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The T.E.A. Party Movement

What is the TEA Party Movement?

The TEA Party Movement is an awakening to the realization that Statists, which include Fascists, Communists, Socialists, Islamists, Monarchists, and Liberals, are marching to a drum that never quiets, in concert with a symphony that never ends. There will never be enough government for them. There will never be a point at which the utopia they promised is reached, nor the injustice they seek to quell overthrown. Their utopias are impossible and their ideals of justice are morally and philosophically unjust.

If the Statists herded themselves in just one party, or one movement, we could quarantine them and employ strategies of containment. This is simply not the case. Every nation, every party, every ideology inspires amongst those who lust for power and control a temperament toward the centralization of power. It was when we realized that this disease had infected the Party of Coolidge, of Goldwater, and of Reagan that the could not take it anymore. It was the Republicans who controlled the House and the Senate and the White House that removed the blinders from our eyes and set before us a hard truth: The Republican Party is no longer the party of equality and liberty. They are a neo-statist organization pursuing a Corporatist Agenda. Period.

We had a victory in 2010. Those few members of our freedom movement in Congress today may be the difference between life and death for our Republic. Now it is time to send them reinforcements!

The Statist Agenda will never stop. They will wrap themselves in many flags, different flags, contradictory flags, in their pursuit of absolute power. The TEA Party began as demonstrations against the Bush Administration and TARP; but once we got going, we realized that the rabbit hole went deeper and further and into far more disturbing caverns than we ever could have imagined. So we kept going.

Now we’ve uncovered so many facets of the Statist agenda that our heads are spinning. Obama has his own political staff operating out of the EPA in order to prevent investigations of abuses. The IRS is targeting TEA Party groups. The Justice Department is spying on journalists. Everything is aimed at preserving the power of the Democrat and Republican Establishments in Washington DC. Look at the groups supporting the establishments! George Soros, the Chamber of Commerce, the United Nations, the Red Movement dressed up in Green Propaganda. Billions of dollars a month spent to ensure the power of Harry Reid and Johnny Boehner, of Nancy Pelosi and Eric Cantor, of Charlie Rangel and John McCain.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the TEA Party is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, battle against a thousand different statist fiefdoms; and it doesn’t start at the White House. It starts at the School Board meeting. It starts at the town council. It starts with your local delegates and your state senators. We have got to be involved every day, because THEY are. I know this is hard, especially since we have so many things we would rather be doing: spending time with our wives and husbands, with our kids, our friends, our house church, our pets, or our books. But the Statist forgoes these things and dedicates himself to a life of governing. If we do not match their will to power with our own will to freedom, I’m sorry, but we will lose. We will lose our country, our freedom, and our heritage as Americans.

Wow, that sounds like some powerful demagoguery and fear mongering.

That is, until you look at what has happened to Cuba, Venezuela, Spain, Greece, Georgia, Saudia Arabia, the Ukraine, and Detroit. Then you realize just how quickly everything can fall apart. And it will. It is… falling apart. The TEA Party is the only thing standing in the way of a Marxist or Corporatist government in the United States of America. I’m proud to be a part of it.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

6 Responses to “The T.E.A. Party Movement”

  1. Mort Coleman says:

    I for one am with you. I ordered my tea party license plate this week, I am no longer on the sideline watching, but am in the game. Knocking on doors, making calls, and commenting everywhere I can.

    Dave Brat is my choice to replace the corporatist in the 7th Congressional District. I have had my fill of lies from the current occupier of the congressional seat, who claims to be one thing but votes like a progressive. Dave Brat, conservative, economist, leader, hopefully, he will help cleanup the house in DC.

  2. LIBERTY says:

    Great blog as always.

    Ditto Mort on D. Brat, this could be a turning point for America!

  3. Mort, I believe that knocking on doors is the best way for your average citizen to get out there and spread the truth. It does astonish that so many people have so little access to information. That door you knock on, you become more influential with that citizen than MSNBC or the New York Times, which people don’t watch or read anymore.

    That door you knock on could be the home of someone who has dutifully voted Republican for forty years, but is not aware of the choices they now have within the Republican Party.

    You keep at it! We’ll all be thanking ourselves for our vigilance down the road.

  4. Jim says:

    Thank you Steve for you post. Your sentiments are right on. If I could only be back in the slumber I was once in. Laid off in 2009 with plenty of time on my hands I did not get engaged until 2011. My quest was to understand the economics that affected me. That was the rabbit hole. I am tired and weary as so many around me still slumber as I research, type, expose, and hopefully engage people of every walk of life. I proudly wear my Gasden flag on my lapel. I gain compliments each day for what we do. I try so very hard to not say “what are you doing to help us”. Your pat on the back is greatly appreciated but we need YOU. Many here in VA have the “Don’t Tread On Me” plate. I don’t mean to be rude….. but I must ask…. what now… what are you doing to help the cause besides your plate. I do not have one because I do not want to spend the extra $$ to show how patriotic I am. I do proudly post bumper stickers that state: Three Percenter and Mechanicsville TEA Party. (I do not need to pay the state to post this support). As a board Member of the MTP I do ask for your involvement. Attend any meeting you choose. Your direct attendance to the meetings does show your support. However, that is not the ultimate goal. I (and the movement) need you in the school board meetings, in the Board of Supervisor meetings, at rallies at the State Capital, calling or emailing your representatives: local, state, and federal. If you are afraid….. just go back to sleep until the boogie man comes to take your rights away and gives them back to you one by one and calls them “PRIVILEGES”.

    Jim Hill
    MTP President 2014

    • Jim, I’m not sure where to begin. I’m not confident that I adequately understand your attitude; or you mine. In February of 2007, I lost my little mortgage insurance business doing data collection and selling policies. You can imagine how difficult it is to sell mortgage insurance policies to people that aren’t buying homes. The real decline began in early 2006 and everyone involved in the housing market felt those effects first. We were the ones trying to get the word out on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while the rest of the country was, as you put it, slumbering.

      I’m not sure to what point I made that you are responding to the Don’t Tread On Me license plates or people’s ability to afford them.

      I’ve recently returned to Virginia, thrilled to find a very active and very alive TEA Party movement, something that I did not find in North Carolina. Last night I spoke to the King William TEA Party and discussed the importance of local involvement, starting WITH the School Board, since that is where the Progressives begin.

      I’ve been meeting with members of various TEA Party groups in Virginia, along with long time Virginia activists, seeking a quick and erudite education on local issues, Virginia state politics, and party apparatus. You began a statement with, “If you are afraid…”, in my article, what gave off the impression of fear? I am curious. I’m certainly not above learning to communicate more clearly.

  5. Jim says:

    Mr. Coleman and Mr. Tucker, I owe you both an apology. My words were crafted during a time of frustration. Mr. Tucker, thank you for what you do I enjoy reading your posts. Mr. Coleman, I am glad to see your support for the liberty movement. I have been frustrated by others displaying Gadsden license plates at times. When I ask why they got them I have received answers such as, they look cool and I am patriotic. When I ask them what they do or have done to get involved it is very little. I should be more welcoming to patriots that get off the couch and get involved. I went from doing nothing myself to being a member of the Mechanicsville TEA Party and now a board member.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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