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I have been and still are a bad blogger these days but I promised to put this in as soon as I could!

Great news from two sources (Washington Post and Breitbart) about the fundraising skills of the John Bolton PAC:

John Bolton, a former U.N. ambassador, familiar face from the George W. Bush administration, foreign policy hawk and skilled stirrer of self-promoting presidential gossip, has had a very good year so far — at least in the fundraising department.

And how good a year has Bolton had raising funds (remember at least at this blog “fundraise” is not a verb!):  How about nearly two and a third million dollars from over 20,000 donors!  Bolton has learned how to use the Internet and Twitter well to promote himself.  (Let me tell you:  That is a big reason why Ron Paul was able to use his limited press and media to raise millions and be a factor in raising libertarian foreign [and domestic] policy!)  And Bolton is a good steward of his money:

Unlike many super PACs, which have spent big during a primary season defined by intraparty squabbles, Bolton’s super PAC has been saving for the big show. Most of the expenditures have been related to consulting and fundraising — and have been minimal.

Now this Washington Post article thinks that if Bolton runs for President (Yes please!) he’ll not connect with voters on foreign policy issues. And the Breitbart article hints just that!

The hawkish Bolton isn’t exactly coy about where this is headed. “I don’t rule out at all getting in to Republican primaries,” he said. He also takes some not-so-veiled swipes at Senator Rand Paul, a leading 2016 contender with a libertarian lineage.

“I will support the Republican nominee for President in 2016 whether through grit of teeth or enthusiastically,” he said when asked about Paul, explaining the senator’s views by saying “a lot of Senators come [to Washington] without any national foreign policy experience.”

I know a certain blogger who will (Lord willing!) help Bolton if he runs.  And Virginia has a key primary in the process!

But sovereignty is the key issue and foreign policy seems to dominate the headlines:  Syria, Iraq, Russia, the EU, well you get it.  We know (I have heard from reader about Bolton’s membership in the Council for Foreign Relations as disqualifying.  But maybe Bolton is practicing the Godfather principle:  Keep your enemies closer! I trust Bolton in spite of the CFR membership because of what he did:  Get the USA OUT of the International Criminal Court and his open skepticism about the UN.)

There is a citation for how the top ten issues or so and foreign policy is nowhere on that.  Job and deficit are the leaders along with ethics in government.

But if Bolton can show how bad foreign policy and trade deals hurt US jobs and how immigration policy is related to a successful foreign policy and how getting a handle on the debt is a national security imperative and if his life is a practice  of personal integrity – he can reach out to many voters.

Let’s take Millennials (born after 1982 or so):  There is this article that seems to say that Millennial voters are basically libertarian.  Listen to this video (from Cato) and see:  Millennials are socially liberal but economically conservative.

Here is where Bolton’s support for gay marriage will help him with Millennials (I think his staunch views on the UN and sovereignty will attract tea party and even some Ron Paul supporters [Here’s one!] although some will not like his gay marriage stand.  However, it appears to be a settled question.)  Bolton is also something of an economic libertarian.

If you want to protect legal pot – you better vote for the sovereignty guy:  Ambassador Bolton.  The UN wants to ban drugs.

I still contend that Ambassador John Bolton will be the strongest candidate for 2016.  He can unite all sectors of the party and can, if he picks a running mate from another sector (Rand Paul?) we can start to contend in purple and blue states.

UPDATE:  John Bolton has not openly spoke against the Trans-Pacific Partnership but he was quoted at an anti-TPP site:

“The question for the United States’ sovereignty, which is all that I really care about, is whether we maintain our constitutional structure of government, whether we decide questions that affect us, or whether we lose our autonomy and our popular sovereignty in a web of international agreements and organizations. That’s what the key political debate is about in this country. It’s why people dissatisfied with legislative results go outside of our system and try and get international agreements to regulate domestic issues.”

-John Bolton

(I tried to link to the site:  Here is the URL:

Bolton has credibility to make this argument.  I’ll write more on this.



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