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The #NeverTrump “Conservatives” Never Fail to Astonish Me With their Intentional Ignorance

Trump photoWe see it almost every day in the media and on social platforms. People that absolutely hate Donald Trump and everything he does insist on putting out garbage that is designed to erode support for this president. Much of it is derived from CNN and MSNBC and it often has their “conservative” perspective woven into the dig on The Donald. And the reason behind their hatred are many, all of them fake. If you dig a bit you will find that these people supported another candidate for president and at the end of the day, they are nothing more than sore losers who watched in horror as Candidate Donald Trump verbally bludgeoned their favorite candidate into oblivion on his way to the nomination and the White House.

Many of these are Republican Globalists and Elitists. People who think “W” was a wonderful president and who love politicians like Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake and John McCain. People who support the Uniparty where Republicans and Democrats pretend to be polar opposites but who, in reality, are all part of the same steaming pile of excrement. On the national stage, these are people like Karl Rove, Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg. All of them smug narcissists who are far more impressed with themselves and their own perceived intellect than the rest of the world is, or ever will be.

They never have a kind word or even the slightest acknowledgement of anything Trump has accomplished in just over a year into his first term as president. Or if there is a compliment towards Trump it is always followed by more piles of criticism.

And then there are the former Cruz disciples who are still burning from Trump ripping the Cruz victory out of their hands, none of them able to understand that it was Trump’s adeptness at winning that would propel him and the Republicans to victory in November 2016. Trump’s knack at belittling his opponents like Lyin’ Ted and Little Marco pushed them over the edge and kept them off balance, a feat that the voters drank in and poured into the Trump rallies. It was his tough talk on illegal immigrants and his promise to bring jobs – manufacturing jobs, coal jobs and steel jobs among them – back to the rust belt that were the keys to his victory.

Some of the former Cruz supporters have seen the brilliance of Trump, but many just pretend acceptance. And others are as rabid about Trump as the Democrats and Media. They refuse to see the economic recovery, jobs, lower unemployment and our rise in the world’s eyes. Can they not see the revival in America? We are on the cusp of a Golden Age and these people can’t see past the yellow hair and orange skin tone. Are they that ignorant? Can they not see what is right in front of their faces?

I have come to the conclusion that many of them can see the amazing transformation America has gone through in one short year. They just can’t get over their “sore loser” syndrome. And the reason they feel the need to denigrate Trump is they believe the best balm for their wounds is for Trump to fail. Then they can feel better. The sad fact is, most of these people would rather Hillary had defeated Trump, something that would have affirmed their self worth than to see Trump win. And they will still do anything to bring him down.

And another thing I have come to realize is that these people will never change. They will hate Trump until the day they die. They may pretend that is not the case, but we see it. Deep down, the hatred burns and smolders.

But for most of us that were Trump supporters from the beginning and the others that have seen the progress and embraced what Trump is doing, America is indeed on track to become great again. Trump is keeping his promises. He has an ability to see things through the eyes of a businessman that a politician will never see. And the reason is so obvious and simple it is refreshing. Trump looks at a problem and works out a solution that will solve the problem. Politicians look at a problem and wonder how much money they can raise from it and how long they can keep the issue in front of voters without actually solving it. Be it Health Care, immigration and DACA, jobs and the economy, trade, whatever.

Those that believed Washington would change Trump have been proven wrong. Trump is changing Washington. And the rest of the world. Politicians don’t solve problems, they perpetuate governments. Businesses solve problems. And as long as Trump does not lose sight of that, America and the world benefits.

There are many examples of Trump being underestimated. “Conservatives” were critical of his DACA plan, but Trump has managed to have the DACA issue blow up in the Democrats faces. Trump cut taxes and while the Trump hating Republicans moaned and bitched about how fiscally irresponsible the tax cuts were, the economic growth they have spurred has been astonishing. And the return on investment for the government will see not only higher tax revenue, but government assistance is being replaced with jobs.

These people whined about tariffs, but Trump implemented them anyway. The same doom and gloom predictions that came with the tax cuts carried over into tariffs. But Trump exempted Mexico and Canada until NAFTA is renegotiated and promised any nation would be able to negotiate a reduction or elimination of the tariffs. The #NeverTrump people predicted a trade war and high tariffs on American goods, but that isn’t happening. In fact, Mexico just slapped China with tariffs on steel for unfair trade prices.

And more doom and gloom was predicted for North Korea due to Trump’s tweets and statements. After decades, North Korea will now sit down with Trump. And you can bet that Trump will not negotiate a “deal” like Bill Clinton did. Results will be real and tangible or there will be no deal.

The Trump Haters on both sides of the political spectrum want him to stop tweeting. They claim it is because he is harming America, showing ignorance or putting us in danger, but Trump has invented and mastered the most effective weapon to counter Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals the world has ever seen. Not to mention the media and his detractors.

Donald Trump is a genius at politics just like he has been in business. He is beating them at their own game. Mostly because he plays by his own rules. And it is now a different game.

The #NeverTrump sore losers will never accept the reality of Donald Trump. I have given up trying. But I admit that it is fun watching Trump negotiate via the news and Twitter. And watching the haters regurgitate the same thought process predicting failure and doom and gloom as I watch the masterful manipulation of Trump get the best of them and solve problem after problem for the good of America.

So go ahead and piss and moan about everything Trump does. Take his starting point in the negotiation process and stretch it out to an illogical conclusion. And I will once again get a kick out of watching you be proven wrong.

The #NeverTrumpers on the “right” are masochists. And like Lyin’ Ted and Little Marco and “Lock her up” Hillary, will continue to oppose and underestimate Trump. And they will continue to be beaten like a cheap drum.

And I will continue to be greatly amused as America rises once again.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

10 Responses to “The #NeverTrump “Conservatives” Never Fail to Astonish Me With their Intentional Ignorance”

  1. Lawrence Wood says:

    Imagine if the time and efforts many have spent soothing and attempting to reconcile Virginia’s argumentative political contrarians in their ridiculously prolonged emotional distress over the Trump administration (and the man himself) even in the face of some significant conservative policy successes unseen for a decade of repetitive Republican promises to deliver such results to its voting base were actually applied to some constructive purpose, such as the stabilization and rebuilding of the state party?

    It’s truly unfortunate that those willing to face the future have to discuss “around” these individuals but they have clearly shown they are not open to either compromise or contribution. I often think many of them need to locate the nearest American dictionary and illuminate themselves on the difference between the concept of political conservative vs reactionary. It might be an epiphany for them though on second thought I doubt it.

  2. Connie Stevens

    Great article! Yep, Unfortunately TDS is alive in well in the GOP, and especially the #NeverTrump RPV leadership. From having rabid #NeverTrump Bill Kristol as the guest speaker at the RPV Gala February 2016, a few weeks before the VA GOP Presidential Primary, to them stacking National Delegates slate for Cruz (even though Cruz came in VA’s primary a distant third) at the State Convention Harrisonburg April 2016.

    Watch how they still try and purge ardent, early Trump supporters from the Party. It’s sickening.

    Gillespie lost the VA gubernatorial race several months ago, because as Democrat Gov. McAuliffe gleefully said, “He (Gillespie) treated Trump as if he had a communicable disease.” McAuliffe was dead right.

    With our #NeverTrump Party leadership we are going to continue losing elections.

  3. bob shannon


    You’ve wrote some brilliant stuff over the years….maybe one of your very best ever. The political machinations you specifically mention ” how much money can they raise, or how much emotional political wind they can squeeze is precisely at the heart of our political systems ills. Trump as you say is a problem solver.

    North Korea is one example of why a hard nosed negotiator gets results. 50 years this North Korea problem has plagued us…..and in 1 year he has this guy pinned to the mat. W, Clinton, Obama and Bush’s father got rolled by this regime and it has taken Trump one year to pin his ears back

    I refuse to ignore the spending splurge, or the cowardice in refusing to address entitlement reform, and will continue to sound the horn on the coming fiscal crisis brought on by very weak leaders in Richmond and DC that only care about the next election. That as you know is not leadership.
    Bob Shannon King WIlliam

    • GeneTheRealist says:

      1) Kim has fired more missiles under Trump than anytime in N. Korea history. North Korea has also tested the largest hydrogen bomb in its history under the trump administration, the bomb basically destroyed the mountain and the test facility it was that big. And you call this being pinned to the mat, Bob?
      2) Any economic gains under the trump administration are the results of massive deficit spending. Same goes for the democrats.
      3) And now, the Trump tariffs have more loopholes than the Trump tax cuts for the rich bill.

  4. RINO HUNTER says:

    You should have been at the Republican First District Committee meeting today in Ladysmith at the Timbers Restaurant. Full Throttle #Never Trump! It was disgusting coming from GOP Chairmen and State Central Committee members. To hear Congressman Rob Wittman and US Senate Candidate Bert Mizusawa speak with disgust about having to run in Virginia for federal office with Trump in the White House as a some perceived political retard made my blood boil. It’s as if they can’t remember Trump won the Republican Primary in VA in 2016 and went on to become PRESIDENT. The very voters THEY NEED TO WIN IN NOVEMBER. Seriously folks. Trump Derangement Syndrome in Virginia is out of control under the failed tyrannical dictatorship of RPV Chairman John Whitbeck who blames Trump for EnRon Ed Gillespie’s loss in November. And Gets away with it. Whitbeck keeps these deranged people in constant turmoil committing political suicide. NO wonder we aren’t winning.

    Trump isn’t the Problem. The Republican Party is the PROBLEM. John Whitbeck is the problem.

    • Gene The Realist says:

      Trump also holds the title head of the Republican party. Clinton won Virginia overwhelmingly, not Trump. What is it that you do not understand?

      • Bill Mac says:

        What you do not understand is that Trump is rounding up criminal Illegal Aliens, enforcing our borders to prevent Terrorists from entering the country, is bringing back jobs to middle Class Americans who received REAL Tax relief and Trump support is HUGE in Virginia. Turn off CNN and MSNBC and get out and talk to REAL people who WORK for a living. People who actually pay taxes and send their children to public schools filled with illegal and green card children who don’t speak English who dumb down the rest of the class. These are the people voting for Trump to fix their local and county disasters created under Bush and Obama’s open borders policies.

        “Republicans Work so Democrats don’t have to.” Ever heard that Gene Lefty? Trump just needs the working man voters to turn out in November to hold his GOP majority in Congress.

    • Lawrence Wood says:

      The political reality here for all Republicans (regardless of individual ability to think rationally) is that President Trump will be the chief executive through 2024 and will very likely hold working Congressional majorities as well. The American voter never has and there are few indications ever will buy into the far left radical socialist swing of the Democratic Party as a voter mass movement. The Democrats have marginalized themselves with unreal self professed political fanastities of some future blue wave reinforced by their equally out of touch, sycophantic main stream media enablers insisting these delusions are all somehow real because we say so. Even Joe Biden (no candidate for a Mensa society certificate) is screaming to a deaf DNC that you can’t win by alienating the middle and working class and continually disillusioning your shrinking core constituencies.

      So the Virginia anti Trump proponents (I really prefer to call them Republican rejectionists that haven’t the political courage to leave the party) have NO realistic future political options. The Republican mass voting base has turned their collective backs on their attack dog messaging and constant political negativity in the face of improving economic and policy decisions under the Trump administration, promised but NEVER delivered by this cohort of aggrieved since before the days of the Bush administration. As for any hope of relying on the Democratic party to resurrect any significant majorities or even recapture the WH to place this collective of the damned back into some form of comfortable minority power status (e.g. the Obama years) is just not politically realistic. They have NO path back to power and have no other role left to them but playing the Republican version of the Democratic excuse card with Trump being their constant Joker fouling their deck or serving as party serial arsonists to attempt to destroy what you can’t abide.

      Arsonists don’t need to be reconciled or advised, they need to be isolated, incarcerated or or at the very least removed from the community. Shame on you if you allow the known arsonist to walk into your living room and proceed to burn your residence down fulling knowing the intent of the individual. We have allowed and actually enabled the political manifestation of this to continue and progress for well over 18 months now by not taking these acts of betrayal directly to the state’s voters and being proactive in labeling these individuals and candidates for what they are – anti-Republican stalwarts. They should of course be allowed to freely participate in the public political arena just NOT under the false rubric of Republicanism or under it’s party apparatus, which they clearly don’t abide by and outright reject. This ISN’T providing a big tent for your political organization, this is allowing the deconstructions to run rampant and amok without politely being shown the door. Until more than just a scattered few have the willingness to stand up to this nonsense publically and help educate Virginia Republican voters on the long term consequences of this failure to act and fully support the party the result  minimally will be  continued Democratic state political control and expansion and the state party’s death spiral will continue unchecked. Our first step as state Republicans is simple and it is just cease being willing to quietly condone this behavior and its associated actions! 

      • Jamie Carter says:

        What a sitting Republican Congressman loud mouth Rob Wittman is saying about President Donald J. Trump on the campaign stump to Republican voters and complaining about having to run in Virginia with Trump in the White House is beyond belief. Bringing up Judge Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama as Trump’s fault. Just goes to prove Wittman is an acolyte of Paul Ryan and the GOPe who hate Trump and are literally working to subterfuge him. Might as well have Mad Maxine Waters on their team.

        If Rob Wittman loses his seat in November- Wittman and John Whitbeck and the VFRW will be singing
        “It’s Trump’s Fault” from the beaches of Hampton Roads to the Shenandoah Valley.

  5. GeneThePopulist says:

    Last week this country realized another of Trump’s biggest campaign lies. Trump said during his campaign in January, 2016 that if he were elected that the government, or Medicare, would negotiate directly with the drug companies for lower drug prices for those on Medicare. He said that this direct negotiation would save the government $300 billion per year in drug costs for seniors. Last week Trump did the opposite, which is proven by the drug company stock price increases after the Trump speech. Nothing but another Trump lie. Donald Trump is nothing but a liar. Diesel fuel now over $3 per gallon in spite of Trump allowing the oil pipe lines, allowing drilling in Alaska preserves, and deregulating fracking. Nothing but a liar.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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