the county. Cash, green spaces, road improvements etc. are all a part of the cost of doing business. And Hanover County is now reeling from the financial hit it took by the elimination of this revenue source. As new developments are buily, taxpayers are on the hook for added services such as schools, police and fire.

And while the County is having to cut back on services or raise taxes, Hazzard’s company, Diamond Group, in which Hazzard is a co-owner, stands to profit $413,000 if the proffers are eliminated on that tract of land.

Seeing this as a potential conflict of interest, Toni Radler, vice chairman of the Hanover Democrats, raised the question in the media and asked the county attorney for an opinion. And Hazzard’s response, which was seen as an exercise in semantics, was classic. The land is undeveloped at the time and proffers are only assessed if or when it is developed. So at best, Hazzard’s vote only potentially eliminates proffers if the land is actually developed. The Times Dispatch reported:

Radler claimed Hazzard’s company owned subdivision land with proffer assessments of more than $413,000.

“It appears that at least one subdivision with pre-existing proffers is owned by South Anna District supervisor Wayne Hazzard along with James A. ‘Sonny” Hill, the letter from Radler stated

During the public comment period of a recent meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Hazzard spoke out on the charge. “While this statement is technically inaccurate — there is no subdivision and therefore no proffers, it must be considered that at some point a subdivision could be created, and, if it was, I obviously would not vote on it.”

He said he does own the land, but there’s no subdivision, so there are no proffers, and responded to the accusations on a personal level.

“The attempt to have citizens think I would vote for an issue in Hanover County that somehow benefits me over the citizens who elected me certainly bothers me,” he said. “I assure this board and the citizens of Hanover that I would never put my self-interest over the well being of this great community,” Hazzard said.

And with that statement, nearly everyone in Hanover that worked for Hazzard in the election had the feeling they were duped. No, Wayne Hazzard did nothing illegal and hasn’t benefited from his vote … yet.

But what he managed to accomplish is to drive away the grassroots supporters who helped elect him in the hopes that this kind of thing would stop. And his supporters are left with the feeling “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

So after angering every Democrat in Hanover and disappointing all of the people who worked so hard to put him in office, Hazzard is now planning to run for the Virginia Senate, a race that already has two big players, Bill Janis a former Delegate and Vince Haley, the darling of the grassroots crowd. And more are expected.

Hey, Wayne. The people who put you into office are not that into you now. They have moved on.

But someone has to come in last.

Below is the email from Hazzard:

A Message to My Constituents

From Wayne Hazzard


Serving as Supervisor in Hanover County and representing the South Anna District has been an experience that has turned out to be one of the more fulfilling opportunities of my life.

We all go through what I call “phases” of your life and each phase has some effect on the decisions that you make concerning the next phase, which is why I am writing this letter.

I have enjoyed getting into the details of how and why we, meaning Hanover County, do things the way we do. My natural tendency is to try and fix things and I have learned that you cannot fix anything until you learn how it works. The problem with County Government is that even after you find out how it works, you find out you don’t have control. Most of the control comes from the State in the form of mandates, regulations, and spending cuts. Everything from education to storm water is controlled by the legislature or some state agency that has the power to fine you or cut off funds if you don’t meet the mandates or regulations.

I firmly believe you work with what you are given, and that’s what we have done in Hanover. We have taken the rules that the state makes and implemented them in the most cost effective way, using your tax dollars as well as any state and federal funds that we are eligible for, and it has worked. While counties around us have had to raise taxes to meet their demands, Hanover has not. We were even able to give employee raises provided in the state budget that they removed before the fiscal year even started. As we move into the next budget year, your county is in good shape to handle the unknowns coming from the state.

All of this gets me to the point of this letter, which is the next phase of my life. With the announcement of Senator Stosch’s retirement it became apparent to me that this could be an opportunity to get a little closer to where the rules are made and be able to help Hanover and Henrico. So it is with that in mind that I have decided to run for the 12th District seat in the Virginia Senate. This district covers all of South Anna, except Elmont, and two precincts in Beaverdam.

With your help and support I am ready to move into the next phase of my life to better serve you.

I am in the early stages of putting my campaign committee together so there will be more details to follow. If anyone is interested in helping with this adventure, please don’t hesitate to call me.

I will remain your South Anna Supervisor and Chairman for the rest of this year and, hopefully, with your support, your 12th District Senator next year.

Thanks to all,


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

2 Responses to “South Anna Supervisor Hazzard to Run for State Senate? Is this an April Fool’s Joke?”

  1. kim Singhas says:

    Wayne Hazzard is Hazzardous to Hanover County so why would anyone vote for him to send him to manage a state budget when he has failed miserably at managing the county budget?

    Not only did he and Canova Peterson lead the vote to eliminate $52 million dollars in proffers for their developer donors – go to to look up who elected them to the Hanover County BOS- they led the board to pass multi- use zoning with 15 unit per acre housing especially in South Anna on the Henrico – Hanover County lines in the 20 year Comp Plan ( read that as High density apartment housing). The nearly $20,000 proffer served as Passive resistance to high density housing in Hanover County.

    They told voters that eliminating proffers would reduce housing costs- yet according to Rhu Harris, county administrator and bean counter, new housing costs are up 13% in 2014.

    Peterson and Hazzardous also promised the debt service on the municipal bonds was being paid down so the $52 million was no longer needed- then they voted for $44 million in bonds for a new courthouse. Now the county is raising property assessments to pay for the shortfall in revenue and Hazzard and other BOS members are lobbying the GA for local taxing authority to raise taxes like Meals Taxes in Hanover. He promised no new taxes for 5 years. Well we aren’t low information voters. Raising property assessments is a tax increase, Mr. Hazzardous.

    Hazzard is exiting because he knows the voters of South Anna will not re-elect him as supervisor from South Anna in 2015- this is the developers’ way of controlling his replacement on the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission- Wait for that Bombshell to hit the presses- you won’t believe who they are running for South Anna Supervisor. Follow the MONEY.

  2. Disgusted

    Wayne Hazzard has disappointed all of us that worked and voted for him. During the campaign, he cast himself as a fiscal hawk, looking to streamline government and cut taxes. Instead, he has taken actions to pad his own pocket, vis a vis the proffers vote that he worked so hard to get rid of. He is now busy with his developer friends lining up at the slop trough.

    Meanwhile, he has done nothing to cut spending, government or taxes. He, like the other supervisors, exist only to rubber stamp what the bureaucrats recommend, and taxpayers be damned.

    I have heard that he asked help in the assembly to get a meals tax passed for Hanover, so they could use more tax money for more infrastructure to support more development so they can pad their pockets even more. Officially, the Hanover BOS has requested “local taxing authority” from the assembly.

    We have the highest paid county employees out of 21 Central Virginia cities and counties. We have a county attorney making over a quarter of a million a year, even tho Hanover is relatively small and has one quarter of the citizens of Henrico. He is the 4th highest paid out of all government employees in Central Virginia. The county administrator is 6th highest paid in Central Virginia. Why do we need so many highly paid employees? What is so special and complicated in Hanover that we need to incur this expense? Could it be that Wayne Hazzard, and the rest of the BOS, have failed to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers to spend their money wisely and efficiently?

    And, now, he wants to be a senator. For what? The perks and rewards that come with that office? And, look for him to run one of his buddies for his BOS seat.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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