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The Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 10/16/2011 – Top 3 Blogs Nearly a Dead Heat!

It has become quite common that one or more of the ranking sites decided to either go down completely or have major issues just when my software kicks off on Sunday mornings to gather the rankings for the (now) 51 Virginia blogs I track each week. And even when the sites all cooperate, it seems that one or more has decided to make a change to their web page where the rankings are posted.

Which means that it is a constant battle.

In order to allow for an occasional outage of a site, I have added  added Quantcast to the mix. I initially rejected them as there were not enough Virgina blogs listed to make them inclusive enough for ranking purposes.

But they have recently made a change and will begin adding more of the sites – so they say. As I do a lookup each week, the blogs will get noticed and the process of crawling the sites will begin.

We now have 5 ranking engines added to the weekly mix. I have decided to throw out the two worst scores and average the best 3 out of 5. Over time, this should begin to reach the point that most of the Virginia blogs can manage to be listed in at least 3 of the ranking sites. This allows those that are not ranked to avoid being assigned a ranking that would always be worse than any listed blog.

The key is to get your blog listed. This will not only help in these rankings, but will also drive more traffic to your blog. And this ranking is done strictly to promote Virginia Blogs.

The top 3 blogs are separated by only a few points. Bearing Drift is #1 overall with an average score of 88,203 with Vivian Paige “All Politics is Local” a close second with 88,721 and Virginia Right! has dropped to third place with an 89,780 average ranking.

Others moved up or down, some very little, others a good bit.

The rankings for last week, while unpublished, were accurate. So the rise and fall is measured with all 5 sites, tossing out the worst 2 for 2 weeks.

Here are the standings!



The Overall Standings:


RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteQuantcastAverage
1Bearing DriftDown (7.57%)12415628617815517827718310788203
2Vivian PageDown (0.60%)2222049426981418-1-188721
3Virginia Right!Upwards 0.23%3263547534726421502121580689780
4NoVa Town HallUpwards 83.49%666073321582612671282442311214176102
5Not Larry SabatoDown (3.31%)44189061283633260-1-1183509
6Citizen TomUpwards 288.16%1527308044149441959405625401674269419
7Blue VirginiaDown (8.78%)545500990502-1324577-1290029
8Snapped ShotUpwards 31.18%9144559577500643751112985692029490470
9Too ConservativeDown (30.95%)7135852514640902021562139-1640895
10Va VirtuconDown (0.72%)101604684409234439-1-1671452
11Schilling Show BlogUpwards 35.57%1314051533440411-1500178302171735834
12Project VirginiaUpwards 37.15%192337938759547757692200567365047857127
13Virginia ConservativeUpwards 977.37%4422619207761781267-1-11013121
14Waldo JaquithUpwards 1.18%1425098575563512580-1-11022929
15Black Velvet Bruce LiDown (16.17%)12236907626082782249811687-11061004
16The RichmonderUpwards 17.67%20272053234214842249569041-11097274
17SWAC GirlUpwards 5.16%2116865562835019318-1-11507297
18The Green MilesUpwards 41.31%234047062608679705-1-11552148
19DemRulzDown (66.90%)829480421382135527701198056-11674060
20On The Right in VaDown (38.62%)1618180962087090157693450710-11758191
21Fishersville MikeDown (45.62%)1729420793384667703-1-12109149
22VB DemsDown (69.61%)111028000393677-15441725-12287800
23Red NoVaUpwards 67.18%3262644015449037-113847777983612544058
24Nova Common SenseDown (5.33%)2622135844540986-11334758-12696442
25The American Civil WarDown (23.73%)228696475638209357692033203-12807021
26Bacon's RebellionDown (17.78%)25404770146803125769-1-12911260
27Crystal Clear ConservativeDown (25.58%)2448051262369296332604283350-13030578
28Virginia DemDown (2.03%)28513141949608801139-1-13364479
29Moon HowlingsUpwards 15.03%3163858643584204-1870685-13613584
30I'm Surrounded by IdiotsDown (9.50%)3042041206129453-11561320-13964964
31Deo VindiceUpwards 0.06%33599601087959201947-1-14931292
32United ConservativesUpwards 0.08%35978964950921892169-1-14961335
33From On HighUpwards 0.10%36821343767475991010-1-14987348
34The Right Wing LiberalUpwards 4.79%3786204866346413503-1-14989134
35Right Side VaUpwards 0.11%4017455471127307482580-1-110062933
36The Farm TeamDown (0.98%)41213002937443958-11814924-110186391
37Shad PlankUpwards 0.00%42586249136908-1-1-110241052
38Laughing ConservativeUpwards 0.01%4393872386051-1-1-110341591
39Armchair GeneralistUpwards 1.44%4511059062453577-1-1-111186494
40Disrupt the NarrativeUpwards 0.28%4620975593205187-1-1-111767582
41Shaun KenneyDown (78.29%)2721174415770554-1-1-112629331
42Va Social ConservativeDown (1.83%)4715376196669241-1-1-112735620
43Mason ConservativeDown (0.77%)4843227684484303-1-1-112935690
44Rick Sincere ThoughtsDown (1.69%)4937063386352423-1-1-113352920
45Cat House ChatDown (75.71%)2924858948446747-1-1-113644213
46Mosquito BlogDown (3.15%)5039129019487915-1-1-114466938
47Yankee PhilDown (3.45%)51180950211787787-1-1-114532429
48BarticlesUpwards 3.31%5270053897497958-1-1-114834449
49ProgressiveDemDown (62.59%)3870603198765343-1-1-115275220
50Scott's Morning BrewDown (57.59%)39103449326253178-1-1-115532703
51Skeptical ObserverUpwards 4.31%53217733259372540-1-1-120381955


Left Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Vivian PageDown (1.37%)1222049426981418-1-188721
2Not Larry SabatoDown (2.42%)24189061283633260-1-1183509
3Blue VirginiaDown (9.52%)345500990502-1324577-1290029
4Waldo JaquithUpwards 4.03%525098575563512580-1-11022929
5The RichmonderUpwards 17.70%6272053234214842249569041-11097274
6The Green MilesUpwards 1.93%74047062608679705-1-11552148
7DemRulzDown (3.64%)829480421382135527701198056-11674060
8VB DemsDown (69.28%)41028000393677-15441725-12287800
9Virginia DemDown (2.07%)9513141949608801139-1-13364479
10Moon HowlingsUpwards 16.26%1163858643584204-1870685-13613584
11I'm Surrounded by IdiotsDown (6.39%)1042041206129453-11561320-13964964
12The Farm TeamDown (3.60%)13213002937443958-11814924-110186391
13Shad PlankDown (0.02%)14586249136908-1-1-110241052
14Armchair GeneralistUpwards 0.93%1511059062453577-1-1-111186494
15Mosquito BlogUpwards 0.04%1639129019487915-1-1-114466938
16BarticlesUpwards 9.13%1770053897497958-1-1-114834449
17ProgressiveDemDown (62.60%)1270603198765343-1-1-115275220


Right Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteQuantcastAverage
1Bearing DriftDown (7.59%)22415628617815517827718310788203
2Virginia Right!Down (17.42%)1263547534726421502121580689780
3NoVa Town HallUpwards 7.28%366073321582612671282442311214176102
4Citizen TomDown (0.31%)427308044149441959405625401674269419
5Snapped ShotDown (12.30%)5144559577500643751112985692029490470
6Too ConservativeUpwards 12.43%8135852514640902021562139-1640895
7Va VirtuconUpwards 0.49%71604684409234439-1-1671452
8Schilling Show BlogUpwards 18.51%914051533440411-1500178302171735834
9Project VirginiaDown (39.58%)62337938759547757692200567365047857127
10Virginia ConservativeUpwards 977.51%2822619207761781267-1-11013121
11Black Velvet Bruce LiDown (16.17%)10236907626082782249811687-11061004
12SWAC GirlUpwards 2.56%1316865562835019318-1-11507297
13On The Right in VaDown (38.62%)1118180962087090157693450710-11758191
14Fishersville MikeDown (44.43%)1229420793384667703-1-12109149
15Red NoVaDown (3.67%)1562644015449037-113847777983612544058
16Nova Common SenseDown (5.37%)1822135844540986-11334758-12696442
17The American Civil WarDown (10.12%)178696475638209357692033203-12807021
18Bacon's RebellionDown (14.16%)16404770146803125769-1-12911260
19Crystal Clear ConservativeDown (25.58%)1448051262369296332604283350-13030578
20Deo VindiceUpwards 0.06%21599601087959201947-1-14931292
21United ConservativesUpwards 0.06%22978964950921892169-1-14961335
22From On HighUpwards 0.08%23821343767475991010-1-14987348
23The Right Wing LiberalUpwards 0.07%2486204866346413503-1-14989134
24Right Side VaUpwards 0.09%2617455471127307482580-1-110062933
25Laughing ConservativeDown 0.00%2793872386051-1-1-110341591
26Disrupt the NarrativeUpwards 0.68%2920975593205187-1-1-111767582
27Shaun KenneyDown (77.07%)1921174415770554-1-1-112629331
28Va Social ConservativeUpwards 0.03%3015376196669241-1-1-112735620
29Mason ConservativeDown (1.37%)3143227684484303-1-1-112935690
30Rick Sincere ThoughtsUpwards 0.03%3237063386352423-1-1-113352920
31Cat House ChatDown (73.53%)2024858948446747-1-1-113644213
32Yankee PhilDown (3.48%)33180950211787787-1-1-114532429
33Scott's Morning BrewDown (57.59%)25103449326253178-1-1-115532703
34Skeptical ObserverUpwards 4.32%34217733259372540-1-1-120381955

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

2 Responses to “The Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 10/16/2011 – Top 3 Blogs Nearly a Dead Heat!”

  1. virginiaconservative says:

    Woot! Up 977.51%. Seems like that has to be some sort of record.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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