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I was disturbed to find out the debate tonight (I will miss it live in that I am going curling!) is over FOREIGN POLICY.  This is a trap for Ron Paul.  Here’s how it stays out of it:

Iran:  I have blogged what RP should say about this and here is most of it:

“At the Ames debate, I was discussing the issue of Iran from the standpoint of needless wars.  Leaders in both parties seem wedded to the idol of militarism, attacking nations such as Iraq without a compelling interest.  Even President Obama has attacked Libya.  Former President Clinton attacked Serbia without provocation.  We have never done this before 1999.”

“Sanctions are war under international law.  They hurt innocents and seldom accomplish needed diplomatic goals.  Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright was actually quoted as saying the Iraqi sanctions to punish Saddam Hussein what allegedly killed half a million children was ‘worth it’.  This is outrageous.  Let’s not do that again.”

“Our support for the Shah, not only the 1953 coup, but the help given the Shah’s secret police by US and UK intelligence agencies, had blowback:  The revolution and the hatred the Iranians have for the US.  This is what happens when we do not mind our own business.”

“But Iran is dangerous.  The Islamic Republic must be watched closely.  And contrary to the assertion made by former Senator Santorum in the debate, Iran was not free after 1953 through 1979 – the Shah was a brutal tyrant who was complicit in human rights violations including torture and killing.  See this quote from an official at Amnesty International:

“Thirty years on, some of the worst abuses of the Shah’s time – torture, executions and the suppression of legitimate dissent – are still being replicated in Iran, despite the efforts of the country’s growing and valiant community of human rights defenders,” said Malcolm Smart, Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme. “It is high time that Iranian authorities lived up to their obligations under international human rights law.”

But Senator Santorum’s solution is almost surely war.  I want to find a way to say to Iran:  We respect you as a nation and respect your sovereignty.  We will not try to overthrow your government.  But we need respect in return.  We regard the possession or manufacture of nuclear material or weapons to be a unfriendly act against the United States.  We cannot remove military action from the table but we will seek authority from Congress if a bomb is made in the manner of a declaration of war, if the need for war becomes necessary.  I voted to authorize military action against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan because our nation was attacked.  If Israel decides it needs to attack Iran, we will not attempt to stop her form doing that.  I am not afraid to use the military.  However, war need not be the first stop.  Too many of our men and women have died or been wounded due to wars that were unnecessary.  Wars where we should have minded our own business.  Even in Afghanistan, the war against the Taliban ended quickly and victoriously.  Then we could have adopted the constitutional authority of the letters of marque and reprisal to capture Osama bin Laden.  We would have saved trillions in borrowed money and prevented further losses to our liberty at home.”

“I am the only GOP candidate in this race, other than Gov. Perry, with a military record.  I also have the best record among servicemen and women for campaign contributions.”

Non-intervention is not isolationism:

Paul should say that it is a leading factor throughout our history (although there has always been exceptions, too) not to intervene in other’s internal matters.  Use Libya for an example:  Al-Qaeda, missing WMD, increase in power for ICC, Sharia law, you name it.  Sanctions IS war under international law.  War should be reserved for those imminent dangers such as our response to 9/11 (the attack on Afghanistan – Paul voted to give Bush authority for that).  Would we be better if we had issued letters of marque and reprisal for OBL?  Saved billions for sure.

Not intervening will save us trillions we need to apply to the deficit.  For strong defense against militarism; more active duty military have given to RP than all others?

UN and treaties:

Say what Paul said at the 2007 Values Voters Convention:

Paul’s answer to the Values Voters Summit in 2007 to Phyllis Schlafly’s question on the NAU was telling!  He said he was in favor of getting the US out of the “…UN, the IMF, The World Bank, The WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT!”  (rough quote)

Paul should also favor a feasibility study about whether we could get out of the UN without it being used against us.

Paul should also talk about the evils of such treaties as the Child Treaty and CEDAW (not to mention the ICC) and indicate he will work against these treaties and UN agencies.  Mention ICLEI, Agenda 21 and how he’ll get rid of many executive orders.

Hint that John Bolton is on the short list for running mate.

Strategy and tactics:

Perry is a wounded animal – he’ll be looking for a place to strike – Paul might be that place.  Santorum has already shown his true colors.  Romney will not attack anybody.  Others might attack Paul for rights for terror suspects.  (Hint:  Supreme Court holds no juveniles can be executed but the President can kill a 16 year old son of a supposed terrorist with impunity!)


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