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Heute Abend est Die Deutsche Waehlen!  (Tomorrow is the German Elections!)

The New York Times has a great article that I believe shows the hidden strength of the anti-euro (really pro-German taxpayer) party the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Sunday’s election.  Here’s a highlight or two:

Here’s one voter who probably never helped a candidate or party before:

In recent days, there has been a sense of euphoria among Alternative for Germany’s supporters about its chances of winning a share of power. “I am convinced they will get into the Bundestag,” said Ingrid Cook, 63, who lives in Bad Pyrmont, in northwestern Germany, and translates technical manuals for a machinery company.

Mrs. Cook said Friday that she had been handing out leaflets and working at party information stands in her area. “I have grandchildren, and I want to be able to tell them I saw the catastrophe coming and tried to do something about it,” she said by telephone.

And here’s another view in the same town:

Though Alternative for Germany professes to be in favor of a united Europe, there is a deep strain of mistrust toward what supporters see as remote bureaucrats in Brussels. Its members tend to see the euro as an extension of the Eurocrats’ power.

“Things were better for everybody when we had the Deutsche mark,” said Antje Wegner, a retired nurse in Bad Pyrmont.

This conclusion by the AfD leader could be said at most if not all Tea Party meetings in this country:

For now, Alternative for Germany is focused on maximizing votes and not being too choosy about who joins. Some supporters have even come from a defunct Stalinist party, Mr. Adam said on the sidelines of the event in Bad Homburg. “Anyone who respects the Constitution is welcome,” he said. “Why not?”

So, I think the AfD will win seats in the Bundestag and their electoral turnout will be 8-12% so I’ll say 10% but I would be pleasantly surprised if they draw more votes.  We’ll see tomorrow.  Here is a useful tutorial on the German elections and here are two German public TV stations, ARD and ZDF (yes I have watched both channels wenn ich woehne auf Deutschland!)

If it were left up to me, the AfD would sweep the elections.  But maybe they will:  The EU elections come up in 2014 and the AfD could get into the Bundestag this year, influence the debate and run a slate of candidates for the European Parliament in 2014!  Liberty is on the march because God created man in His image and that was in freedom under His rule and reign!

UPDATE:  The projections based on an incomplete vote and exit polls show the pro-liberty anti-euro Alternative for Germany right on the edge of getting seats in the Bundestag.  The big story is that the Free Democrats (FDP) a somewhat pro-business libertarian party will almost certainly miss seats in Parliament.  This is the first time the FDP has been out of the Bundestag since the 50s.

SECOND UPDATE:  There is still a glimmer of hope as ZDF (The second German channel) reports:

Allerdings ist noch unklar, ob die AfD die Fünf-Prozent-Hürde schafft.

That roughly means it is still unclear if the AfD will get five percent.

FINAL UPDATE:  It is looking to me increasingly like the AfD will fall just short of the five percent.  That is a crushing defeat for me.  People had a real genuine choice and Brezhnev, no I mean Chancellor Merkel was returned with a majority.  (Her party coalition might be called conservative but if Merkel is a conservative, i am a communist!  It is really interesting that she was prepared to enter into a grand coalition with the left parties to ensure that EU elite power continues unabated.)  It is also interesting that Merkel’s party coalition only needed 42% to gain a majority of seats in the Bundestag.  (The American President elected with the smallest minority [just under 40%] was, you guessed it, my least favorite:  Abraham Lincoln.  Over 605 of Americans wanted a different choice.  Too bad they split the vote among three candidates.  750,000 people might have been saved.)

I suppose the German people genuinely wants Tweedledee and Tweedledum.  But political education takes more than one election.  I am sure people were scared off from voting for the AfD.  Just enough to get what they wanted.  I hope I am wrong but even if they eek out 5.01%, it is still true:  Over 90% voted for Tweedledee and Tweedledum.  I wonder how long it will be before the Dems and GOP will be Tweedledee and Tweedeldum.  When that day comes, I’ll join the Libertarian or Constitution Party.


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