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I happened to find at a place called (Obviously an unofficial Boston Bruins fan site with an amusing disclaimer:  “Official Blog for Bruins Fans Inc.”) a wonderfully stated post about pro athletes in Olympic hockey.  It is well-written.

Couple of highlights:

I’m old school in a lot of ways. I think the NHL should have 21 teams, and that two of them should be in Quebec and Hartford. I don’t like when hockey players fight for no reason, or the role of the goon in NHL hockey. And I hate – I say again – HATE that professional athletes play in the Olympics. I grew up watching amateurs play for the love of their countries and chosen sports. It was amazing to see people who had dedicated their lives to grueling training schedules so they could be the best in their sport – not to make a buck, but to represent their country. It really was awe inspiring. Now the Olympics, like everything else, is about money…and the amateur athlete has become a casualty.


The US and Canada have essentially become the new Soviet hockey teams. We resented the Soviets for sending professional caliber athletes to dominate the games, and now we do the same thing. What’s more, the teams are nothing more than all star teams. They do not have time to gel like the 1980 US team did. In the fall of 2013, the pros met at camps for their respective countries, spent some time on the ice together, and then went their separate ways to play for their pro teams. They will play their first games together at the Olympics. The players will play with linemates that they have never played with before. They will not have time to really become a team. They will rely solely on talent.  The hockey may be good, but it will never be great like it was in 1980.  (emphasis added)

There will be no more miracles on ice.

And that is a real shame.

Read the rest here!  Perhaps that’s why Slovenia has surprised the Olympics a bit with a solid win over a NHL-laded Slovakia squad; thjey have played together to qualify for the Games.  Now we in the USA get to be the bad guys.  Let’s see how the sports imperialists like it.  Only a few hours left and I am curious about the coverage.

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