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‘SpongeBob’ Beckel Drops ‘F-Bomb’ Live on Hannity

Fox News hired left wing moron Bob Beckel, a former Democratic Operative who is best known as Walter Mondale’s Campaign Manager who managed the most lopsided defeat in the history of the world, as a token lefty. He appears on various programs, most notably as one of the five hosts on the new Fox News show “The Five”.

Beckel is an insufferable idiot spouting the left wing propaganda with the usual underlying anger management issues that are so pronounced in Obama’s supporters.

I normally record “The Five” and Hannity just so I can fast forward through the mindless drivel from Beckel (and a few others) to get to the important stuff and thoughtful commentary by intelligent people and manage to keep my blood pressure under 100.

And Sponge Bob Beckel has, on several occasions, spouted F-bombs and far worse live on the air.

Last night on the Sean Hannity Show was just the latest episode.

Beckel apparently continued an argument with a Conservative lady that carried through the commercial break and into the next segment of the live show.

Viewers heard Beckel spout “You don’t know what the ‘F’ you’re talking about” as the show came back on air.

And of course Beckel blames Hannity for not having control of his show.

The clip (un-bleeped) is below.

It is time for Fox News to cut ties with Beckel and let him go back to his cocaine and booze. This guy does not belong on television, unless it is a perp walk in an orange jumpsuit. Extra large.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

6 Responses to “‘SpongeBob’ Beckel Drops ‘F-Bomb’ Live on Hannity”

  1. lefty891 says:

    I usually find your commentary a bit more reasoned, even though I disagree with many points that you make. (This site, in general, is where I usually go to see what you Right-Wingers are up to.) But this one is purely an attack. Here's a helpful link:

    • Tom White says:

      Of course it is an attack. But the reason behind the attack may not be what you assume. Beckel is incapable of providing an intellectual argument on the left. If Fox News is going to claim to be fair and balanced, they should fire Bob and find someone else that is capable of representing the left without resorting to this kind of gutter attacks. I dislike the politics of people like Juan Williams and Kirsten Powers, but find that they are at least able to articulate an effective, civil argument. Even Alan Colmes is a better representative of the left's views. I would think that someone with your professed left leaning views would find Beckel completely incapable of being the face of what you believe. Or at least representative of what many Fox viewers perceive your beliefs to be. Beckel is giving the left a bad stereotypical image of what a Progressive believes.

      Don't you find him more an embarrassment than a spokesman? Many people who tent to watch only Fox News are left with an opinion that you are all a bunch of boorish potty mouthed oafs. And while you and I no doubt will find little common ground on policy issues, I would hope we could agree that the face of a Progressive does not look like Bob Beckel.

  2. lefty891 says:

    I agree entirely that Beckel is in no way representative of my idea of Liberal, yes. Had incorporated the thoughts that are in your reply, in the first place, then I might not have commented at all. It was your commenting that they should "…let him go back to his cocaine and booze…" that got under my skin. That struck me as a low-blow, and completely unsubstantiated; that is, unless you know something that I don't. As for why he was on the air in the first place, I'd suggest that Fox tends to hire 'token Liberals' who fall into, roughly, two categories; "ineffectual weenies" like Alan Colmes, or outspoken jerks like Beckel. That way commentators like the Blonde (whoever she may be) can refer to them as "… a typical Liberal", which seems to be what Fox wants their viewers to believe.

    • Tom White says:

      Beckel has been completely on many occasions about his rampant coke and alcohol abuse while he was a high paid Democratic operative. He often mentions it on The Five and almost anytime he is on. The one place I saw him and almost liked him was on Greg Gutfeld's show Redeye. I don't know if you have seen it or not but Redeye is a bit of a cult show, especially in the right wing blogosphere. And it can be pretty funny. They actually have some pretty cool Liberals on there and poke fun at almost everything. It comes on a 3AM on Fox News weeknights.. I highly recommend you tape a show or two. You might even like it. I have a number of Liberal friends who get a kick out of it. Gutfeld is a really funny guy. Here is a clip of Beckel's first time on Redeye and he talks about his coke and alcohol use. He is actually clean, sober and a church going Christian these days. But there were years of abuse. And I actually liked him on the Redeye show. He does have a nice side. I think he starts about the 1:10 mark if you want to skip to his comments about drug use.

      And I totally agree that the token libs they have on Fox News are not representative of the class. And some of the fox girls are a lot of fun at a party (I have stories I am sworn to secrecy about!) But one that I find pretty fair is Meghan Kelly in the afternoons. She does a good job with the questions and actually has some pretty good Democrats on her show that are pretty good talkers. One thing she tends to do is not allow either side to use their talking points. She hits both sides with "Devils Advocate" type questions and doesn't let the guests respond to the same question. That's a pretty fair show and I can'r really figure out if Kelly is left or right sometimes. Mostly Conservative but she has some Liberal leanings.

      But I do watch other cable news. CNN and (ughh) MSNBC. The later tends to get people on the right that are as moronic as Beckel. And if the folks that only watch MSNBC think the "Conservatives" they have on are representative of all on the right, well, they don't really know us too well. You have to take all news with a LOT of salt. It is mostly entertainment these days, sadly. Journalism died a long time ago. And the media – especially the Mainstream media – are as much of a problem as the politicians. Left or Right. You really don't get the truth from Fox, CNN or MSNBC. Let along CBS, NBC and ABC. Most of us that are political junkies are able to sort the spin from the truth. I imagine you see a lot of propaganda on the other news sources you watch. After a while, you develop a filter. I also imagine your filter has a left wing bias as mine has a right wing bias. We let a lot through that we know is BS.

      But if you read this blog often enough, you know we have a limit to how far we allow the truth to be spun by those on our side. And I have called out friend as well as foe. Admittedly, the foes get hit more often. But this is, after all, a right leaning blog.

      Oh. One thing about Redeye. The last chair on the right ALWAYS has a hot chick in a short skirt. They call it the "leg" chair. And if you don't know, Beckel has a brother that is VERY right wing.

  3. lefty891 says:

    Thanks for the background information, Tom. Having watched that YouTube video, I see that you aren't kidding about him being up front about being a former coke user. I may even subscribe to posts featuring Redeye, because I (gasp) don't have cable. I gave it up years ago as too expensive, and mostly a platform for advertising. I get most of my information from the internet, with frequent referrals from various friends. At this point the only things that I watch with any regularity are The Daily Show and Up with Chris Hayes.
    As far as having a filter, right you are. That's exactly WHY I read your blog and others often; to see what reasonable folks on the "other side of the aisle" are talking about, and HOW they are putting it.

  4. Domingo Baeskens says:

    Oh i adore Spongebob mainly because he is a very funny cartoon character. My young children also enjoy watching spongebob over the television. Im delighted that there is a cartoon character as crazy as him.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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