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The Brexit Party “Remains” In First Place in UK EU Election Poll

I am so thrilled to see this: Nigel Farage, who led UKIP to the first win by any party not named Conservative or Labour since 1906, in the 2014 EU elections is poised to it AGAIN – with a DIFFERENT PARTY! Now I firmly believe if this occurs, it will be the first and probably only time a leader has won a national election with two different parties (and it is even more impressive that neither are Tory or Labour) in the history of the UK.

Here is an article from Money Maven (Hat Tip!) that is accurate – I went to the source – the YouGov poll from April 29-30:

Brexit Party Soars in European Parliament Polls, 9 Points Ahead of Labour

Farage’s new party has 30%, Labour has 21% and the Conservatives 13%! (UKIP has 4% so there are 34% at least of UK voters voting for an explicit pro-hard Brexit party.)

The cheese gets more binding as my father used to say: People were egged into spoiling their local election ballots (where the Brexit Party did not run candidates but UKIP did – and lost seats) to protest the failure of the May government to provide Brexit. And thousands of voters did (warning some bad language on ballot papers – I admit I was amused by it)! Hat Tip to Westmonster.

This is a good place to answer the question: Sanders, you used to like UKIP, what happened? Two things: I wanted the Tories to deliver Brexit. Can’t divide the vote. BUT as Farage would say (I paraphrase) his old party got too obsessed with Islam. And I won’t be mean and hateful (my mom warned me not to be mean and hateful!) to anyone because they are Muslim. I worked with the first Muslim elected in Virginia to the legislature (Sam Rasoul) and I’ll do it again, if he’ll let me. Yes some Islamic radicals do bad, terrible, horrible things. And I do not believe in Shariah for anybody. But you cannot use politics to be mean and hateful.

One more thing: The UK EU elections are Thursday May 23 but no results until all the EU votes on Sunday May 26 are cast throughout the union.

BUT there will be a by-election to the UK Parliament on June 6 in Peterborough, set into motion by the recall and ouster of an MP convicted of a crime. Peterborough, I am told, voted to Leave in 2016. George Galloway, who was elected to Parliament under the short-lived Respect Party, wants to run. The Brexit Party will field a candidate and it probably will NOT be Farage. I would not be surprised if the Brexit candidate is the winner. The SNP won their first Westminster seat in a by-election (in 1945!) although the 1967 Hamilton by-election was the true start for the SNP who now holds the most seats (but not a majority) in the Scottish assembly (called Holyrood) and a majority of the seats of the MPs to Westminster in Scotland.

Finally, I leave you with this comment from Farage:

“Can you imagine an African country, if there had been an election or a referendum [Blogger’s note: Farage is referring to the 2016 Brexit vote] that had been overturned? Many of those in the Remain camp would be having fits of the vapours, demanding the United Nations was sent in and that democracy must win through,” Mr Farage said.

Almost sounds like the 97th! Will the convention be overturned? Or should there be a “firehouse” primary? I think there’s grist here for both sides.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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