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The Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 9/25/2011 – Bearing Drift #1

The Blog Rankings are out for 9/25/2011! While I have managed to gather the data the past couple of weeks, a number of obstacles have managed to make things a bit more difficult.

As soon as we got our lights back on from the hurricane, it seems that it has been one thing after another. I moved my business to a new location and did much of the work myself, with my family. So my time has been monopolized by that.

And if that were not enough, it saems that several of the ranking engines have made changes, had outages, and took more time than it normall does.

In the process, I also made a tweak to the data gathering. Alexa has a Global ranking as well as a US ranking. Since I use the US ranking from Technorati, I thought it made sense to also use the US ranking for Alexa. (I wish they had a state by state ranking, but that is asking for too much!)

Of course, some blogs are ranked globally, but not Nationally. In that event, I revert to the Global listing.

While it will take another week (providing the ranking engines stop giving me a moving – or down – target) for the upward and downward movement to stabilize, one change that is noteworthy is that Bearing Drift has moved up to the top slot! As the Virginia election cycle heats up, these guys consistently do a top notch job at covering Virginia Politics.

Congratulations to JR Hoeft and Company!

The Overall Standings:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Bearing DriftUpwards 11.19%12415626064513917364578143
2Virginia Right!Upwards 17.77%2263547407487522012786983
3Vivian PageUpwards 26.42%3222049383011628-187326
4Not Larry SabatoUpwards 2.02%541890699559496-1172987
5Blue VirginiaUpwards 23.84%845500970065-1256505260526
6NoVa Town HallDown (9.34%)76607333927391562598646330982
7Too ConservativeDown (8.17%)1013585255086841894800948437175
8DemRulzDown (0.83%)112948042151889915621010633510364
9Snapped ShotDown (51.02%)9144559513544172400654491670436
10VB DemsUpwards 23.24%161028000289907-1778097698668
11Va VirtuconUpwards 8.32%151604684602758386-1735942
12SWAC GirlUpwards 85.09%191686556558447334-1748445
13Black Velvet Bruce LiDown (83.01%)423690762343147652298687880828
14Schilling Show BlogUpwards 132.64%251405153561089-1908834958358
15Citizen TomDown (80.56%)62730804396727911044054401045782
16On The Right in VaDown (34.23%)14181809613211951447414149831079184
17Waldo JaquithUpwards 29.77%2025098577341792400-11082145
18Fishersville MikeUpwards 51.16%232942079516508702-11153096
19Project VirginiaDown (49.44%)1323379385380899569211828381175489
20The RichmonderDown (55.37%)1227205322934195104811512201290933
21The American Civil WarDown (57.90%)1786964754422187569217199002049259
22The Green MilesDown (36.41%)21404706225840372585-12211228
23Crystal Clear ConservativeDown (56.56%)1848051261244769053019585362254730
24Bacon's RebellionDown (40.67%)22404770131412135692-12398202
25Nova Common SenseDown (2.14%)2622135844573125-18918682559525
26Shaun KenneyUpwards 9.72%2921174414962314-17887542622836
27Cat House ChatUpwards 15.25%3424858947090055-111248573566935
28Virginia DemDown (21.66%)27513141955980122032-13577154
29I'm Surrounded by IdiotsDown (8.43%)3242041205110447-114708103595125
30Moon HowlingsDown (21.72%)3163858643401405-125270944104787
31Red NoVaDown (27.13%)3062644015435388-114695134389767
32From On HighDown (58.18%)24821343759730061019-14729154
33Deo VindiceUpwards 6.60%36599601088352982318-14944542
34United ConservativesDown (44.78%)28978964956905455415-15161869
35The Right Wing LiberalDown (32.21%)33862048670947402400-15239208
36ProgressiveDemDown (8.90%)3770603198236986-126798745992393
37Scott's Morning BrewDown (18.87%)39103449329974430-121864227501928
38Right Side VaUpwards 112.20%5117455471128138074732-110091336
39The Farm TeamDown (55.44%)35213002937210415-1178256210097756
40Shad PlankUpwards 49.22%40586249148454-1-110244901
41Laughing ConservativeUpwards 49.88%41938723106688-1-110348470
42Virginia ConservativeUpwards 54.08%452261920501463-1-110921127
43Skeptical ObserverDown (46.44%)3821773325120596163386-111278775
44Armchair GeneralistUpwards 45.87%4211059062926340-1-111344082
45Disrupt the NarrativeUpwards 41.99%4420975593322340-1-111806633
46Va Social ConservativeUpwards 43.88%4715376195997614-1-112511744
47Mason ConservativeUpwards 31.23%4343227683988702-1-112770490
48Rick Sincere ThoughtsUpwards 39.20%4637063384890283-1-112865540
49Mosquito BlogUpwards 39.15%4939129016943412-1-113618771
50Yankee PhilUpwards 43.45%5018095029454160-1-113754554
51BarticlesUpwards 22.38%4883197086834390-1-115051366


Right Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Bearing DriftUpwards 11.19%12415626064513917364578143
2Virginia Right!Upwards 17.77%2263547407487522012786983
3NoVa Town HallDown (9.34%)56607333927391562598646330982
4Too ConservativeDown (8.17%)713585255086841894800948437175
5Snapped ShotDown (51.02%)6144559513544172400654491670436
6Va VirtuconUpwards 8.32%101604684602758386-1735942
7SWAC GirlUpwards 85.09%131686556558447334-1748445
8Black Velvet Bruce LiDown (83.01%)323690762343147652298687880828
9Schilling Show BlogUpwards 132.64%171405153561089-1908834958358
10Citizen TomDown (80.56%)42730804396727911044054401045782
11On The Right in VaDown (34.23%)9181809613211951447414149831079184
12Fishersville MikeUpwards 51.16%152942079516508702-11153096
13Project VirginiaDown (49.44%)823379385380899569211828381175489
14The American Civil WarDown (57.90%)1186964754422187569217199002049259
15Crystal Clear ConservativeDown (56.56%)1248051261244769053019585362254730
16Bacon's RebellionDown (40.67%)14404770131412135692-12398202
17Nova Common SenseDown (2.14%)1822135844573125-18918682559525
18Shaun KenneyUpwards 9.72%2021174414962314-17887542622836
19Cat House ChatUpwards 15.25%2324858947090055-111248573566935
20Red NoVaDown (27.13%)2162644015435388-114695134389767
21From On HighDown (58.18%)16821343759730061019-14729154
22Deo VindiceUpwards 6.60%24599601088352982318-14944542
23United ConservativesDown (44.78%)19978964956905455415-15161869
24The Right Wing LiberalDown (32.21%)22862048670947402400-15239208
25Scott's Morning BrewDown (18.87%)26103449329974430-121864227501928
26Right Side VaUpwards 112.20%3417455471128138074732-110091336
27Laughing ConservativeUpwards 49.88%27938723106688-1-110348470
28Virginia ConservativeUpwards 54.08%302261920501463-1-110921127
29Skeptical ObserverDown (46.44%)2521773325120596163386-111278775
30Disrupt the NarrativeUpwards 41.99%2920975593322340-1-111806633
31Va Social ConservativeUpwards 43.88%3215376195997614-1-112511744
32Mason ConservativeUpwards 31.23%2843227683988702-1-112770490
33Rick Sincere ThoughtsUpwards 39.20%3137063384890283-1-112865540
34Yankee PhilUpwards 43.45%3318095029454160-1-113754554


Left Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Vivian PageUpwards 26.42%1222049383011628-187326
2Not Larry SabatoUpwards 2.02%241890699559496-1172987
3Blue VirginiaUpwards 23.84%345500970065-1256505260526
4DemRulzDown (0.83%)42948042151889915621010633510364
5VB DemsUpwards 23.24%61028000289907-1778097698668
6Waldo JaquithUpwards 29.77%725098577341792400-11082145
7The RichmonderDown (55.37%)527205322934195104811512201290933
8The Green MilesDown (36.41%)8404706225840372585-12211228
9Virginia DemDown (21.66%)9513141955980122032-13577154
10I'm Surrounded by IdiotsDown (8.43%)1142041205110447-114708103595125
11Moon HowlingsDown (21.72%)1063858643401405-125270944104787
12ProgressiveDemDown (8.90%)1370603198236986-126798745992393
13The Farm TeamDown (55.44%)12213002937210415-1178256210097756
14Shad PlankUpwards 49.22%14586249148454-1-110244901
15Armchair GeneralistUpwards 45.87%1511059062926340-1-111344082
16Mosquito BlogUpwards 39.15%1739129016943412-1-113618771
17BarticlesUpwards 22.38%1683197086834390-1-115051366


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

2 Responses to “The Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 9/25/2011 – Bearing Drift #1”

  1. PoliticsMatters says:

    Thank you for sharing the blog rankings! It's nice to see a comparison of both the right and the left. More Virginia political figures appear on the locally-produced Charlottesville politics interview program Politics Matters with host Jan Madeleine Paynter: The current program features Bob Gibson, Executive Director of the UVA Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, discussing journalism and the media.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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