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THE EU wins the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE? NO, it’s not the ONION! The EU is the ENEMY of LIBERTY and SOVEREIGNTY! (RON PAUL has done more for PEACE and LIBERTY than the EU!)

When I first heard the European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize, I thought:  No, it can’t be.  Got to be some sort of EU official.  NOPE.  Not the Onion!  The European Union was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here’s a CNN story and another and here’s the Nobel page’s citation.  Here’s the first paragraph:

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2012 is to be awarded to the European Union (EU). The union and its forerunners have for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.

I can actually agree with the Nobel Committee:  The EU has promoted the cause of peace in Europe.  But so did the Soviet Union:  They brought peace to the fifteen “republics”, through totalitarian means.  It was certainly the absence of conflict.  But it was not democratic and the USSR did not respect human rights.

But ask an Italian, whose government was “peacefully” overthrown by the EU bureaucrats last year.  There is ample evidence to show that the EU leaders stifled the Greek referendum last year.  Try this from Reuters:

(Reuters) – Intense European pressure forced debt-stricken Greece to seek political consensus on a new bailout plan instead of holding a referendum after EU leaders raised the prospect of a Greek exit from the euro to preserve the single currency.

Try this:  You can’t leave the euro once you join?  That’s what the Euro Commission threatened:

The place of Greece is within the euro zone and there are instruments in place to ensure that, the European Union’s executive arm said on Thursday, adding that it considered this was the only option on the table.

Try this from the Economist, the respected UK magazine:

But Mr Tsipras would have to form a coalition and would be constrained by his partners. And he has not campaigned to leave the euro, which remains popular in Greece. He is calculating that Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, will blink at the prospect of the wider costs of a Greek exit. He believes that she will not want to be seen as forcing Greece out of the euro, not least since on strict legal grounds a country can neither leave nor be forced to leave the currency union.

Try this from the Parliament (UK) library:

There is no provision for this in the EU Treaties, which form the basis of Economic and Monetary Union, although there is a provision in Article 50 TEU for a Member State to leave the EU altogether. This would allow the exiting State to leave the eurozone, but it would not be a quick or easy procedure and it would involve a renegotiation of Greece’s relationship with the EU, probably with a view to Greece later rejoining the EU.

Democratic EU?  Try this blog post by me!  Let’s bludgeon Ireland until they vote right.  That is Brezhnevite democracy.  Just because the EU does not use tanks does not mean it is any more respectful of its people.

The European Union is trying to be a superempire.  What’s worse, it is not with the consent of the governed.  They stifle opposition and have co-oped the major parties, left or right, as Tweedledee and Tweedledum.  When the elites in the newly independent United States came up with the document we call the Constitution, they did at least ask the states to endorse it.  There was immense public debate and the Bill of Rights was a (thankful!) compromise between stronger central powers and liberty.

What the EU should be is a free trade zone with light central government.  They could recommend laws and issue non-binding human rights decrees.  The EU I propose could encourage open borders and free trade.  A place to resolve inter-nation disputes.

If the Norwegian parliament committee that awards the Peace Prize wanted to honor a person who has helped to bring peace and liberty to the world, it should have awarded the Peace Prize to Cong. Ron Paul!  Paul has encouraged people around the world to seek liberty.  Try this video and website from Latvia.  Try this report.  How about this!

I’ll say it again:  The EU is not the friend of the United States.  They’ll stab us in the back at the first opportunity.  They have already been implicated in trying to influence US public opinion – to the tune of $30 million dollars!


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