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The Brat, Cantor, Obama Trichotomy: The Economy

You can tell an awful lot about our politicians by those who support them. Now, Dr. Dave Brat represents a conservative brand of Constitutional Republicanism. Eric Cantor represents the establishment and corporatist wings of the Republican Party. President Barack Obama represents the Marxist Left. I don’t watch a lot of news, simply because I cannot stomach listening to five hours of opinion regarding fact-less topics only to hear, most likely by accident, a few facts and notations as reward for my time. So I read everything I can get my hands on. I read articles. I read the comments left in reference to those articles. I read the responses to the comments. I feel this provides an excellent sample of the politically-interested American Public.

The Economy

President Obama has been in the White House for over five years and he is very upset that the rich just keep on getting richer, while the poor stay poor. He of course has absolutely no responsibility for this. Our President places the blame on the rich and on those evil Republicans that support them by opposing higher taxes, increased regulations, and a more expensive federal bill for entitlements.

Now, Eric Cantor doesn’t want to see Obama continue to increase the costs of entitlements, because Eric Cantor doesn’t believe that entitlements are the only important function of government. He doesn’t oppose them necessarily, but he wants Obama to keep some perspective. If we take too much money away from his Corporate donors to pay for the purchased-dependents who vote Obama, then what good is Cantor? No, we’ve got to make sure that all of K-Street stays fed and satiated.

On this Obama and Cantor completely agree though, except Cantor is smarter than Obama. See, Obama thinks that he can keep taxing and regulating and printing money and that the wealthiest 1% won’t really feel it. Cantor knows this isn’t true. Cantor understands that companies need enough profit to sustain capital investment, and that it is this large scale corporate investment that actually creates the overwhelming increase in profit that corporate America has enjoyed for the last five years (and which feeds a federal government with the highest corporate tax rate in the world).

Now, Dr. Brat could probably explain this much better than I. I am not an economist, but I have studied economics enough to have a general idea about how this all works.

President Obama tells us that the rich are to blame for the rich getting richer and the poor staying poor; and that none of his policies could possibly create such a situation. After all, Obama has really socked it to the wealthy in this country. But let me take a stab at clarifying how Obama has made the rich richer and the poor still miserably poor.

The housing crisis destroyed most of our equity, which is the source of power for our assets. A massive decrease in our equity made it increasingly difficult for the majority of middle class Americans to get credit. With access to credit during the Obama years becoming more limited, only individuals with perfect credit or assets could afford credit. Now, the Federal Reserve kept interest rates low, but this only benefits individuals and organizations with assets (and equity in those assets). So after the housing crisis, who had great credit and lots of assets? Well, banks for starters. (They didn’t have great “credit”, but they had tons of assets). Big Corporations still had plenty of assets and capital. The very wealthiest individuals also probably didn’t take any hit to their credit and their capital actually increased in value as the housing market became remarkably cheap.

So while average Americans have been scrambling to pay their mortgage, the wealthiest Americans have been able to buy up property. In other words, those with the most assets were able to afford to buy even more assets, while those with few assets and limited capital found it increasingly impossible to increase their overall worth.

Meanwhile, gas prices have sky-rocketed. President Obama refuses to approve the keystone pipeline. Energy Prices have skyrocketed. President Obama wages his own private War on Coal. The EPA is passing regulation after regulation making over all energy prices increase. ObamaCare makes Full Time employment more expensive for employers. Employers have decreased their full time work force in favor of a part time work force. This means that millions of people that used to be full time are now part time, many of them working two part time jobs. This means that people who would have actually liked to have a part time job, either because they are in college or because they are primarily a stay at home mom, can’t find part time work. Oh, and Obama raised taxes, which means, what little we are able to scratch together is less than it otherwise would have been. In the end, Obama has helped the wealthiest Americans and the poorest Americans. The only people that he has hurt are the people below the top 5% and the people above the bottom 12%. My math tells me that Obama is essentially hurting 83% of Americans. Now, many of them are getting some kick backs. Free phones, or food stamps, or subsidized health insurance; but they have less income, assets, and liberty.

Plus, with such an awful economy and such a bolstering welfare state, why in the world would people look for work in the first place? Our over all participation in the economy has plummeted.

What is Eric Cantor’s solution? He wants to keep raising the debt limit in order to stave off austerity measures. Why? Primarily because the Chamber of Commerce has made it clear that the most important thing to them is political stability in Washington DC. Eric Cantor wants to grant amnesty to eleven to fourteen million illegal immigrants. How will this help the economy? Well, the Chamber of Commerce wants the cheap legal labor. Is there anything that Eric Cantor wants that isn’t in lock step with the Chamber of Commerce?

What does Dr. Dave Brat want to do? Well, he wants to put the brakes on unsustainable entitlement programs, not to destroy them, but in order to keep those programs that Americans have become dependent on without bankrupting the nation as a whole. He wants to affirm the enumerated powers granted to the federal government by the United States Constitution, in order to relieve the economy from the red tape and expense of complying with regulations that are simply unconstitutional. He wants to ensure fiscal restraint and responsibility, in order to avoid the tremendous and catastrophic costs of debt and inflation. He wants to end our governments current obsession with treating every American differently, depending on our gender, sexuality, skin color, economic class and religion.  He wants to end our governments war on our nations heritage (our constitutional heritage and our religious heritage).

Ask yourself, would Dr. Dave Brat support the Republican and Democrat Party Leadership in continually raising the debt limit, stealing the wealth of… well, MY GENERATION (for one) and future generations. Ask yourself, would Dr. Dave Brat support Eric Cantor and Nancy Pelosi in granting amnesty to over ten million illegal aliens from primarily socialists nations that have absolutely no motivation to assimilate into our American Culture and who do not respect our American Heritage (laden with countless stories of our families immigration here).

See, Obama represents Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky and Woodrow Wilson. Eric Cantor represents the Chamber of Commerce. Dave Brat would represent you and I, our Constitution, and our American Heritage. Now, I just cannot imagine anyone preferring Obama or Cantor to Dr. Dave Brat.

If you can’t either, then lets make sure we vote for him on June 10th to represent the Republican Party in the 7th District.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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  1. Joe Cacciotti says:

    Learn to spell Cantor correctly.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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