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Susan Stimpson Exposes GOP Leadership Sham in Virginia House of Delegates

A Letter from Susan Stimpson exposes the latest Republican attempt in the Va House to fool voters:

Today the GOP leadership in the House of Delegates is holding a staged vote against Medicaid/ObamaCare Expansion.  It’s a cynical attempt to cast a vote that can be used for political cover in 2015 primary contests.

No matter what they now claim in their emails and press releases touting their opposition to ObamaCare expansion, they’re just voting against their own vote from last year’s General Assembly session giving the Governor the power to expand.  Virginia Republican leaders cut a deal with Democrats for an enormous tax increase by agreeing to pave the way for expanding Obamacare.

Last year in 2013, a Republican Governor, a Republican-controlled Senate and a super-majority Republican House of Delegates, passed a budget that does nothing to stop the Governor in 2014 from expanding Medicaid regardless of how the legislature votes today Read more here:

I warned you about this over this past year, most recently in January:

If Republican leaders were serious about stopping Medicaid expansion under Obamacare, they would be pushing to amend current law to prevent the Governor from making an end run around the legislature and expanding Medicaid on his own.

The politicians don’t want you to know what they really did so they play political games, first saying “no expansion without significant reform” then saying they will expand the “Virginia way” and now that Obamacare is wreaking havoc on our healthcare and our economy they’re against expanding Obamacare.  But they were for it before they were against it.

It reminds me of Republicans in Congress.  Back in October when Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling after surrendering on ObamaCare and spending reform, they sought political cover by voting for a resolution of disapproval of their own debt ceiling increase.  They went back to their constituents with that resolution in hand as proof they were champions for our cause, and they will undoubtedly campaign as fiscal conservatives this November.

Stephen Colbert summed up their actions perfectly, and quite comically.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough.

Millions of people are losing their healthcare, their jobs and their hope in our government.  Our leaders need to do what they say they will do, not play games.  They need to tell us the truth and then trust us to make the right decision at the ballot box.

There are legislators that voted no to last year’s budget, and many of them were not a part of this “deal.”  And I want you to know there are still leaders who are willing to stand up for what is right, even under tremendous pressure to stay quiet.

Will the General Assembly’s budget process reach an impasse?  Will Governor McAuliffe have no choice but for the “good of the Commonwealth” use the authority he’s been given by Republicans to expand ObamaCare in Virginia?  Let’s hope not but if he does, it will be proof that Virginia’s Republican leaders are either dangerously incompetent or willfully deceitful.

Call your legislator today and demand that they do more than SAY they are against Medicaid expansion.  Demand that they take REAL ACTION to prevent Governor Terry McAuliffe from expanding Medicaid.  Anything less makes them complicit in the Governor’s actions.  And let’s hold our leaders accountable for their decisions.





And I found a video warning dedicated to the GOP Illusionists in Virginia’s House:



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