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Fox News in an exclusive report (probably because the MSM won’t cover bad news about the UN often) says the United Nations Environment Programme, its arm for environmental issues, is a financial and administrative shambles:

The United Nations Environment Program, the flagship for environmental consciousness and creation of a new era of “global environmental governance,” doesn’t know how its money is spent or even who it may be dealing with when it comes to hundreds of corporate, public and non-governmental partners that are “key” to fulfilling its mission, according to a confidential internal study obtained by Fox News.

Fox reports that it is impossible to determine who has authority to write its checks!  (I’ll help there!  Let’s send $10 million or so to Freedom Associates and another $10 million to Tom DeWeese to fight ICLEI and the UN in the USA!)  The money flowing through UNEP is to and from governments and private entities (Is ICLEI a “government” or a “private” entity for this purpose?) is substantial:

During roughly that time, the report notes, UNEP “entered into partnerships with over 750 partners” ranging from private corporations to governments to civilian non-governmental organizations in deals involving at least $65 million.

In the African nation of Mali, the report stated that UNEP paid the $200,000 for environmental activities “up-front” (I wonder if the carbon footprint of certain persons in Mali increased after that was paid!) and in Gabon, the “…activities never took place and no outputs were delivered…”  I suppose that may be good news actually:  UN money not used to restrict liberty and sovereignty is a good use after all!

But recall my prior article about the EU’s interference in our politics; what if UN agencies are doing the same?  ICLEI is a long term partner with the UNEP:

In its role as Local Authority Major Group Organizing Partner at UN CSD, ICLEI will:
 be present and actively participating at the official preparatory meetings towards Rio+20,
 coordinate with the Major Group constituency as well as other relevant Local Authority
associations and organizations,
 ensure Local Authority policy coordination across issue areas and ongoing processes, facilitated
by the fact that ICLEI is also the Local Authority Organizing partner at UNEP, UNFCCC and
CBD and accredited at UNCCD (exact terminology on the role and group varies),
 aim to link ICLEI and Local Authorities’ activities towards and at Rio+20 to suitable activities of
partners, including national governments, UN agencies and programs and stakeholder groups.

That’s bad enough but it gets better (dig that hole just a bit deeper, ICLEI!):

5. Expected outcomes
ICLEI will develop detailed policy positions outlining the expectations towards Rio+20 on a green
economy, global environmental governance as well as proposals for a way forward on local
sustainability around the world.  (emphasis added!)

Can anyone who has ever taken an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States…” ever endorse ICLEI in his or her hometown?  (By the way, my first job was a summer job on a military base in Germany and as a temporary Federal employee, I took an oath like that!  Still defending the Constitution even today!)  ICLEI is for GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE!  (Remember that wonderfully funny Super Bowl ad by Audi couple of years ago?)  The green police is exactly what you will have if ICLEI gets its way.  God forbid it!

I urge Representative Issa and his committee to immediately investigate the EU and the UN spending in our country to influence policy.  We might find out some interesting things.  I can’t wait!

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