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By a 4-2 vote last evening, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors voted to GET OUT of ICLEI!  I congratulate the Jefferson Area Tea Party and its chairperson, Carole Thorpe, on its brave decision to seek this in their county and Dr. Charles Battig and Audrey Welborn for their tireless work in the area.  Here is the report from the JATP website:

This is a GREAT day in Albemarle County!  Last night, the Board of Supervisors voted 4-2 to cancel its membership in ICLEI – International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.  ICLEI’s primary goal is to promote and help implement radical U.N. Agenda 21 in local governments in America and throughout the world.

The JATP sincerely thanks Ken Boyd, Lindsay Dorrier, Duane Snow, and Rodney Thomas for seeing through the benign facade of ICLEI and demonstrating strong leadership in the face of a sizable and mocking opposition from Sustainability advocates.
Congratulations and thanks to Dr. Charles Battig who relentlessly led our fight against ICLEI since February with multiple speeches at monthly BOS meetings, countless hours of research and documentation to build our case, and for his presentation at our March 17 forum, “The Deceptive Agenda of Sustainability in Local Government”.
We also extend special thanks to Rob Schilling of WINA’s “The Schilling Show” for numerous radio hours and SchillingShow blog posts devoted to this topic; to Tom DeWeese of The American Policy Center for his presentation at our March 17 forum; to Commissioner Richard Rothschild of the Carroll County, Maryland Board of County Commissioners for his valuable advice and action; to the ad-hoc Sustainability Committee of Dr. Charles Battig, Steve Peters, Carole Thorpe, Audrey Welborn, Clara Belle Wheeler, and Charles Winkler; to John Munchmeyer (Jefferson Area Libertarians) and members of the ACRC Executive Committee for their statements of support; to EVERYONE who attended/spoke at last night’s meeting, wrote letters to the BOS, and in any other way contributed in some way towards this victory.
The vote to determine the fate of “Cool Counties” was postponed due to open questions about its link to a relationship between Albemarle County and some environmental organizations.  Some sort of related report
The “Livable Communities Planning Project”/HUD grant vote passed unanimously – but only after a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ was reached by which the BOS will monitor and review individual projects as they develop AND can approve or deny a portion of its $161,000.00 in-kind leverage contribution to be spent to fund it.  Ken Boyd also raised concerns that the majority of people who sit on “input committees” always seem to be on the Left Side of the ideological fence.  He inquired if there may be some way by which at least one JATP person could sit on such a committee to represent our organization, and TJPDC’s Stephen Williams explained there could be a way by which that could happen.  Stay tuned.
In summary – while there is MUCH work to be done in our ongoing fight against the radical political agenda of Sustainability, this was a victorious night for the JATP!  We succeeded in our primary goal of the last five months to get ICLEI kicked out of Albemarle County.  It was unlikely that we could overcome the more recent battle over the HUD grant but an important point was made and heard.  “Cool Counties” is still a work-in-progress and could still go the way of ICLEI.
Clearly, to anyone who was listening last night, there is a LOT of education to be done on the oft-repeated claim of “Free Money” from the Federal government…for the disconnect in understanding the difference between the actual United Nations and the policy that is U.N. Agenda 21…for the assertion that we “hate the government”…and the motives and agenda of the JATP (though most of that is something made up for our opposition’s convenience).
But for today, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone in the JATP!  If anyone doubted my statement at the beginning of the year that we would turn our focus on and impact local government, they believe us now.

Although there is much more to do to fight Agenda 21 and sustainability, it a great victory for the Constitution as we slowly starve the beast and drive it out of our dear land!  Only seventeen more cities, counties and towns to go!  BE ENCOURAGED AND KEEP FIGHTING!



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