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I told my readers that my next blog entry would be exciting – and it is!  James City County, a county near Williamsburg is debating their affiliation with ICLEI:

James City County Board of Supervisors Chairman Mary Jones said Tuesday that she’s uncomfortable with the county’s affiliation with an international sustainability program and she wants the Board to withdraw its membership.

There’s more!  ICLEI is explained through patriots, sovereignty activists and tea party members:

Jones said at the Board’s Tuesday evening meeting that citizens have been asking why the county is a member of ICLEI: Local Governments for Sustainability, which the county joined as part of its Green County Resolution in 2007, according to Tuesday’s Board discussion. Jones said that citizens didn’t like that the group embraces United Nations policies, and that she shared their concern. Supervisor John McGlennon said the county has made sustainability a priority, and that’s also the goal of ICLEI. He also pointed out that local Tea Party members distributed negative information about ICLEI during a recent meeting, and he said he was concerned that the materials aim to create a conspiracy out of nothing.

Here’s the article!  There’s more – this is a great article.  It explains the ICLEI issues well.  Another supervisor is persuadable:

Supervisor Bruce Goodson said he was on the Board when the county passed the Cool County Resolution in 2007, and that he was uncomfortable with the political language at the time. According to the minutes of the October 2007 meeting, Goodson moved to adopt an alternative resolution that removed language that said human action caused global warming because he didn’t believe there was enough indisputable evidence of it, but the Board voted him down.

But another is skeptical; he believes the anti-ICLEI materials are lies:

McGlennon shared his concern about Jones’ request. “Our Comprehensive Plan talks about sustainability,” he said, and this is a core value to the county and to ICLEI. He said the group “provides useful tools to examine the impact we’re having on the environment… it is an information-gathering and dissemination organization rather than a UN arm.”

I am happy to speak with Supervisor McGlennon on this issue.  Email me at [email protected]  Supervisor Goodson reported an attempt to lobby him by ICLEI to support EPA initiatives; he was unconfortable!

Goodson also said an ICLEI member recently sent him a letter asking him to endorse some recent Environmental Protection Agency mandates. “This is getting into political lobbying,” he said. “That’s where I find my discomfort. What are they using our dues for in this organization?”

Finally another seeking supervisor:

Supervisor Jim Kennedy took umbrage with Jones’ use of the word “freedom”. “People throw that term around loosely,” he said. “If we have a feeling that our freedom is threatened, I want to know how.” But, he said, “I don’t want to get into a political debate.”

Please read these ICLEI blogs, Supervisor Kennedy.  Feel free to contact me.  You will get no debate from me; ICLEI has political goals and also is an unconstitutional confederation.

Time for those voters in James City County to contact their supervisor and let them know – get out of ICLEI.  Be quiet and respectful but firm.  Answer their questions.  Read this blog first!

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  1. Tom Van Dyke says:

    When does williamsburg ICLEI go up for vote. We need to get out of it.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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